[ Etiquette ] Open Question : Is It Rude to Tell a Man He's Balding?

I facetimed a guy from a dating app and he seemed really nice and sweet. And I liked his personality.

Then he took his hat off and his hairline was receding. He also said he was 5’7.

I told him that I liked his personality but I want tall guys with full heads of hair.

He said he liked the honesty and that he wasn’t offended. However, he stopped texting me and now I miss his friendship 🙁 I appreciate all your honest advice guys. Keep it coming. I feel like an idiot…

man in the middle – (kali linux) arp poisoning kills all network activity

I have tried to perform a man in the middle attack on my own smartphone in my home network. Whether i use Ettercap, arpspoof with dsniff. none of them work. i am using kali linux as a virtual machine guest in my windows 7 host.
note that i have bridged network on, ”’ip_forward=1”’, and network interface eth0 since i have a bridged network. also when I run the chk_poison plugin in ettercap it says “no poisoning at all :(“é
Am I doing something wrong? Did I miss something?
thanks 🙂

How is it that people think that a mall can ban and arrest an autistic man for doing so?

a lot of noise about not a lot. Definitely go up an escalator and see if you get arrested. Rosa Parks would be proud to fight for these rights.

"Why do people think a mall can ban and arrest an autistic man for it?"

I think it's insanely stupid, but you could be right … If you were I would be right on your side, screw it to give priority to the lifts, only for the disabled or sick, damn right.

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Man in the middle – Can the ISP (or someone who is spying on my WIFI network) see which VPN IP I am connecting to?

In short, the ISP can see everything outside the tunnel and nothing inside. The IP headers communicate the destination, i. H. The other endpoint of the tunnel, and TCP or UDP headers can display the protocol with a standard port.

On a single VPN server, the IP address at the other end of the tunnel is usually the same one used for the connections that leave the server. With commercial VPN providers, you may even be able to "switch locations", which technically means that your traffic is through a different IP address, i.e. H. Internally forwarded in their systems. More importantly, it is mixed with other customers' traffic, which increases anonymity.

All of Network layer L3 and higher run through all routers between source and destination. That means the IP addresses, port numbers and unencrypted Application layer Protocols etc. are seen by every router in between. The MAC address is part of a Data transmission level L2 protocol and is only seen by the next node. With VPN there is a new set of L3 + stacks that are encrypted in the tunnel.

Man in the middle – What kind of data can the VPN service provider monitor / intercept / change?

You asked a few questions:

What kind of data can a VPN server log or monitor?

Date, time, to which server you have connected (IP and port), size of the request, response size, how often you have connected.

Can the VPN service provider monitor or intercept the entire length of the transmitted data or can it do so for part of it?

It depends on whether. If the connection is encrypted (e.g. TLS, SSH), the provider can intercept the message but cannot know its content, since the encryption is intended to protect against this type of attack. If the connection is not encrypted (FTP, Telnet, HTTP, POP3 and others) you can monitor and intercept everything.

Not only can you monitor messages, you can also copy, modify, and play them back. Signed in to a simple FTP server? Your login information can be copied. The files you have transferred can be copied or modified.

Can you also change the data and retransmit it when you go through the VPN server?

The same as above.

How do I know that the provider is not doing this?

The general terms and conditions. Yes, this boring, legalized page that almost no one reads. They usually say (in cryptic language) what they are monitoring and what is not.

Will they monitor you? Probably. Like every single Facebook beacon, every Google Analytics script and everything you navigate. It's bad? No worse than everything around you. And that's a legal thing (unless they say they won't be monitoring).

Will they steal your credentials and data? Unlikely. Aside from being illegal in almost all jurisdictions, it would bury their business fairly quickly. They have other ways to make money, and stealing data from their customers isn't the best.

How can you be sure that you will not be monitored, but protected? Rent your own VPS and install your own VPN. It may seem complicated (and it's not easy), but with the right tutorial, you can install Linux and run Wireguard in one afternoon for less than $ 5 a month.

How can I become a fully alert man?

To be considered awakened, one has to preach the philosophy of cultural Marxism, but not to call it cultural Marxism. Those who promote cultural Marxist ideas often deny that there is cultural Marxism. Indeed, someone who strongly preaches the tenants of cultural Marxism but denies it is a sure sign that they have woken up.

They claim that because of their population structure, people fall into two groups, either privileged oppressors or oppressed victims. Men oppress women, whites oppress other races, Christians oppress other religions etc. Use terms such as white privileges, male privileges and patriarchy to define these groups. It is important that individual actions are irrelevant. You could play a key role in obtaining civil rights, but if you are white, you are still a privileged oppressor of blacks and other races. It is helpful to have some examples of cherry selections on hand, e.g. B. that proportionally more white men go to STEMS – safe white men are privileged! (Regardless, more women actually go into math, no one will question this point). Also claim that there is no sexism against men or racism against whites because they are inherently beneficial as oppressors.

The next step is to argue that the oppressors owe something to the oppressed. Alleged oppressed groups deserve redress and special laws that benefit them against the oppressing groups. Black reparations, positive action, and women's business benefits are examples of things that need to be awakened to promote them.

It is very important that you never acknowledge the things that show that the so-called privileged group is actually not granted privileges or that the oppressed group is not actually suppressed. For example, it is awakened to say that men are beneficial when hiring, although positive measures discriminate against men when hiring. You could defend the benefits of women in small businesses for women because women are said to be oppressed, but you would never point out that preference for women-owned businesses is actually a female privilege, as this would contradict the idea of ​​a male privilege. They would never claim that these are unfair male criminals who are sentenced tougher because men as an oppressive group cannot be disadvantaged.

There is more, but preach the above and most people who think they have woken up will also think you have woken up.