Your most successful marketing method!

I've been monetizing fresh / targeted third-party email for almost 17 years.

Unless you are familiar with third-party data, it is email data where users have shown interest in a particular niche and have given permission to receive third-party messages. You get the opt-in record for all users and it's 100% spam compliant.

I mainly receive data that appeals to users' interest in various PPL offerings (pay per lead … lead generation). This is because no credit card / purchase is required to complete an offer. A user just has to fill out a form, so conversion rates tend to be much higher when compared to offers that require a sale.

The bottom line is that it's much easier to get someone to fill out a short form than to take his credit card and make a purchase. So why not try to sell this or that if you can provide information that users actually want / need, and get paid for it well.

Some of the sectors (niches) with which I have had very good experiences are: insurance, education, debts, credits, loans, mortgages, assistance, discounts, offers for homeowners, etc.

Basically, I'm monetizing the data with PPL offerings because they offer the path of least resistance to generating conversions ($$$) and converting the data into money-producing assets.

There is a lot more to it, but done right it can be extremely profitable. Anyone I know he's in business and knows what he's doing makes up mostly 6-7 numbers. While this may be an enormous range, much depends on whether you can scale and effectively manage the infrastructure that needs to be scaled.

Something to think about.

A web app for creating a media plan for digital marketing

Hi Guys,

I created this free web app to create a digital media plan online. All you have to do is enter some initial data and the entire media plan will be created for you.

Online Digital Media Marketing Plan Generator

There are other tools that you can try, such as: For example, the Budget Pacing Tracking Tool, and I plan to develop more tools.

Try and let me know what you think, any suggestions or comments are welcome.


Why do you need a marketing strategy?

A strategy is always good for most things, but especially for marketing, because everyone has room to place ads. A well thought-out strategy to target the right audiences is the right asset.

A plan to reach out to others in the most effective way, which usually, if done properly, will not only appeal to more people, resulting in more traffic, but also addressing the right people, leading to more activity from your traffic, what the ultimate goal is.

Planning instead of action has always produced better results than just doing what you can think of, because most people will ignore you if your product is in the wrong area. It is therefore of great advantage to develop strategies to reach the right people.

Imagine going to the store to get some milk, and you see OJ where the milk should be. You will most likely ignore it without thinking, and grab the milk, since that's what you went there for. If you are looking for strategies, you also save time, as this will most likely lead to fewer failed attempts.

Please fix – project / thread stuck? -. :: GSA SEO & Marketing Forum ::.


Has anything been changed recently with blog commentary, picture commentary, pingback or trackback?

I have projects that only target blog comments, picture comments, pingbacks and trackbacks. And these are the only projects that get stuck. These projects build links, but then hang and do not continue. So I have to manually stop and update in SER and restart projects. Whats strange, when I restart these projects, the submitted and verified numbers go back thousands. Another strange thing is that when I stop these projects, the number of active threads still shows example T: 35.

Other projects targeting all other platforms such as articles, directories, forums, social networks / bookmarks, guestbooks, etc. work well and never get stuck.

This has caused a huge problem for me, since I have to restart these projects over and over again, please fix it.

: GSA SEO & Marketing Forum ::.

I know that this is not a forum for Serengines, but I just wanted to make sure that others have problems with Serengines. It worked well and has not worked since the weekend. Support says it's a captcha issue, so I added another service and still have the same problem. These are the messages that I get.

Undoing more than 2 years of abuse of GSA-SER! -. :: GSA SEO & Marketing Forum ::.

Greetings, people! :)

As some of you might notice, I begin to understand how to use SER properly. (At last!)

How did I make a mistake? : |
I think I just like to learn by experimenting, but doing that with money pages on which to depend is a Bad Idea. :(

Anyway, where do I go from here?

I * just * started indexing links. (no joke) If these are links pointing directly to my money page, is that a bad plan?

Should I stop creating new links directly to MS, but continue to reach lower levels?

At least my job now is to create many, many Social 2.0 buffer pages that I can use to hit GSA.

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Certain projects can not always be executed because they are too fast even at lowest priority.

However, I noticed that after a few days the project sends / pings links to the indexer. But only if the project is active.

Will active (verify) also trigger that?

In other words, I am looking for an automatic method that sends the created backlinks to the indexer (or ping) after 5 days of creation (the default). but unlike putting the project on active.

Is there such a thing? :) Thanks a lot!