[ Psychology ] Open question: I think I'm going to commit suicide, I'm 38 and I'm still a virgin man.

I never had a girlfriend in high school, I only had ED from injuries, antidepressants and smoked pot after I quit my sex drive camera after I turned 18, but not so much my skills. I generally only watched porn, went to strip clubs and had a few chances, but went for them out of fear of embarrassment. Years passed without luck, no real attempts, then suddenly I was 25 and my mother got cancer. Same story, high cravings, small penis, erections on half the ward and now I'm 30 .. It goes from there to more social awkwardness From my age and now I'm 38 and it's over. The combination of injury and social stigma I hate myself I'm very lucky and fit makes it much more difficult not to mention my average penis. I missed life and wouldn't get a hooker for many hours. What makes it more difficult is that I look like I'm 28 and only attracted to women ages 22 to 34. Most of the time, all other women have children and are not my type, but a few who are actually in their forties …

Middle Man – If I'm using a VPN with multiple connections allowed, can any user / device see the other user's traffic?

If I use a VPN service that can connect up to 8 devices, can all devices / users view traffic from other users / devices?

Or does each VPN connection create its own tunnel, so that basically only 8 tunnels can be created / created at the same time?
Even if there is a connection to my VPN, someone can do it de-authenticate me, with my VPN even if someone is playing around with a wifi network? In theory, I mean if you can think of something that can be done, but I wonder if this is a problem that occurs frequently?

Why I am asking is that I live in a house with several people. I find that sometimes they have fun upstairs. When I try to set up multiple hotspots with the same wifi name, I am concerned that it is possible that they can perform session hijacking even if I have a VPN connection (when I once noticed a message about a service I used, I never wrote, but when reviewing session logs, only the sessions that I know of are open.) I know that I had one I didn't write this message, so I'm interested in how it is done when I am in mine VPN am. Although I notice that they disconnect the WiFi, I sometimes have to reconnect to my VPN, etc.
In the end, I set up my VPN so that it disconnects me from the Internet as soon as my VPN connection is interrupted. However, I wonder if reconnecting immediately can cause another security issue (assuming VPNs have handshakes like a WiFi hotspot).
Would it be safe to say that I should invest in my own WiFi router and set up a firewall? I originally wanted to use my Linux box with two WiFi cards, set up a new WiFi network with a firewall, and then create a new hotspot to protect my devices a little better.

Man in the middle of attack on file uploads

I use a web service (let's call it X) that can upload files to AWS S3.

It works by first calling X, which then returns a list of file descriptors and meta information to be inserted into the web form as hidden fields that are displayed to the user to select a file to upload. One of these hidden fields is the URL of the S3 bucket where the file is uploaded.

When the user selects a file and clicks Submit, the file is sent to the S3 location as a byte stream.

I see two security concerns here:

  1. The URL returned by calling X and then set as a hidden field on the form can be hijacked and replaced by another URL at the hacker's choice
  2. I'm not sure if this is possible, but the byte stream from the user's browser to the S3 bucket could be redirected.

Is that paranoia or real security concerns?

tls – How does VPN prevent man in the middle at ISP level?

When man-in-the-middle is at the ISP level (or even before ISP), it seems they can do the handshake. Swap keys provide a forged or copied certificate. The only thing you wouldn't know is the private key. But it seems like they are the client for the endpoint server and the server for the victim, they could create two encryption / decryption chains and two shared secrets, and nobody would be wiser. I think I get it wrong because people say that a VPN would protect against it. So the basic question is how an HTTPS website certificate at ISP level protects from people in the middle.

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Man in the middle – what is the use case of request signing in this mobile app?

The API of a mobile app I tested received AWS AccessKeyId and SecretKey, which are used for the request signature, unencrypted from the AWS Cognito server (apart from the regular TLS encryption). Re-signing all AWS Lambda API requirements, e.g. with Burps "AWS Signer" extension.

This would allow a man-in-the-middle to sign all changed requirements. So I wonder what the actual use case of the request signature looks like in this case.

Shouldn't the AccessKeyID and SecretKey be kept secret?

The owner of the app tells me that this is not a problem as they follow AWS guidelines.

Is that correct? Or are you doing something wrong?

Why should they sign the requests in their mobile app at all?
What is the use case for signing the requests when the "secrets" for creating a signature are distributed in clear text over the same connection (except TLS)?

Is this in line with best practices when using AWS Lambda for serverless APIs for mobile apps? In this case, is the request signature useful at all? Most of the apps I tested did not use a request signature.

Why does Bernie want me to pay for the health care of the morbidly obese man who smokes a pack of cigarettes every day?

The problem is that your smoking guy goes to the emergency room and then goes bankrupt when he can't pay. Hospitals then charge everyone else with excessive sums of insurance so that they do not go bankrupt and serve those people who use the emergency room as their free clinic. In return, the middle class gets stuck and pays sky-high insurance costs.

Democrats want to use taxpayers' money from outside the middle class to insure the insured and ultimately reduce or eliminate the costs that hospitals now have to charge everyone else.

Authentication – What should I do during the Man in the Middle Attack?

I have a question about Man in the Middle attack.

What should I do while the man is in the middle of the attack?

In the event that I am already connected to a friend on the Internet, but I suspect that there is a third party among us who reads or changes my friend's and my friends' messages. What do I have to do?

At first I thought I had to close the original connection and create a new one with authentication.

I was also considering establishing a TLS connection with my friend. Even if the channel remains insecure, the certification bodies would ensure network security. I just thought … The man in the middle can intercept the answers from the certification body and have him authenticated in my place.

What do I do if I suspect this attack?

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