Why do men think women wear makeup for them?

Because you do that.

Even if you are lesbian, it is STILL because of men.


Your assessment of how you look for yourself is based on the perception of the company of you, which is ultimately due to your desire as a partner to bring your genes (and the rest of your tribe) into the future.

So, if you want to do make-up better by applying make-up to make you look good on yourself, then your definition of good looks came from … men. Actually, not even men, but genes that are looking for a suitable recipe to get to the next generation.

It certainly can be forgiven for not letting this into your conscious calculation – you have hundreds of thousands of years of evolution and culture telling you what's right and wrong here, and when you think it through, it usually does not change anything.

A fairer question, however, is: what causes INDIVIDUAL men to compensate them as individuals – and that's a completely fair question. Even if you're a heterosexual woman preparing for a date with this special man, your perception of having to do less with what he wants than looking good with what society has generally told you is desirable.

Women will often not wear things the way their boys like them, just because … well, he's wrong and I'm right (or at least my perception of what's right is not his). "This is not trendy, it is sticky".

"But you carry that for me …" But no, are not you, right? You wear it to make you feel good and generally attractive to him, not as a painting that he takes away from his own design.

Women wear make-up for men – not just a man, and not necessarily to appeal to men in general, just to feel good about what society defines as being more appropriate for procreation.

Ignore your development, ignore your culture … it's a fool game.


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The reason you need to make your own makeup solution

The reason you need to make your own makeup solution

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