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Market Live: Nifty over 11,700, Sensex recovers 39,000; Nifty Bank has gained 1,000 pct since 2009

With the exception of IT, all industry indices are green, led by metal, banking, auto, energy, infrastructure, pharmaceuticals and FMCG. The midcap index gained 3 percent while the smallcap index gained 2.5 percent.

market update: The benchmark indices increased profits, with Nifty recapturing 11,700 and Sensex trading over 38,900

At 11:54, the Sensex has risen by 1,029.60 points or 2.71% at 38960.37 and the Nifty by 302.20 points or 2.65% at 11709.40. About 1743 shares have risen, 481 shares have fallen and 113 shares are unchanged.



· BUY 1280 SHARES FROM CESC VIA 714.25 TGT 719 TGT2- 723 SL-708

Today, a USD-INR pair is expected to trade between 69.20 and 69.90, says Motilal Oswal.

The Indian rupee is not above the daily high, but is up 64 paise higher at 69.58 per dollar from its previous closing price of 70.22.

On Friday, the rupee consolidated in a narrow range before the exit polls released last night were released. Today, the rupee is expected to open higher against the dollar as polls show that the current ruling government could win another term by an overwhelming majority, said Motilal Oswal.




Metal fell to a two-week low of $ 1,274.51 ounce on Friday after data showed that US consumer sentiment had risen to a 15-year high in early May amid growing confidence in the economic outlook.

The gold price stabilized on Monday, trading close to its two-week low in the previous session, as strong US economic data supported the dollar on both geopolitical and trade-related tensions.

Spot gold remained broadly unchanged at $ 1,276.79 an ounce at 0321 GMT.

US gold futures rose 0.1% to $ 1,276.40 per ounce.

Brent crude rose 96 cents, or 1.3%, to $ 73.17 a barrel at 0227 GMT, after reaching $ 73.40, its highest level since April 26.

Oil rose to a multi-week high on Monday after OPEC hinted that it would likely maintain the production cuts that bolstered prices this year, while tensions in the Middle East continued to escalate.

Brent crude rose 96 cents, or 1.3%, to $ 73.17 a barrel at 0227 GMT, after reaching $ 73.40, its highest level since April 26.

The West Texas Intermediate crude, at 82 cents, was 1.3% higher at $ 63.58 a barrel. The US benchmark used to reach $ 63.81, its highest level since May 1.

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There are several types of forex brokers in the forex market – Discussions & Help

There are several types of forex brokers in the Forex market such as – ECN, STP and Market Maker. From brokers to brokers their services are different. A trader should choose the right broker for his necessary trading business. I select the best STP trading broker Forex4you. This is the best STP analysis broker in the world as it has all the necessary facilities, including smart bridge technology, a wide range of deposit bonuses, etc.

AGEA: Best FX-CFD Market Maker Platform – Forex Brokers

The world of Forex trading continues to evolve on a daily basis and several platforms claim to be the best in terms of the tools they offer, the fees and other benefits that users receive. One of the leading forex platforms that can not be overlooked is AGEA, a website that claims to provide a trading platform without the need for deposits from potential traders to start trading. The company has been in business since 2005 as an experienced FX-CFD market maker.

There are several reasons why AGEA stands out from the packages of other Forex trading websites. Some of the most important things you can find on the website are:

Resources & Guides

If you are a beginner, you do not need to worry because AGEA provides all the materials and articles you need to familiarize yourself with the topic. Some of the topics to be found here include Introduction to markets, trading techniques as well as special features and facts.

Apart from that, there are other training materials available that include: Introduction to Forex, Forex Glossary, Macroeconomics, Central Banks and Policies, Financial Instruments, Types of Technical Indicators, Algorithmic Trading, Local Information and History.

Advantages of using AGEA

AGEA offers a wide range of services and products tailored to the needs of retail and financial traders worldwide. Reasons for using the platform are:

  • They are very experienced
  • They have 24/5 multilingual support with over 100 languages ​​available worldwide
  • You do not have to deposit funds before you start trading
  • AGEA offers $ 5 for each verified new account
  • There is a provision for Islamic trade, with no deposit fees
  • More than 10 payment methods
  • There are 3 trading platforms to choose from. These include MT4, Streamster and Webtrader.

How to become an AGEA dealer

It's easy to become a dealer on the platform. All you have to do is follow these three simple steps:

  1. Register an account
  2. Check your account (to receive a gift for a $ 5 deposit)
  3. Deposit (via one of these 10 payment methods)


AGEA charges a uniform withdrawal fee of $ 7 for various platforms including bank transfer, Skrill, WebMoney, FasaPay, Perfect Money, Neteller, Qiwi, Credit Card, RBK Money and local bank withdrawals in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Affiliate Program

AGEA has a delicious affiliate program that allows users of the platform to earn extra money for themselves. You can join the Facebook affiliate page to use the program. The commission you receive depends on the type of customer you refer to.

