How to mask 2D tile sprites

I want to use masking technique to be able to reuse tiles. Basically I have the base texture and an array of masking textures for different corners and positions and want to combine the two to get a new texture.

enter image description here

I encountered this technique while browsing and want to learn more about it. Any help is appreciated. Sorry for my bad english.

url rewriting – Rewrite rule to mask specific query vars with a path suffix for all pages

I want to allow any page on a WP site to accept a /local/<state>/<city> suffix at the end of any path which translates into custom query vars. Other query vars should remain the same, so I don’t want to hardcode in all the parameters to rewrite into.

For example:

  • /solutions/local/il/chicago should rewrite to index.php?pagename=solutions&state=il&city=chicago
  • /solutions/local/il/chicago?foo=bar becomes index.php?pagename=solutions&state=il&city=chicago&foo=bar
  • /blog/local/il/chicago becomes index.php?post_type=post&state=il&city=chicago

Basically I want to do two rewrites in one. I want WP to parse its query vars from the URL first without my suffix, then parse my params from the suffix and add them with the existing ones.

I currently have this working now:


However, this only works for top-level pages, it will not work for the home page, and it will only work for single pages but not archives or other types of pages. Plus it clears out any additional query parameters that may have been given. I want my rewrite to work on any URL so it just adds my new params on top.

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bitwise – Generate mask for non zero (or inverse) nibbles in integer

Apologies for the cryptic title, but the problem really is rather simple.

I have a 64 bit integer which I enterpret as 16 4 tib nibbles, or a nibble array if you wish, and I needed generate a mask covering the nibbles which are zero, or the inverse.

I have already come up with a solution, but it seems to me that there has to be a better way.

uint64_t getNonZeroMask( uint64_t b )
    return ( ( ( b >> 2 | b ) >> 1 | ( b >> 2 | b ) ) & 0x1111111111111111 ) * 15;

The above is the most efficient I’ve found. I’ve tried numerous approaches, but they pretty much all use the same approach.

Just in case there should be any doubt what exactly I’m frying to do, a give value:
Should give the mask:
or the inverse.

Wha tI have works, of course, but I do believe it can be done better, and I’d very much like to know how. Preferably it would only involve bitwise operations. Intrinsics from bmi and similar are okay, but I haven’t found anything that seems usefull. It may be that I’m entirely in the wrong, and this is indeed the way of doing it, in which case I’d very much like to know that too.

Best regards.

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character creation – Could someone with a cast-iron mask burned onto their face speak?

character creation – Could someone with a cast-iron mask burned onto their face speak? – Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

How can I mask a div with transparent beneath it?

I have a container div (which could be in the center of the page). I want to animate another div (same size) from left edge to over top the container div. That much is easy.

I need the animated div to be invisible except inside the dimensions of the container div.
So you can see the entire page, including the container div but the right edge of the animated div is just left of the left edge of the container div AND INVISIBLE.
I need to move the animated div right until the left edge of the animated div is = the left edge of the container div and visible.
As it moves right I need the part of the animated div that is inside the container div to be visible and everything that is outside the container div to be invisible. At the end of the animation the animated div is completely inside the container div and is visible.

I keep looking at css mask & clip but so far can’t figure this out.


shaders – Most performant way to mask a camera in Unity?

I would like to mask a camera to only render to a certain (non-square) region of the screen, to be used as an overlay, for splitscreen, or any other application.

The goal is obviously to prevent any unnecessary rendering from that camera, so I specified performance, but I’m also happy to hear the easiest to implement option as well.

What I’m considering so far:

  1. Stencil shader on a mesh in front of the camera – but my understanding is that doing so would require modifying all shaders on world objects, which isn’t ideal. Is there an easier way I’m missing?
  2. Transparent mesh with a cutout – I could cut out a hole in a mesh and the solid part would block rendering of objects behind it, but I’m not sure how to make that part be transparent so other things can render

I feel like there must be a simple answer I’m missing but maybe I’m wrong?

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