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What is UCMC or Universal Crypto Mining Club?

The Universal Crypto Mining Club is a global online community platform for crypto enthusiasts and online marketers, network builders, and anyone looking to earn a sustainable income from the Internet at home.

Does the Universal Crypto Mining Club have a Crypto Mining Farm or crypto currency?

We do not have a crypto-mining facility, but we have several recommended cloud mining platforms in our member area that you can review and choose to purchase mining contracts to get passive income from mining contracts.

We do not yet have our own cryptocurrency, though we're building a global online community that we believe is a prerequisite to getting a token that allows members to share value within the community projects. That said, we're working in that direction, but we need to meet the compliance requirements before we can get our own token.

What are my benefits when I join this UCMC community platform?

There are several benefits that you can enjoy by just logging in to create your own UCMC account. The first benefit of being a UCMC Platform Account Holder is that you can sign up to our member area to access our community knowledge base on crypto-currencies so you have an EASY UNDERSTANDING of why multinationals invest heavily in blockchain technology some of the brightest minds in our generation and millions of people around the world support the development of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

The second advantage is that you can also use this platform to systematically generate multiple revenue sources for cryptocurrencies with our AUTOMATED NETWORK BUILDER by creating multiple cryptocurrency opportunities with just one effort.

We also offer advertising services that you can use to inform and promote our community about your products, services and opportunities. This is the perfect target market for all online opportunities as well as products and services.

When and how did the Universal Crypto Mining Club begin?

Universal Crypto Mining Club opened this community platform to the public on 8/8/18, led by AVZ Ventures Incorporated, a SEC-registered direct sales company for health and wellness products in the Philippines.

Is my personal information protected by your community?

All personal information that you provide here on our website is protected by data protection law. Your data will never be disclosed or sold to third parties!

How can I participate in the Universal Crypto Mining Club rewards program?

Register here on your personal sponsor website to create your FREE account. In our member area, you can access our cryptocurrency knowledge base and upgrade your account to a PRO member to advertise and participate in our rewards program.

How do I become a PRO member?

In our member area you can purchase our upgrade package. We have a $ 30 Gold Feeder Gold Pack and a $ 150 Gold Pack. You can first select one of the two packages. However, it is highly recommended that both packages be purchased to maximize the revenue potential of the Silver and Gold Stage programs.

What do I get from the $ 30 silver package?

If you purchase our $ 30 silver package, your position on Silver M-1 will be activated for you to earn with our SILVER Stage Reward program. You'll also receive 3000 credits for text ads, 3000 banner ads, and several downloadable e-books, and you'll have access to 6 videos of our 32 videos for the 7 Figure Affiliate Mastery Course and 1 extra bottle of Power Herb Food Supplement for Filipino members.

What do I get from the $ 150 gold package?

If you purchase our $ 150 Gold Package, your position on Gold M-1 will be activated to qualify for and participate in our GOLD Stage Reward Program. You'll also receive 10,000 credits for text ads, 10,000 banner ads and multiple downloadable credits ebooks and access to 15 videos of our 32 videos for the 7 Figure Affiliate Mastery Course, as well as 2 bottles of collagen glutathione for Filipino members.

How do I earn with the bonus program?

Pro members can benefit from our rewards program in 6 different ways. Just invite people to join our UCMC website by using your personal, replicated website like this website with your name. Let this site do the presentation and sale around the clock for you.

What distinguishes our compensation plan?

We have created our own hybrid compensation plan. We have pooled and expanded multiple compensation plans into a simple and easy-to-reward compensation program, where our members are well compensated through their efforts and created through the synergies of people who help others to earn.

A member can create an exponential and a residual income that will last for a long time.

These are the traditional compensation plans that we have improved and combined in our HYBRID COMPENSATION PLAN.

2 Cancel the upward compensation plan

Progressive Follow-Me-Matrix Compensation Plan

Revenue Sharing Compensation Plan

Unilevel Compensation Plan

Multi-level compensation plan

Which payment and withdrawal modes are accepted by our platform?

Our system accepts and pays member income in cryptocurrency Bitcoin. In the near future, other alternative coins will be accepted and paid out. For the Philippine Market We can use AVZ Payment Chanels to purchase a UCMC Activation Package to make your account a pro member and to activate your position on our premium program and we can source your income in Bitcoin or through AVZ Venture and Send Palawan for provincial members

I do not have a bitcoin or cryptocurrency yet. How can I participate?

In our members section, you'll find instructions on how to buy and use Bitcoin to participate in our program and other crypto currency offerings in the industry.

I am involved in other crypto offers or wellness offers. Can I promote this on our ucmc platform?

Yes! You may promote advertising for other MLM companies, health and wellness products, and other cryptography-related opportunities, except for HYIPs and porn sites.

Can I register multiple accounts with the same name and email address?

No! You do not need to create multiple accounts to use the rewards program. An account can earn unlimited income every day. This will only slow you down in building your team and your network. You will not be able to access your downlines to help them move on our advancing matrix.

What is the minimum salary and the maximum reward reward?

The minimum premium redemption is $ 10 and the top premium redemption is up to $ 2,000 per day!

Which payment options are there?

We can send payments via Bitcoin for international and local members and for Filipino members via AVZ Venture Inc. or Palawan Pera Padala

Simply select your chosen withdrawal mode and then add your personal information or Bitcoin wallet address, depending on which payment mode you have chosen. The payment request for Bitcoin will be processed within 1-2 days. The payment for AVZ Venture Palawan is made once a week.


: GSA SEO & Marketing Forum ::.

Hi @Sven
I am trying to import a text file with 400MB destination URLs and divide it into 300 projects. However, what actually happens is that a few URLs are added to the selected project first and then randomly added few URLs to another project, and then more than 90% of the destination URLs are added to the most recently selected project. In the meantime, many projects from 300 do not even receive a destination URL. I have tried this with different text files and even with different projects, but each time this happens, the splitting is not done correctly, whether I arrange it randomly or not. I have added a video recording of the process that is actually taking place. The GSA-Ser version is 13.72 and is identical to updated and older versions. Please review this video and let me know where the problem lies and how to fix it. Many Thanks.
Here is the video

Email Marketing

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    How can I request my product through email marketing?

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    Which product?

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