There is also the Broker Program, which allows you to earn more money besides the affiliate program. If you are able to offer newcomers educational help, this program is for you.

AGEA can be the forerunner in the Forex market, helping you to realize the dream of becoming a great earner. Set up your trading account now. To sign up and give your career the perfect platform, click here.

bitcoin core – Which is the leading alternative for coin market capital?

In my view, the US Coin Market is the best. This offers coin prices in real time, information on the crypto market capitalization level and comprehensive charts for well over 2,000 coins on more than 110 exchanges. The service features a portfolio of features, an ICO list, news, guides, exchanges, and upcoming events.

A very nice feature of the US coin market is the fact that users can quickly access a summary of coin features, the latest news on that particular cryptocurrency, and a special set of instructions.

How do the world's largest economies affect the Forex market? – News and analysis

When you make a forecast, you need to consider the percentage of bank statements in the central bank's monetary policy.

These statements define the tone of the long-term currencies with the fluctuations of the given prices per day and the adjustment of the volatility according to the main trend creates a new risk.

Apart from that, I will now review the monetary policy statement of the largest economy and tell you how it will affect the foreign exchange market.

U.S. dollar

The US Federal Reserve has continued to influence the US dollar interest rate since 2018. The interest rate has been raised four times recently. It is helpful to push the dollar to new highs against a basket of currencies this year.

The dollar showed some volatility. The interest rate was not as stable as expected. The performance over the past ten years has reached a multi-year high of 3.25%. It contributed to the dollar's rise, but this yield fell to 2.75%.

Last year, the Fed raised interest rates in a healthy economy. The central bank has indicated in its recent monetary policy statement that a further rate hike will be suspended in 2019. This will only happen when economic data confirms this.

Current price trends do not raise Federal Reserve rates. If this assessment is correct, trading will continue with a benchmark of 2.75%. The US dollar-dominated forex currency pairs. But it is important that you learn the basics of forex before you try your luck.

New Zealand dollars

In the monetary policy statement issued last November, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand maintained its official cadastral rate at a constant rate of 1.75%. The governor of the RBNZ, Orr, said the central bank intends to maintain it this year.

The OCR will reach an expansionary level over a longer period of time, helping to maximize sustainable employment and maintain low and stable inflation.

There are risks associated with growth and inflation protection. The timing and direction of the movement depend on the data. Large-scale consumers will stay below 2% in the medium term. The need to continue a supportive monetary policy.

The political meeting, the price of oil, lowered US Treasury yields. They fell with the stock prices. New Zealand's GDP was below expectations. Nevertheless, it is a portable market for forex traders.

Several regulated brokers offer excellent packages in New Zealand dollars. Find a good couple and start trading. But you have to make sure that you are investing with the right trader. To do your research, Visit a forex broker review to compare forex brokers,

Australian dollar

The Reserve Bank of Australia kept its key interest rate at 1.5%. It is a historic low point.

The low level of interest continues to support the Australian economy. The continuation of the process reduces unemployment and the goal of return of inflation is expected.

The process is slow, but they take all available information. The jury judging this decision did not change their position.

The meeting aimed for sustainable growth and reached the corresponding inflation target. Inflation has remained stable and weak.

Initiation to the CPI was 1.9, but in essence it rose to 1.75%. We do not know how that will change in the future, but it will remain positive in 2019 as well.

The RBA is somewhat optimistic about rising inflation. Consumer spending and the weak real estate sector will limit the interest rate. If the RBA does not move, this is a rate cut.

Japanese YEN

Japanese politicians disagree on the possibility of allowing bond yields. It will go to the goal of zero percent. This will reflect the disagreement within the Board on how to deal with the growing difficulties of continued easing.

Policy makers have predicted a collapse and we see the results now. Efforts are being made to make the Japanese yen attractive, but USD / JPY is not the right pair as before.

So this was some information about how the world's largest economies will affect the Forex market. Do you find it helpful?


Do you agree with Trump? It does not bother you to pay more for almost everything that is imported from China. You do not mind if the stock market falls?

Well, there you have it: Trump supporters willing to suffer (and make everyone else suffer), just to avoid admitting that Trump is a dangerous idiot.

Edit: At the moment, everyone is paying these tariffs to finance the tax cuts that only benefit the millionaires.


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Bitcoin jumped to a new six-month high on Friday, which was referred to by traders as the result of technical forces.

Bitcoin climbed more than 6 percent, temporarily breaking $ 5,700, the highest since Nov. 14.

In the Bitstamp exchange, the price was last at $ 5,680. This year, the original and largest virtual currency was increased by almost 55 percent.

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