search – How do I add a managed property for a column on a list when I do not see a crawled property to map to?

I’m working with SharePoint 2013 Enterprise. I’ve taken over the management of another SharePoint setup created by the person that had my job before me. I want to be able to query against the search api against a specific column, Alternate Name, for which I do not see any managed or crawled property created. I know the column is not a site column. That said, SharePoint shows that it has an internal name of "Alternate_x0020_Name". I’ve done both an incremental and full crawl after ensuring that numerous list items have an Alternate Name value. I have searched both managed & crawled properties via the Search Schema on nearly every variation of "Alternate_x0020_Name" I can think of, including searching on each singular part of the column name. Best I can see is that there simply isn’t one. That said, if I try creating a new managed property and mapping it to a crawled property…well I could, but I do not see a field to map to.

The api I’m querying against follows a URL signature like:

http://sharepoint_server/_api/search/query?querytext='alt name value'&rowlimit=500

There are A LOT of columns that this particular api does not return as part of it’s xml, though, I haven’t figured out how to add more columns even by adding the &SelectedProperties='properties here'.

I’ve reviewed a number of links, but am still not sure what to make of my scenario. It doesn’t seem like a managed property was auto-created and it doesn’t seem like there’s anything to map it to if I create a new one.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

The links I’ve reviewed are below. I’ve also gone further into these by following and reading subsequent links that were posted as part of various answers.

List Column as Crawled Property

How to check correct Crawled property for a list column

Creating Custom Managed Properties

Set of Critical point of a smooth map

Let $F:mathcal{U}subseteqmathbb{R}^{n}rightarrowmathbb{R}^{m}$, $n≤m$, $Finmathcal{C}^{infty}(mathcal{U})$. Let $Crit(F):=lbrace pinmathcal{U}mid dF_{p} is not surjective.rbrace$. Prove that $Crit(F)$ is closed.

I have no idea how to proceed. In general, I would though about an argument with sequences to show that $partial Crit(F)subseteq Crit(F)$ but I don’t know if it’s work. Can someone give me an advice? Thanks before!

architecture – Different repositories with crud methods depending on same map

I have four different repositories with different entities.
I also have four different maps to store each of entities in.
The repositories have crud methods for their entity, and they also implement an interface with the crud methods.

I know that normally I would a have one map for each repository containing all of the entities created by that repo, but I can’t seperate my maps because some of the crud methods have to also make changes in some of the maps with different entities.
I need to have access to more than one of the maps per repository.

What I have done is I’ve made a different class called MapStorage with the maps, and getters for those maps, and I’ve injected MapStorage as a dependency into each of the repositories.
In the repositories I only have the methods, but no maps, the methods modify the map of the MapStorage class instead.

Is this a good way of solving my issue, or can you recommend any other ways?

Usually one would have an external database that could be accessed when needed, but I have to make sure the same instance of the map is shared between my repositories, so I don’t see another way of doing it.

Thanks in advance!

operator theory – The map between a von neumann algebra which preserves support projections

Let $M$ be a von Neumann algebra. Suppose $T: S(M_{*})cap M_{*}^+ rightarrow S(M_{*})cap M_{*}^+$ is a surjective isometry between normal state spaces, then there exists a Jordan $*$-isomorphism $J: M rightarrow M$ such that $J_{*}|_{S(M_{*})cap M_{*}^+}=T$. Where $S(M_{*})={xin M_{*}: |x|=1}$ and $J_{*}$ is the predual map of $J$.

My question: if we assume that $T$ preserves support projections, that is to say, $s(T(tau))=s(tau), tau in S(M_{*})cap M_{*}^+$. Where $s()$ denotes the support projection of a normal state in $M$. Can we conclude that $J(s(tau))=s(tau), tau in S(M_{*})cap M_{*}$?

smooth manifolds – Preimages of open disks for a covering map

Let $pi: C rightarrow B$ be a covering map, where $B$ is a connected, compact, 2-manifold (without boundary). Let $U$ be an open set of $B$ homeomorphic to an open disk. Is $pi^{-1}(U)$ a disjoint union of open sets each of which is homeomorphic to $U$?

It seems to me that this statement is not true if $U$ is just an arbitrary open set. For example if $B$ is non-orientable and we take $U = B$, then the statement is false if $C$ is the universal cover $mathbb{R}^2$.

fbx – Shader map in unity

I’d created a shader graph in shader editor of unity. And I applied it to new material also. When I imported a .fbx object(box-like object and vertical slab like object) and applied that material in unity it shows simply shows yellow color only. But When I created a new object(cube which is in middle) inside the unity and applied it shows the correct pattern(red-yellow-green). I need the same pattern in the imported .fbx object also. I created that .fbx object in blender.

Please help me out.

In the shader graph in-branch node, I’m using object space.

Thanks in advance.

Sanp of unity

Shader graph

Google Maps “directions” map maker function fails to utilize direct route due to road closure entry

Recently, when planning a trip to Yellowstone Natl Park, the Grand Loop Rd between Tower Junction and Canyon Village will not be included in any trip due to Google Maps inclusion of a road closure. Even one planning a route directly from Tower Junction to Canyon Village will be directed around the entire rest of the loop excluding the most direct route. Previously (approx. 2 yrs ago), this route was available, as I had planned an extensive trip including this route, and the map included this stretch of road. I am wondering if it has something to do with the “road closure” notice, or labels saying “(Closed winters)”, but other roads in the region (i.e., Norris Canyon Rd) are so labeled but allow planning to use these routes. How does one plan a future trip without consideration of present road closures?

Site map là gì?

Em đang mày mò học seo.Hôm qua đọc đươc bài viết tạo sitemap nhưng em không hiểu là sitemap có ý nghĩa như thế nào trong seo, các pro nào biết hướng dẫn em với.