Why are some people making excuses for george floyd’s murderer?

I’ve not heard or read ANYONE saying his death was justified.  But they do think the rioting is stupid and object to painting the police with a broad brush.  

I think reforms are needed.  The best examples showing that are the Walter Scott and Laquan MacDonald incidents.  I leave Floyd out simply because it’s knew enough that I don’t like to jump to conclusions about late breaking news.

But the cops need the reforms as badly as the black community.  This situation where they never know if they’re going to get hung out to dry as a political scapegoat is always out there such that even the good ones are afraid to do their job since doing their job puts them in situations where if it breaks wrong their lives could be ruined even if they do everything right.

A perfect example of the latter was the Michael Brown incident in Ferguson.  The forensic evidence backed his version of events at every step.  The claim that Brown was surrendering and was non-aggressive are 100% false.  But the media never bothered to report that part.  Where does that officer go to get his reputation and peace of mind back?  People still talk about that incident as if Wilson shot a peaceful surrendering ‘good kid’.  Not one aspect of that description was true.

We need a culture change so that bad cops aren’t protected from accountability, yet the good cops aren’t swept up in the passions of the moment and persecuted because certain special interest groups decided to make them targets.

That’s going to be a hard balance to hit, but it’s absolutely imperative that we do so.  A solution that leans too far in either direction will be worse than the current status quo.

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clipboard – Making Ctrl+C copy text in gnome-terminal?

Apart from what @Dan said, there’s another option for copy-pasting text in Linux which I’m finding much faster and easier to use, since there’s no need to swich from mouse (which you’re using to make the selection) to keyboard:

  • selecting text with mouse copies it to clipboard
  • middle-click pastes it.

This feature is especially useful in terminal, for example when assembling a command from bits of text which are already on screen.

This works in all applications, so it’s possible to copy-paste text from a web page to terminal etc.

The clipboard buffer used for middle-click copy-paste is separate from the one used for Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V, which makes possible to have two different bits of text copied at the same time.