Differential geometry – what are the main and unsolved problems with minimal surfaces?

Is my wording correct regarding minimal surfaces?

Given a Riemannian diversity $ M ^ m $ Find the distributor $ N $ so that $ partial N = M $ and it has the least amount of volume possible.

If it is correct, I would like to know what are the main and unresolved problems with minimal surfaces.
i.e. has the minimal surface problem been solved? how about $ m = 1 $ or $ 2 $?

ssd – main drive not listed in boot priority menu – Asus

Do you hope this is an easy question? I recently installed a drive that runs Linux, but I wanted to keep Windows as my default boot drive. This hasn't happened, and after working around the BIOS a bit and doing some research, I don't seem to be able to find a way to get it back.

I've attached some pictures (apparently I can only add 1 – Kingston is not included in this or the extended menu, but it does appear in the F8 boot menu window), but basically my main drive, a Kingston SSD, is not present in the boot priority menu is displayed, but is displayed in the Start Overwrite menus on both the EZ screen and Advanced. Does anyone know how I can get it there?Start priority menu

What is SEO? What are the main types of SEO methods? …

What is SEO? What are the main types of SEO methods? …

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  1. What is SEO? What are the main types of SEO methods? …

    What is SEO? What are the main types of SEO methods? …

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The main goal of the elites and their secret meeting was to shrink the world's population and get back on track?


I call it targeted ethnic cleansing.

See all naysayers.

We know that such a meeting has taken place with KUSHNER …… 🤔

Where is Kushner in the present during this pandemic?

And this vanishing act from the PUBLIC of this PUBLIC official concerns. 🤔

Correlate the time of his disappearance and the origins of this pandemic to hypothesize whether he had prior knowledge from these elite meetings.

The virus seems to be escaping ……. 👤

Class Main (Minecraft Plugin) cannot be found

I'm new to this area, I'm sorry.
I decompiled a plugin with the JD-GUI program and took the src and imported it into Eclipse, changed only a few strings and then exported it to the JAR file. No error occurred when exporting. When starting the server with the plugin, however, the following error is displayed.

Console error
[09:55:56 ERROR]: & # 39; plugins LootingShop.jar & # 39; could not go to folder & # 39; plugins & # 39; getting charged.
org.bukkit.plugin.InvalidPluginException: Main class `br.com.earthsurvival.shop.EarthShop & # 39; cannot be found

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/V7dRjpz0

Main code

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/qPTQc6fp


Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/DxfpPQWe

Folder structure

Pastebin: https://imgur.com/GCGrisC

Ease of use – How to manage navigation at many levels before the main operation

I am designing a web application that needs 4 levels to manage the flowcharts, which is the main purpose of the application.
The structure is something like this:

Company name – folder

Component names – subfolders

Group name – sub – subfolders

List of flowcharts

The problem is that the user has to click 4 times to accomplish his main task. How should the levels be grouped or restructured to make the process more efficient?

Python – The main flask file is too long

So I'm pretty new to Flask. I make an application and mine main.py File gets very long because of all routes. Is there any way to shorten the file by dividing the content into other files (possibly for each route)? How would I do it?

Thank you so much!

from flask import Flask, render_template, request

import pyowm

from flask_bootstrap import Bootstrap

from flask_wtf import FlaskForm
from wtforms import StringField, PasswordField, BooleanField
from wtforms.validators import InputRequired, Email, Length

from try_towear import generate_data, suggest_outfit
from points_to_english import translate_outfit
from clothes_manager import Garment, Wardrobe

APP = Flask(__name__)
APP.config('SECRET_KEY') = 'donttellanyonethis'

MY_CLOSET = Wardrobe()

def add_header(made_request):
    source: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/34066804/disabling-caching-in-flask
    made_request.headers("Cache-Control") = "no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate"
    made_request.headers("Pragma") = "no-cache"
    made_request.headers("Expires") = "0"
    made_request.headers('Cache-Control') = 'public, max-age=0'
    return made_request

class LoginForm(FlaskForm):
    username = StringField("Username", validators=(
                            InputRequired(), Length(min=5, max=20)))
    password = PasswordField("Password", validators=(
                                InputRequired(), Length(8, 80)))
    remember = BooleanField("Remember me")

class RegisterForm(FlaskForm):
    username = StringField("Username", validators=(
                            InputRequired(), Length(min=5, max=20)))
    email = StringField("Email", validators=(
        InputRequired(), Email(message="This is an invalid email!"), Length(max=50)))
    password = PasswordField("Password", validators=(
                                InputRequired(), Length(8, 80)))

def home():
    """Home page."""
    return render_template('index.html')

