6.0 marshmallow – Help reading ADB logcat — Tablet crashing?

I have a Lenovo A10-70F Android marshmallow tablet that is experiencing random full-system crashing. I’ve recently replaced the battery and factory reset the device yet the crashing continues.

The crashing behavior is not specific to a single app or a single use-case and seemingly happens at random times.

I’ve used ADB logcat to generate a logged account of one such crash, but I am new to logs and I’m not sure how to interpret the results. I’ve included a log from a few seconds before the crash instance in the link below, and I’d love some help making sense of it.

logcat link — click to view

6.0 marshmallow – Android internal space gets filled up even though most of it is on sd card

I have an old android 6.0 moto g2 with 8 gb of internal space and i really managed to get through it with only a few apps on it. I have whatsapp with A LOT of groups and stuff BUT whatsapp is installed on a sd-card! all media goes to the sd card (i thought so at least). when i click on the apps it went up from 1.02 gb internal space to 1.05 gb! and yes i need every mb so i thought im good with installing whatsapp on a 32 gb external sd card. i used the migrate option and its part of the system, so all the media goes directly to it.

in the “internal storage” option the only things listed in settings are: “Apps” and “Data in cache”

Even though it shows 4,43/4,85 GB used the only things listed are apps (2,88 GB) and Cache (yes I cleared that already). Any chance to get a good view on all the stuff used or can anyone tell me, why it gets used up?

Thx for all the help, i really appreciate it!

6.0 marshmallow – dex2oat crash tombstones logs

I was looking into a couple of android tombstones files of an old samsung phone running marshmallow.
Found a crash in every single one with the same culprit, dex2oat.

From my limited understanding it is a Compiler that take arguments from Android ART runtime and convert dex files to android optimised ones in oat format.

I ran into the same issue even if I factory reset or freezing a lot of apps.

I have this device rooted and decided to take a risky step, I backup first and deleted dex2oat from /system/bin then i reboot system with risk of bricking it.

So far it is working fine.

Due my lack of understanding I don’t know how crucial is this dex2oat to system stability and I want to know what is the impact on it.

Formatted sd card android 6 Marshmallow

I have a big problem with recovering files from a SD Card.
I had a SD Card putted as internal memory on an Infinix android 6 Marshmallow, i’ve accidentally formatted the sd card when inserted on my PC to copy files, i’ve tested all the recovery program but no luck, i’ve found that when the sd card is used as internal it got encrypted.
So is there any way to recover files or to decrypt the sd card ?

Best Regards,

6.0 Marshmallow tablet often out of order for 20 minutes

I have a tablet that uses Android 6.0, Marshmallow. The brand is AllDoCube.

Google Play settings – apps are not updated automatically

As I understand it, can't I prevent the Android system itself from being updated automatically?

My problem is that something that looks like an automatic update happens several times a week. Initially, the tablet almost freezes and takes, for example, a few seconds to respond to key presses on the virtual keyboard. Then the tablet restarts. I timed it, and the whole process from the start of the slowdown to the end of the restart takes 20 minutes.

This makes it impossible for me to rely on the tablet when it comes to time criticism, for example to demonstrate something to another person.

Is this frequency of restart normal and is it normal?

If so, there is something I can do to make it more bearable, e.g. B. Only update when the device is in idle status?

Could it be another problem?

6.0 Marshmallow – The Nexus 5 signal drops off immediately when a call is made

My Nexus 5 is running on Marshmallow and it has the latest security update that Google provided at the time the support ended.

I have a perfectly functioning SIM card. Use this SIM card to make calls to Nexus 5, but before the call is made, the cellular signal drops to zero.

When the call is disconnected, the signal returns to normal.

I tried to turn soft reset, hard reset and airplane mode on / off. But nothing works.

Any help would be appreciated.

6.0 Marshmallow – Connect to the wired network in Lenovo Vibe K5 using a USB to Ethernet adapter via OTG

Is it possible to connect to the internet via a cable connection in my smartphone? Lenovo Vibe K5? I bought a HB-T80 USB to Ethernet adapter to use in my Lenovo Vibe K5 smartphone with OTG adapter for a wired RJ45 connection. However, the network card is not recognized.

Is Vibe k5 compatible with Android 6.0 Marshmallow with USB to Ethernet OTG adapters (smartphone is OTG compatible)? Is it necessary to install some drivers or to flash a kernel?

Applications – Multipe profiles on Marshmallow: use of apps in both accounts

I have an Android Marshmellow tablet with primary and secondary profiles. Apart from the standard apps, I apparently cannot install apps in parallel on the first and second profiles. For example, if I install vlc on profile one, I cannot install it on profile two. It just says "app not installed". The same applies to apps that are installed on profile two, but not on profile one. When I try to install it on profile one: "app not installed". We don't use Google Accounts and I don't want to use Google Play. Try to mainly use fdroid and aurora yalp. I even tried to install vlc via .apk, but it was also unsuccessful. Is there a solution without rooting device, with Google accounts, with Google Play, with ADB, custom ROMs and the update of Android. Best of all Bogotrax

6.0 Marshmallow – ASUS Zenfone Max Z010d – boot loop problem

So suddenly my phone started showing Unfortunately, Google Play Music stopped and it did the same for almost every app..and restarted by itself … and after some research I realized that it went into a boot loop because it was loaded continuously … and did not start afterwards.

Android version: 6.0.1

With zero Android knowledge and two days of Google search, I tried the following things, but nothing solved the problem and my phone still doesn't work.

I tried:
1. Sideload from ADB: I switched the phone to recovery mode and selected Apply update from ADB. I found the firmware file for my model from the official Asus site and ran the following command from my PC:
adb sideload UL-ASUS_Z010-WW-

However, the following error was displayed:
Page loading error

I couldn't find a solution to the error.

2. Second, I tried to flash the boot image available in the extracted firmware file as follows:

Flash boot img

Even after that … the logo was still loaded on the screen and never started properly.

Maybe everything I've said and done is wrong, and I'm sorry for asking such a stupid question. Please help me to make my phone work properly.