sharepoint online – Term Store Management Link is invisible for Group Manager and Contributors

I want to give a user access to the Term Store Management of a site collection and I noticed that I can add multiple people to the Group Manager field. So I tried it and the user can access this page, but only if he or she specifies the direct URL, which is

However, when this user opens the website settings, the Term Store Management menu item is not visible… I find it very inappropriate that only the direct link to the Term Store Management can be used.

Is there a user role that can access the Site Collection Term Store anyway? Or how can I include the link in the websitesettings of the websitecollection? | Your Servers Are Safe | cPanel VMware SolusVM Virtualizor | All Type of Server Management | Free Server Monitoring | $29 | | Proxies-free

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game design – Mechanical tool for combat adjudication management

I’m working on my own homebrew rpg system which I want to keep light on rules. Therefore I add only rules when they are needed. One rule which I did not use was an implementation of “initiative”.

In combat, everyone’s actions happen at the same time. There is no order imposed by stats, dice rolls, or activity chosen, i.e. no initiative scores or initiative rolls such as in DnD 5e. It is more like melee from Warhammer Fantasy (the strategy game, not the rpg).

I did like the feeling in general during playtest, however management of combat turns was very chaotic, since I could obviously not do all the adjudication at the same time.

My question therefore is: What game mechanics can I use to facilitate combat adjudication without imposing an order of action? I prefer answers referencing published RPG systems. Ideally, the solution would be as simple as possible, only facilitating adjudication without posing restrictions on what can be done in the game.

Good Asset Management or File Tagging software recommendations?

I have been collecting all kinds of free and paid game assets for years now, everything from sound FX to art to system scripts to tools etc. Problem is it’s basically impossible to find anything anymore – they’re all spread across different drives and are for different kinds of projects and engines and game types.

I’ve looked into DAMs but they tend to be on the enterprise side, a lot of the tagging systems are too simple or only document based or require a monthly sub for more than X amount of tags/files.

I’m a Windows user, but I also have a 2tb Google drive account so if anyone has a way of integrating that I’d be very interested.

What do you all do for managing all of your assets in a more streamlined and convenient way?


PS. Should also mention I’m talking 100,000s of files

key management – Drawback of Multi Level Encryption

I am backing up my files to a RAID mirrored HDD, that has full disk encryption (FDE) in place with LUKS. Until now I did this with rsync, but I recently switched to a new backup program that does file level encryption as well.

So my question is: Is there any drawback of having multi levels of encryption, or is it actually an advantage? A drawback I can maybe think of would be managing two keys and forgetting one of them would potentially make my backup completely useless.

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data recovery – USB flash drive not working or is appearing as an empty disk drive, Disk Management reports “No Media” with 0 bytes size

Failing Flash Drive

“No Media” means the flash memory controller cannot communicate with the NAND flash memory on the drive. Because of this, it appears to the computer as an empty disk drive. This is usually caused by the NAND flash failing. To the computer, the drive is not much different than a floppy or optical drive with no disk inserted.

As a result, it is not possible to access any data on the drive, nor is it possible to repartition or reformat the drive. Again, from the standpoint of the computer, there is no medium in the drive to be formatted or repartitioned.

Fake Drive?

It is also possible that the drive is fake and the cheap memory chip in the drive has failed. Drives failing in this manner will often show up as a storage device with 8MB capacity.

Potential Hardware-Specific Restoration

From this answer: You can obtain more information about the drive and its controller using a tool called ChipGenius. You might be able to recover the drive hardware by using a tool such as Bootice to manipulate the MBR.

Additionally, if the drive uses a Phison controller, you may be able to use the Phison USB Mass Production Tools to reprogram the controller and restore normal operation. Note that doing this will erase all data on the drive.

Data Recovery

In cases where stored information is merely corrupted, consumer data recovery software can often recover the contents. However, that won’t work if the drive fails as described here.

There are data recovery services that can use special equipment to try to recover content from the chips. However, it is expensive. If you can’t restore the drive to normal operation, it probably isn’t worth sending it to a data recovery service unless the data stored on the drive is particularly valuable. You should simply replace the drive.