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Hey, again I'm posting this for my mother!
I've already posted about my mom's grocery stores in Toronto. Currently I am looking for accounting software for your shop. She has been using QuickBooks for a few months and plans to switch to something more affordable that would be suitable for both Mac and Android.
My friend has proposed a company software solutions and document management company in Toronto. I reviewed their website and found that they have a long experience in the field. This is not urgent, but obligatory!
We do not want to switch to cheap software quickly but need robust and efficient enterprise software. If anyone in this forum has experience with the mentioned software, please comment on your suggestions.
Quickbooks Pro is a bit overpriced for a grocery store and costs about $ 300 for a single user. So we need less expensive, efficient software, the sounder.

Selling – Android App Maker – make $ 1000 profit per app



Anyone can run this business in this multi-billion dollar niche of producing optimized mobile apps, and no design or sales experience is required to run your own mobile app design and development business.

What happens when a sale takes place?

You will immediately receive an e-mail and a payment via PayPal if a customer places an order on the website. Then, you place an order with the supplier to create the required app. Your supplier will take delivery of the app directly to your customer from there. The supplier answers all your customer's questions and accepts all design instructions directly from the customer.


You pay 50% of the currently offered prices to the supplier.


You calculate

$ 999

What will be delivered to your customer?

Single Platform App Design (iOS or Android)

Upload to Marketplace (iTunes or Google Play)

1 month maintenance

Innovative design

user interface


Monetization according to best practices

Full source code

Your profit

500 US dollars


You calculate

$ 1999

What will be delivered to your customer?

Dual Platform App Design (iOS and Android)

Upload to Marketplace (iTunes or Google Play)

1 month maintenance

Innovative design

user interface


Monetization according to best practices

Full source code

Your profit

1000 US dollars

What is the difference between package A and B?

Package A contains an app that works on iOS OR Andriod

Package B contains an app that works on iOS & Andriod.

Which typical jobs to order at the customer ..?

, Transform an existing website into an app for small business owners and entrepreneurs

, Designing and developing an app based on an existing app with a difference

, Designing and developing an app based on a completely new idea

, Rebuild existing apps for developers who need to keep them up to date and relevant to their customers


You do not have to maintain a dialogue with your customer after receipt of payment.

The supplier takes over and you can focus on attracting more potential customers.

You only need to provide the supplier with the details of the order, and the supplier will ask the customer to provide their own project details on which to build the APP.

Very reliable supplier with a proven track record.

This site will run on autopilot if you have adequate communication skills. No telephone contact with customers is required. Forward emails only. No Skype calls, just occasional exchanges of emails or Skype text chat.

When a customer buys an app build package, they simply place the order with the supplier delivering the service directly to their customer, and they will receive a profit of $ 500 or $ 1000 per customer per sale.

Keep in mind that you receive multiple orders for multiple mobile apps from the SAME CUSTOMER and referral business. The income of 10 customers per week could quickly double from $ 5,000 to $ 10,000 to $ 20,000 per week.

Why is this app design business relevant to the current market?

Currently, most mobile devices use one of the two dominant operating systems: Google-developed Android (48.3%) and Apple-developed iOS (41%).

With the rise of the smartphone, it becomes clear that we love apps. All you have to do is look at the statistics: App Store, 85 billion downloads by October 2014, Google Play, 50 billion downloads by January 2014.

Writing apps specifically for Android and iOS offers a number of benefits:

They provide users with the fastest, most reliable and responsive experience.

You can use the more comprehensive features of the device. including camera, microphone, compass, accelerometer and swipe gestures.

Publishers can use push notifications and notify users each time new content is published or when their attention is required. This is a key method for engagement. You have the opportunity to bring your audience back for more and more.

Users spend time with apps. The popularity of apps has increased enormously and continues to increase.

This is where your new business comes in … The market is still in its infancy!

Finally, digital marketing will rely exclusively on apps that work on a mobile phone operating system that will be iOS or Android.

How will it work again?

1. You buy this reseller site

2. You apply it with the simple marketing plan I provide (that works).

3. Receive requests that are easy to manage as all information requested by the prospect is simply located on the website.

4. The customer is impressed … then he makes a purchase via PayPal and you will receive the money immediately on your PayPal account, eg. $ 1,999 for package B.

5. Then contact your supplier by e-mail with the order data filled out by your customer. From there you do not have to do anything else. Pay only to the supplier.

6. The supplier will then deliver the project and provide first-class customer service to ensure that the customer is satisfied.

Most importantly, your supplier provides this service quickly and efficiently. Your customer expects to spend 30 days before putting his app into service, so he'll be overwhelmed by what he's paid for by receiving his app on average within 10 days.

The website is aimed primarily at small and young entrepreneurs in the US, UK and Australia. Our marketing materials focus on using mostly free methods to do this.

So what do you have to do after buying this site?

You generate traffic to your website by following the marketing plan that is on sale. The plan's social media marketing element is the latest strategy that marketers use to quickly generate traffic that is converted into sales. You have access to all this. And you DO NOT have to use your own social media accounts.

Basically, if you put your website on VIRAL, you can handle more than 100 customers per month hands-free. Your supplier takes care of everything.

All you have to do is focus on your website generating traffic. There is an extended plan for this, which is included in the sale – and works.

Work from anywhere in the world.

What do you get when you buy this site?

Premium Domain Name

Premium Design

marketing plan

Social Media Marketing Guide

Operation Manual

suppliers Contact

The complete business start-up package at an affordable price.