Perfect social media marketing.

Social media is not just a word. It is the largest platform for online marketing, promoting business and attracting large customers. This is how perfect SMM can easily rate your website and your company.

There are many social media marketing tools in the online world. So Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumbler, Medium etc.

✍️Linkedin :: Linkedin is the largest platform for all employers. Perfect LinkedIn marketing can therefore offer you real users and customers for your website or company. But first you need to create a perfect profile on LinkedIn. You will need to update your resume and all other information. Then you need to expand your connection list.

✍️Pinterest: The speed of Pinterest around the world. Most women around the world use Pinterest. You can find more new ideas on Pinterest. And you can promote your online business with Pinterest. But first you just have to make your profile unique. So that looks attractive.

In addition, posting responses, posting forums, submitting videos, and submitting articles is another way of social media marketing.

Answer posting 🗼Today, many people around the world read answers. There are many answer posting sites where you can answer different types of questions and promote your business. Such as Quora, Yahoo answer, etc.

Forum posting :: Posting in the forum is another way of SMM. First, you need to find out your niche-relevant forum and create a full profile. Then you only have to post regularly in the forum and after a few posts you can advertise your company in the forum.

Video transmission: Most people around the world like to watch videos. Submitting videos is therefore the most popular form of social media marketing. It also helps you rate your website. All you have to do is create a unique or hot themed video.

I think that's the way of social media marketing.

Thanks a lot.

Advice Needed – Do you recommend a marketing course where I learn how to build partner and joint venture partners?

"I would like to find partners who advertise my eCourse (, which will be launched soon. I would like to do a killer promotion with my new partners / joint ventures so that everyone makes a lot of money, I get great and happy new customers and everyone is satisfied. "

I want to purchase an advanced, step-by-step advanced course that does this and that.

Clarification: I want partners / joint ventures to market my eCourse. Most of the courses I've seen are more for partners than for me (product developer).

Thank you very much, Matt

Looking for affiliate marketing platforms

I've tried posting this in the affiliate market sub-forum, but I don't think I am qualified yet.

I've tried to join the affiliate marketing platforms but I'm not sure which are the best or which could possibly cheat me. I'm also looking for one that I can use to publish links and not host them on my website. During my research, I found that with some programs you can only post on your website and I don't have a website right now because I don't have a website in affiliate marketing. I do direct sales, so this is not necessary.
If anyone could help me with tips or advice in general, I would be very grateful!

Thanks for your help!

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What does this mean "No unused email found"
If I have 3 emails in the project and have the following settings:

And I'm using posting from a global site list (submitted) that has removed all duplicate URLs.
Why do I get the message "No unused email found"

Advantages of digital marketing

Digital marketing is a powerful tool for all upcoming startups. The upcoming managers of the IT Hub – Bangalore are curious about the planning of innovative start-ups for the outsourcing of lucrative business plans. Entrepreneurship has reached the next level and is now considered a booming trend. Digital marketing courses build bridges between young managers and the new marketing phenomenon. The Digital Academy 360 is one of the best training institutes for advanced digital marketing Digital Marketing courses in Bangalore with placements. Using digital marketing therefore offers some of the following advantages:

1. Building the brand identity:

Brand identity in a start-up is an essential part. Online advertising and advertising for logos, brochures, flyers and templates make reaching the target group considerably easier. It is inexpensive compared to traditional marketing and makes every brand known in the online market.

2. Work on social media:

Digital marketing includes social media as a business partner. You can reach your target group with the help of social media. The working process is social media and the platform is digital marketing. A brand gets its social visibility.

3. Create lead generation:

The process of establishing more and more leads from the online market is being followed by a digital marketing expert. The few advanced ways to generate leads for your business include content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing.

4. Online reputation management:

It is the improvement and restoration of a brand image to ensure a good brand status. In digital marketing, irrelevant and negative information about a brand is removed and more suitable and exclusive sources are added. Online brand reputation improves online credibility and has a positive effect on your customers.

