Trading is not just market analysis – General Forex Questions & Help

Trading is not just market analysis. As money is involved here, emotions play the big parts during trading. Most of the traders ignore this. They come here to make huge money overnight. They become greedy when make some profit and they also feel broken when lose money. Without being discipline success in forex Market is not possible. I trade forex at XeroMarkets broker. I like their low spreads and instant deposit and withdrawal facility. 

More Space cloud storage available in the market

More Space cloud storage available in the market | Web Hosting Talk

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  1. More Space cloud storage available in the market

    i tried so many cloud storage provider. But they all provide less space. I need more space to save documents, movies and songs. Can anyone suggest me the best internet hard drive storage option, a safe, reliable and has good storage space, So I don’t run out of storage space.

    Thanks and regard,

  2. It is not so hard to get it unless you want it for $5 only. You need to pay more if you need high storage.

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Scam in forex market – General Forex Questions & Help

Forex is not scam but Numerous traders lose bunches of cash and left the market in light of the scam broker. They take your cash through shrouded charges and boycott your account. So you need to do parcel of research before choosing a broker. Control is a critical certainty to recognize trick broker. In the wake of changing bunches of broker I pick XeroMarkets. it is a regulated broker and licensed broker. On the off chance that anything is happens to my account they will restore my funds promptly.

Quick market research question

I'm actually 90% sure this section is the best one for this topic.

During this quarantine, I decided to write an email marketing and copywriting book. If you were to pick up a book like that, what are some things you'd like to learn about in the book?

And if you've read those types of books before, what are some things you liked, and what did think was lacking?

Are there any other questions I should've asked?

Forex market is the biggest – General Forex Questions & Help

Forex market is the biggest and most liquid financial market on the planet. What’s more, the day by day trading volume surpassing $5 trillion. Forex trading enables you to buy and sell currency. Currencies are traded in pair. For trading in the market you need specific knowledge and skills of forex trading. You also need a good forex broker to trade. If you need one I will also suggest  you XeroMarkets broker. They provides modern trading environment with advance educational facility.

Market researchers make money – other ways to make money

We need people who are ready to do market research and answer questions for companies we work with.

How much you earn depends on your age, your profile and the number of hours you are willing to invest.

You can work as many hours as you like. Please send your resume to apply. We take several positions.

Once you have submitted your resume, I will contact you for more information and to know when to start.

You will be transferred to your bank account every Thursday.

Join here

On the market for a new shopping cart

What is your preferred paid or free shopping cart and why?

What functions are you looking for in a shopping cart?

What are you trying to avoid?

Is there a shopping cart that does not use session ID numbers in the URL (possibly based on cookies) and supports affiliate links and database uploads?

Availability of statistics on the market for usability test software

Wait a minute. Before you close this question too quickly, it is not a question of "tell me which software is the best" or "which software you are using".

I wonder if there is actually hard data for the percentages / number of UX experts using the various usability test software (Optimal Workshop, Silverback, Morae, etc.).

You know what you see for using internet browsers or operating systems. I might even imagine how the surveys that Stack Overflow has created on programming languages ​​that software developers use every year do something similar at UX conferences or websites about choosing software for usability testing.

Perhaps a little difficult to answer, I guess one question that needs to be asked is "What makes a UX expert", since it's not exactly a licensed profession, and probably more diverse and specialized than ever.

Collecting the data is also somewhat more difficult because it is not automatically logged on the Internet, as is the case when using software that is as critical as the browser and operating system.

However, many industries can assess market penetration well. I therefore hope that various software providers will provide data on their subscription or usage analyzes.

If it is a little difficult to define "professionally", percentages / number of users in total among the main alternatives would also be data that would interest me.

Russia sees increase in FX fraud amid local market oppression – Forex News & Analysis

According to the Russian Financial Regulator, the number of online fraud cases has increased, especially for requests from unlicensed companies.

Citizens are cautioned to ignore online promotions in particular Phishing ads on popular websites and be careful when someone aggressively encourages them to invest. Apparently certain banned forex platforms have appealed to newbies by claiming that there are no risks in online trading and by promising constant profits.

All of this follows an earlier drop in customer complaints about unlicensed Forex companies. It appears that strict regulation has turned many traders off the foreign exchange market, but the remaining ones affected offshore companies and unlicensed Russian companies, which led to the above result.


I strongly prefer strict regulation for brokers, but I think regulators need to take into account what is best for traders too – if regulation is too strict, people will only be put in the waiting hands of fraudsters.

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