@APP.route("/login", methods=('GET', 'POST'))
def login():
    """Login page."""
    form = LoginForm()
    if form.validate_on_submit():
        return '

' + form.username.data + ' ' + form.password.data + '

' return render_template('login.html', form=form) @APP.route("/register") def register(): """Registration page.""" form = RegisterForm() return render_template('register.html', form=form) @APP.route("/about") def about(): """About page.""" return render_template('about.html') @APP.route("/try") def try_page(): """Developer demo page.""" return render_template('try.html') @APP.route("/closet") def closet(): """User closet page.""" return render_template('my_closet.html', closet=MY_CLOSET) def get_temp(zipcode): """function to get weather using zipcode through pyOWM Arguments: zipcode {str} -- given by the user Returns: int -- temperature in fahrenheit returned by pyOWM for the current zipcode at the current time """ owm = pyowm.OWM('07a7c137a54f5238063fbcd575974072') # API key observation = owm.weather_at_zip_code(zipcode, "us") current_weather = observation.get_weather() temperature = current_weather.get_temperature('fahrenheit')('temp') return temperature @APP.route("/closet", methods=('POST')) def closet_modify(): """Page direction after modification of closet.""" if "name" in request.form: name = request.form('name') warmth = list( map(int, str(request.form('warmth')).split())) new_item = Garment(name, warmth) MY_CLOSET.add_item(new_item) return render_template('my_closet.html', closet=MY_CLOSET) if "check" in request.form: selected_items = request.form.getlist('check') for item in selected_items: MY_CLOSET.delete_by_name(item) return render_template('my_closet.html', closet=MY_CLOSET) if "name3" in request.form: name3 = request.form('name3') warmth3 = list( map(int, str(request.form('warmth3')).split())) MY_CLOSET.change_warmth(name3, warmth3) return render_template('my_closet.html', closet=MY_CLOSET) if "repopulate" in request.form: MY_CLOSET.contents = () MY_CLOSET.generic_clothes_generator() return render_template('my_closet.html', closet=MY_CLOSET) return render_template('my_closet.html', closet=MY_CLOSET) @APP.route('/try', methods=('POST')) def form_post(): """Page direction after submitting request for outfit suggestion.""" secret_coefficients = list( map(float, str(request.form('weather_conditions')).split())) secret_temp_desired = float(request.form('temperature_tolerance')) zipcode = str(request.form('zipcode')) temp = get_temp(zipcode) # using what we know, generate training set of different # temperature (temp_input) to outfit (outfit_input) combinations # (e.g. 20, (1 6 5 4)) temp_input, outfit_output = generate_data( secret_temp_desired, secret_coefficients) # using the training set, predict an outfit given the temperature suggested_outfit = (int(element) for element in suggest_outfit( temp_input, outfit_output, temp)) # translate the outfit from an array of integers to clothes using the given closet suggested_outfit_translated = translate_outfit(MY_CLOSET, suggested_outfit) return render_template( 'try.html', temperature=temp, suggested_outfit_warmths=suggested_outfit, suggested_outfit_garments=suggested_outfit_translated) if __name__ == "__main__": BSTRAP = Bootstrap(APP) APP.run(debug=True)

bind – BIND9: Can a different IP address be specified for the main domain?

The example.com. IN A can certainly refer to an IP address other than yours authoritative name servers. However, you should still have at least two different name servers on separate networks. This results from the technical requirements of IANA for authoritative name servers:

Minimum number of name servers

A delegation must have at least two NS records
Hosts cannot be resolved to the same IP address.

Network diversity

The name servers must be located in at least two topologically separate servers
Networks. A network is defined as an autonomous system of origin in the
BGP routing table. The requirement is assessed by inspection of
Views of the BGP routing table.

ac.commutative Algebra – Does ACC for main ideal plus Krull dimension mean 0 DCC for main ideal?

Assume the ring is commutative and with 1.

We know that ACC + $ dim (R) = 0 $ imply DCC. But can we conclude the same thing if we insist only on the condition for main ideals?

We know that DCC is the same as a perfect ring on the main ideals, but I'm not sure how to proceed from here.

(Note: ACC / DCC = state of the ascending / descending chain.)

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