Digital marketing courses therefore have an impact on the steps of an entrepreneur or a group of start-ups. Bangalore has a huge digital marketing channel that carries business and promotional activities. There are ways in which digital marketers and entrepreneurs can develop and fully meet the requirements of marketing. It helps develop a healthy marketing plan. Knowledge and information are an integral part of the digital marketing platform. Learn more details from Digital Marketing courses in Bangalore with placements

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What are the limitations of online marketing?

What are the limitations of online marketing?

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  1. What are the limitations of online marketing?

    What are the limitations of online marketing?

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What are the different types of digital marketing?

What are the different types of digital marketing?

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  1. What are the different types of digital marketing?

    What are the different types of digital marketing?

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GET – Tai Lopez – Consultant for Digital Social Marketing | Proxies-free

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Tai Lopez – Consultant for digital social marketing


What can we learn from the Digital Social Marketing Consultant?
Are you looking for a side business that has the potential to earn a full-time income even though we can only do the job part-time? The new DSMC program helps us to work towards this. With DSMC, we can easily speak to companies, recommend an agency and be paid 4 to 5 digits when they become customers.

1 – Welcome to DSMC.
2 – The secret price formula.
3 – How to use Cold Email Outreach for appointments.
4 – How to market your value.
5 – How to quickly analyze and evaluate your potential customer's marketing.
6 – 17 Unused high ticket niches.
7-10 big wins.
8 – Joe Soto's email scripts.
9 – Top 2 things that affect sales.
And much more.


Lifetime 60% Revshare on Instagram Marketing Tools

Hello everyone! We hope to see you among our partners!

Noticed! We don't sell likes or followers. We offer several effective long-term products of our own design (with the high LTV). Each tool not only greatly simplifies business management on Instagram, but also helps Instagram users to increase the popularity of their content.

Target group: Anyone who uses Instagram.
CR of warm traffic – 1:50 (transportation), CR of cold traffic – 1: 250 (hashtags generator);
Sales model: a subscription for 1 USD for a trial period (without promotional module).

Become a partner

We have been on the market for more than 2 years and offer:
Promo – Account advertising automation (everyone's favorite Instagram bot). This service is one of the few that are still active on the market.

Changed Direct chat (2x sales increase):

  • Custom mass messaging;
  • Automatic mailouts;
  • An online chat for all accounts on the PC;
  • CRM functions;
  • Message sorting;
  • Search for words;
  • Labels;
  • Quick answer option.

Al-based Hashtag generator (3x organic impression boost):

  • 5-key search;
  • Multilingual search;
  • Detailed analytical hashtags;
  • Search for picture, link and keyword.

Scheduled booking – not that massive, but still in demand. This service is often purchased as an additional tool for other products, which increases the overall bill.

Each product has its own landing page where we are ready to receive traffic.

You can find our prices here Here

Buying multiple products at the same time for a 3-month subscription for multiple Instagram accounts is not uncommon. This means that after a trial period for $ 1, payment is made automatically. Usually it is $ 200-800. A significant proportion of subscriptions live for 5 months or more.
For a great motivation, look at the income of one of our partners in one month

The average bill: $ 78
Most of the time our customers buy direct messages + posting + hashtag generator or promotion + direct messages + hashtag generator

If you win 50 new customers, you can get up to $ 1560-2730 per month
50 (new customers) x 78 (products) x 0.40 (payment fee) = $ 1560

Average LTV – 5 months:
50 * 78 * 5 * 0.40 = $ 7,800 (no refund)

Due to the high quality of the products and the work of our support service, many customers use our service from the start of the project.

That is why we offer our partners other conditions:

Revshare: 40-60%;
Stop: 14 days (min $ 100);
Payment method: Paypal, Wire, Payeer, Payoneer, Advcash; Bitcoin, web money
Payment period: for life.

Become a partner

At first you have 40% commission, but we are ready to increase your percentage if you bring more customers to us.
The more you sell, the more% commission you have

We are always ready to discuss individual conditions!

If you have any questions, just contact:

E-mail: (Email protected)

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