Is it totally impossible for the Republican majority to condemn Trump? Why or why not?

Yes, it's completely out of the realm of possibility.

If (IF!) The DNC is able to arm a majority of Democratic MPs to vote on the impeachment articles, it is an indictment and the Senate is holding the trial. The impeachment charge itself has no effect on the president.

To convict the president of a crime, a vote of "Guilty" by 67 senators is required. That will not happen.

Note that the Senate has the option to dismiss the impeachment articles as unfounded as they are. Trump, however, is calling for a lawsuit if the house is correct for the impeachment. Through a process, he can summon members of Congress and high-ranking representatives of the Obama administration and ask them questions under oath. You don't want to have to do that.

c – Get the majority of the Boolean array using a query with only 4 elements

Assuming there is a Boolean array (elements are either 0 or 1), we can not access the array directly.
Instead, we could use a query that needs 4 indexes and returns the distribution of the value of the 4 elements:

a) 4 elements are the same (4 1-valued elements or 4 0-valent elements)

b) three of one value and one of the other (3 1 value elements and 1 0 value element / 3 0 value elements and 1 1 value element)

c) 2 1-valued elements and 2 0-valent elements.

How can I retrieve the majority element from the above query (return any index of it) and how can I use the minimum queries to get the answer?

What happens when the majority of voters write in Trump in 2024? ?

They carry Rocky for a further 4 years in a wheelchair.

I suppose if he can convince the majority of voters, it's more fun than a game show for another 4 years.

Imagine: 4 more years Trump !!!!

Personally, I will vote for his opponent: Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Camacho !!

Because I have to be paid. YEAAAAAAAH !!!!!

And Elizondo is like 260 pounds MUSCLES, man !!

Bitcoin miners attack with 51% majority – question on the role of user-activated soft forks as defense tactics

For example, if a mining company alone owns 52% of the hash power of the entire network, that party can block transactions and try to build a forked, longer chain over time, right? As far as I know, this can take several weeks with only 52% hash power …

Can someone please explain how the "User-activated soft-fork" feature can be a tool for network users to rescue and retain the "current" Blockchain version and escape the attacker? How would this ideally run from the perspective of the user (full node user)?


Majority Attack – Robustness of Bitcoin

I wonder about the consequences of a possible 51% CPU attack on the Bitcoin blockchain. Imagine that a state invests enough processing power to rewrite an entire blockchain that is longer than the current bitcoin blockchain (possibly because the state wants to control money). In this fake blockade, all blocks would be empty (no transactions), meaning that the state has all bitcoins as a result of mining.

Would it really be the end of Bitcoin in this case? It seems to me that it would be easy to patch the nodes in the network to discard the fake blockchain, for example by blocking the public key of the state.

This would violate Bitcoin's intention that math and cryptography replace trust in a third party, but ultimately Bitcoin is used by people who need to trust it. They would not want their entire money to be destroyed by an attack.

Or is 51% harder to detect and repair? I'm not asking about short-chain attacks that would rob only some traders, but about the global stability of Bitcoin.

Why can non-whites not understand that the majority of whites hate them? We do not want blacks or Mexicans in America?

No, if you do not like her because of her race, it's because you're racist. There is no racist or not. And many Americans do not feel that way at all.

What if America somehow gets destroyed and you have to move to Africa or Mexico? And remember, our ancestors brought the ancestors of most American blacks to America. So blame your great-great-grandfather if you do not like it.


How can Bitcoin protect against a "stupid majority fork"?

Suppose a majority of miners use software that prohibits timeouts. This would be a softfork, so the blockchain for nodes using the previous software will still be valid. However, nodes that defer blocks with a time delay are orphaned by the mining majority of the network and outperform all chains that contain timelocks. No chain that contains timeouts could grow, and existing nodes would treat the chain with new rules as the only true chain.

How can users / miners who want to retain the use of time locks recover in this situation?

How is Medicare For All going to change anything for the majority of Americans who are now insured by work?

Obama wanted to make a 'public option' part of Obamacare. Under this option, we would find the average cost per patient of Medicare and allow someone to voluntarily 'buy in'.

For me that was the best idea. If Medicare could do a better job, people would go there and private insurance would lose them. If Medicare sucked, people would voluntarily leave and return to private, commercial, for-profit insurance. No public expenses. Freedom of choice. Free market competition! Exactly what the Republicans said they wanted! Why did you kill it then? (As Medicare did not provide massive political sponsorship, the public option was cheaper!)

I am not sure that the proposal "Medicare for All" is really just a reinstatement of the option "Pubic" or a mandatory transfer of all to Medicare. It could be either one.

Do you know Medicare has a much higher customer satisfaction rating than commercial insurance?


Majority Attack – When there are 20 nodes in the network and all transactions are received and after 10 minutes

Question 1) If there are 20 nodes on the network and all receive a transaction and after 10 minutes select all transactions from their transaction pool and start blocking, all nodes now use the same transactions to create the block, or each node can have a different one Transaction have in this particular block

Question 2) If there are 20 nodes in the network and all blocks are created, what happens if several nodes create the block at the same time?

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