Domain Driven Design – Identify the limited context in Task Management

I'm currently trying out DDD with a sample Application "Task Management System". This does not apply to a specific domain, but is a generic application that can be used in any domain.

  • The main concept of task management is "task". It can contain several subtasks.
  • The task can have a specific duration and be assigned to different roles or users.
  • Each subtask can be assigned to different roles or users
  • Task can be submitted for approval for other users or roles
  • Once approved, tasks and subtasks are available for execution

Based on the above knowledge, I introduced myself to three limited contexts.

a] Task & subtasks – core domain

b] Approval Process – Supporting Domain

c] Roles, Users, Authorization – User Domain

Roles, users in a generic domain have a different meaning in the task domain.
For example, a user in the user domain is referred to as the creator / approver / person responsible in the task domain. Similarly, roles in the user domain are referred to as Responsible / Approving Roles.

Data related to the list of users, roles are assigned by an external system, and authentication is also performed by an external system. The list of users and roles is used to create, assign, and approve tasks.

Need clarity on the following points

  • Have I clearly identified limited contexts?
  • Am I correct in separating the users and roles in a different context, even though they are very important for creating tasks?
  • Should the approval process be in a different context? I'm confused about that, as it's actually very important and part of the task management.

Has anyone used automated server management tools?

Has anyone used automated server management tools? | Web Hosting Talk

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  1. Has anyone used automated server management tools?

    Running some sites on managed cPanel / WHM VPS. I still have to do some server administration and check things on the server. I'd rather concentrate on the websites. Have you come across services like,, etc. (let me know if there are other good ones). Do you have experience with these services? Do you have a good job managing your server in terms of updates, security, performance, etc., and would you trust them to host ecommerce sites? I understand that they are only for server management and the actual host is DigitalOcean, AWS etc.

  2. These are control panels, not server management providers. For example, Rack911 is a server management provider. If you do not want to manage a server with difficulty, you need a server management provider.

    -Steven | u2-web @ Cooini, LLC – Shared Business Hosting | Isolate Websites with Web Spaces Site Builder | PHP FPM | MariaDB
    WHMCS modules: Employee Knowledgebase | Custom modules and hooks
    "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it" -Aristotle

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Check Platinum Server Management – (1 year user)

I signed up for PSM on 19.12.18. From today my account is officially deactivated and here is my story.

Originally, after logging in, I did the typical server hardening, updates, checking if everything was alright, and so on. Immediately there was nothing wrong with signing up, but I just wanted to have someone on hand in case I had a simple one Have problem with my dedicated server. In the first 7 months, I only submitted about 5 or 6 tickets for very small things that were addressed and handled. Then comes the moment we all fear … MySQL crashed and would not start, and I had no idea why. I bought the server management because I know that I'm not a server guru and I do not want to.

6th November start date …
I check my emails and find out that I have some important server issues. Nothing gets loaded and I get a MySQL service that can not start emails from left and right. First I try a simple reboot of the server that does not fix the problem. The next step is to submit a ticket before I cause further damage. At 6:57 pm I have submitted a ticket to this topic. I get a quick answer with the typical "We check that" and wait for an answer. A short time later, I learn that my Innodb is damaged and we need to restore a backup. No big deal, I have backups on the server and direct them to the location. After some back and forth I confirm on November 7th that it is clear to restore the backups and I will take care of it.

And now it starts … I ask politely in the next few days, how it works, and wait patiently, as I am unable to interfere. Finally on the 18th of November I ask for an update. On December 2, I did not even get an answer. During this 15-16-day window, I submit a ticket to the management to ask for an update. Exactly the same … "We examine it" and all answers stop. Finally on December 2nd, after more than 15 days with literally 0 replies to 3 tickets, email to sales and trying to call the sales department who never answers.

I hated to do it, but something had to be done. 15 days without answer is crazy. I can understand problems, backlog, etc. But just ignoring me was the last straw. I found a new provider and within 30 minutes of logging in, the problem is literally fixed. I entered a service response ticket that was responded to, and my account is now inactive.

I can not log in to PSM to print bills. Now A / P will not pay the bill without it, but I suppose a chargeback would only be fair, as I feel like being treated like crap. I hate to say it, but I would stay away. It looks like they are leaving you in the dust if it's not just repetitive remedies.

In the 12 months I've been with them, maybe I've submitted a total of 10 tickets.

Here you will find links to all my tickets that prove my experience. Call it what you want, but the tickets speak for themselves about how much they care about the customers they have.


Windows 7 – Batch disable / periodically enable USB Power Management for each device?

In "Control Panel" "System" "Device Manager" "Universal Serial Bus Controller", it is possible to disable "Computer can turn off this device to conserve energy" in "Power Management". This is available in Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and so on.

I need to disable this for all USB devices, but it is enabled for new devices.

Is there an application that turns it off and / or monitors with just one click, when a device shows up that is not disabled, or is turned off for some reason?

Management timeout problem in Magento 1.9

Admin configuration settings:
System => Configuration => Web => Session Cookie Management => Set cookie lifetime 259200.

Go to => System => Configuration => Admin => Security => Set Session Lifetime = 259200 (seconds)

Clean up the Magento cache.

And made changes to the php.ini:
session.cookie_lifetime 259200
session.gc_maxlifetime 259200

After all these things, the administrator reported an inactivity of 15 minutes.

VMware ESXi Control Panel | VPS Management and Bandwidth Monitoring | AutoVM

VMware ESXi Control Panel | VPS Management and Bandwidth Monitoring | AutoVM | Web Hosting Talk

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  1. VMware ESXi Control Panel | VPS Management and Bandwidth Monitoring | AutoVM

    AutoVM platform

    AutoVM is an open source platform for managing virtual machines (VMs) in VMware ESXi virtualization. VPS providers can fully automate the support and sales process. The AutoVM platform is a good choice for hosting companies or VPS vendors to improve service and support quality.

    Some of the features:

    • Automatically install the VM operating system.
    • Automatic provisioning of the VM after successful payment.
    • Bandwidth monitoring and VM traffic utilization management.
    • Assign the IP address and the network adapter once the VM has been created.
    • Easy to install without any changes on the ESXi servers.
    • Free modules to manage the VM in the WHMCS client area.
    • Ability to assign the existing VM created for WHMCS users.


    • The AutoVM platform is compatible with the default VMware ESXi settings and does not require any changes. To install the platform, you can run it on the hosting control panel, such as CPanel or DirectAdmin.

    Try us for free

    • We offer an unlimited license key for VMware ESXi servers for 1 month.
    • Take less than 30 minutes to automate your products.
    • For installation information, see the installation article. If you have questions, please read the FAQ section. If you have not found your answer, please ask your question in the stack.

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