What are the main causes of the gender pay gap?

Women get pregnant, men do not.

This, of course, is an excessive simplification, but it is the basis of many differences between men and women, including the pay gap. Women who become pregnant are therefore considered providers. That's why men work more dangerously to earn more. That's why men work overtime. That's why men work more hours than women.

There are many who show many studies that the primary causes of the gender pay gap are men and women who make various labor decisions The Equal Pay Act of 1963 makes it illegal to pay women for equal work.

The real question is why the myth of gender discrimination still exists, given the equal pay law and the numerous studies that show how women make different work decisions than men. The answer can be summarized in one word: feminism.

Linux – Is it possible to attack the main server using a reverse proxy server that acts as a URL rewrite only?

I have a content page https://www.mysite.com

I ask a client to configure a reverse proxy server connection on its server so that all content in the external-content subdirectory is retrieved from my site.

For example:

Invited by:

You do not want to do this to worry about exposing your LAN to the Internet. I understand that a reverse proxy server is nothing more than a sophisticated redirect, and that its main network is not exposed to directory traversal attacks, MySQL injection, and so on. Is that correct?

Suppose my site is very vulnerable. Is it possible to attack the core server through a reverse proxy connection that interacts in no other way than the above?

Is restricting traffic from the reverse proxy IP to just that subdirectory a workable solution?

Thank you in advance!

Complex Analysis – Consider the function $ f (x) = log ( frac {x + 1} {x}) $ defined using the main protocol. For which $ x $ is $ f (x) $ continuous? Justify your answer.

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Navigation – Best practice for linking the main page to the BETA website

I will explain it briefly.

I work for a new booking platform. You currently have two different websites:

  • The main website [landing page] with all information about the company

  • the BETA platform [with listings, profile dashboard and search bar]

For now, when you are in BETA and then click on the company logo in the navigation bar, you will be returned to the main landing page.

To return to the BETA, when you are on the landing, there is a link in the respective navigation bar and on the entire website.

NOTE: The BETA platform and the landing page have different and separate navigation bars and links [the design is similar]. – The BETA has a profile drop-down menu that can not be replicated to the main landing page because the sites used two different services.

→ Now the company must have a proper homepage for the BETA platform with some new features, but also maintain the main landing page.

What do you think is the best way to link the two homepages without confusing the users?

I hope I was clear enough

Thanks for your review