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Hello GSA friends …

I try to restore projects. I know what files I need to replace in each project folder.

But how does that work? If I restore a backup, will these older projects be attached or will my current projects be overwritten with the same name?

I have found that some of my project data is incorrect. Characters that are not used in English (for comments in other languages, etc.) are considered? displayed. when testing the projects. So I have to find an older backup where it is still ok.

I should have fixed that some time ago, but now I have too much on my list.

Anyway, I have backups from all different times.

I just need to know how RESTORE works. Thanks for your help.

I have to copy the old project data to another location, since they are all packed IF they are just overwritten. Then I can reload the most recent backup and drag the bad files from the restored (unpacked) old project to the new one.

Otherwise, if SER appends only the recovered data, I can drag it from folder to folder and then delete my old backup set.

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How can I control my brand online through social media marketing?

Accepting the "control" of your new account is not really possible due to social networking. Whether you're in dialogue or not, people on the Web will talk about you, and there's no way you can "limit" what they say. What you can do, however, is to combine and influence these conversations by being part of those conversations. Negative feedback from Yelp on customer complaints via Twitter is the best way to influence your audience's understanding of your business by participating in the conversation …

How can I control my brand online through social media marketing?

The best way to make internet marketing? /

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    Please someone with ideas how internet marketing is made and how to do it best. Do you want to find an easy way to attract more customers to my business?

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