Magento2: Mass update of custom table state through the UI component grid

I have a UI component grid in Admin that displays data from the custom table multivendor_product in which id is the primary key of the table and another field product_id is the product ID catalog_product_entity.entity_id, Here's the massaction tag in the XML file of the UI component:



Now when I select the records and one of the actions, I go to the controller Custom/Marketplace/Controller/Adminhtml/Product/massStatus.phpbut I can not refresh the table.
I would like to update the table with the new status and also if the disapprove Action is selected, disable the product as well.

Could someone help me with that?
thank you in advance

Image quality – Is a 1 "(1 inch) sensor camera suitable for mass or commercial photography?

I use a Nikon 1 V2 with a 1 "sensor quite often for commercial purposes … mostly product type photography.The image quality has much more to do with other factors … and whether or not it is sufficient depends on the image quality requirements.

I do not sell to photo agencies, but Adobe Stock has a minimum requirement of 4 MP for photos and 1920 X 1080 for videos. This is more than sufficient for most web-based requirements (other agencies are similar). And my Nikon1 can meet / exceed these requirements, so the 1 "sensor results should be acceptable.

However, the actual requirements are not always known. The Agency does not know the end use (s) when accepting submissions. And the customer often does not know what he really needs, and wants as much as possible (for as little as possible). It is not uncommon for a client to insist that he / she needs much more than he / she actually needs, and that trying to correct it is usually futile.

The meaning of all this is to say; yes 1 "Sensors may be acceptable, but you will have a broader market if you use something that produces files with higher specifications. I also use a D850 …

SQL Server – Mass insertion from a text file into an SQL table

I would like to use Bulk Insert to load a text file into an SQL table, but my encoding, which can load only half a portion of the text file due to my text file, consists of two parts: (ID, company name and date as 1 part) and (Name Department, Status, Age and Gender as 1 part). My encoding can only be loaded with a text file in format 1.

Below is my example of a text file

Name of the company
Date 2019-11-28 18:58:04
Name Department Status Age Gender
John R & D Active 23 Male
James R & D Active 21 Male

How do I use Bulk Insert to load the above text file into an SQL table?

A1242 Company name 2019-11-28 18:58:04 John R & D Active 23 Male
A1242 CompanyName 2019-11-28 18:58:04 James R & D Active 21 Male

Below is my coding.

-- Procedure Load Text File
ALTER procedure (dbo).(ImportFiles)
@FilePath       varchar(1000) = 'c:Transfer' ,
@ArchivePath        varchar(1000) = 'c:TransferArchive' ,
@FileNameMask       varchar(1000) = 'bcp*.txt' ,
@MergeProc      varchar(128) = 'MergeBCPData'


set nocount on

declare @ImportDate datetime

select @ImportDate = getdate()

declare @FileName       varchar(1000) ,
@File           varchar(1000),
declare @cmd varchar(2000)

create table ##Import (s varchar(8000), sd varchar(8000))
create table #Dir (s varchar(8000), sd varchar(8000))

-- Import file
select  @cmd = 'dir /B ' + @FilePath + @FileNameMask
delete #Dir
insert #Dir exec master..xp_cmdshell @cmd

delete #Dir where s is null or s like '%not found%'

while exists (select * from #Dir)
select  @FileName = min(s) from #Dir
select  @File = @FilePath + @FileName

select  @cmd =      'bulk insert'
select  @cmd = @cmd +   ' ##Import' 
select  @cmd = @cmd +   ' from'
select  @cmd = @cmd +   ' ''' + replace(@File,'"','') + ''''
select  @cmd = @cmd +   ' with (FIELDTERMINATOR=''t'''
select  @cmd = @cmd +   ',FIRSTROW = 5 '
select  @cmd = @cmd +   ',ROWTERMINATOR = ''n'')'

truncate table ##Import

-- import the data
exec (@cmd)

-- remove filename just imported
delete  #Dir where s = @FileName

exec @MergeProc

-- Archive the file
select @cmd = 'move ' + @FilePath + @FileName + ' ' + @ArchivePath + 
exec master..xp_cmdshell @cmd

drop table ##Import
drop table #Dir

--Procedure Insert
/****** Object:  StoredProcedure (dbo).(MergeBCPData)    Script Date: 
8:32:13 PM ******/
ALTER procedure (dbo).(MergeBCPData)

set nocount on

-- insert data to production table
insert  BCPData
fld1 ,
fld2 ,
fld3 ,
fld1    = substring(s,1,12) , --testing
fld2    = substring(s,15,4) , --testing
fld3    = s ,
fld5    = s
--fld4  = convert(datetime,substring(s,26,19))
from    ##Import

--Exetuce the stored procedur
exec ImportFiles 'D:Piccolo' , 'D:PiccoloArchive' , 'bcp*.txt', 

Please advise. Thanks a lot!

User Behavior – Is the Gmail undo pattern sufficient for mass mailing? What are the better alternatives?

We're in the process of creating an email client that sends email campaigns to thousands of users (Mailchimp is a comparable product). There are ideas and opinions, and one of them adds an undo option to the mailing.

The owner of this approach was convinced that this would increase user confidence. I defend an opposing idea that adds an extra step that reviews the content and recipients of the emails and asks for final approval.

As my solution adds friction to the flow, it gives the user's activities a higher level of confidence.

Now everything is suppositions above and we will test them with users, but I want to hear more about the subject, especially the personal opinions.

I use Gmail every day and personally see the undo function cause more stress in my life. It has happened once or twice that I undo the e-mail and edited a few details, but if I could not, it would not be a disaster either.

On the other hand, I think when a user sends a mass mail, the user needs to understand better what he / she is up to.

What are your thoughts? Are there any other alternatives?

PS: I have already read this question about the same functionality, while I understand the assumptions here that I would like to hear more.

Private Key – What is the status of the wasabi wallet? When is she ready for mass use?

Wasabi Wallet is now usable.

"When will it be ready for mainstream use?" is a matter of opinion / service availability, and these are not covered here. For more information, see Help.

And who validates the transactions in the wasabi wallet? Is it an SPV concept, a complete or centralized node owned by wasabi's servers?

The following is quoted from the README file on their github page:

The most important privacy features at the network level:

  • By default only for Tor.
  • BIP 158 Block Filter for Private Light Client.
  • Opt-in connection to the full user node.


And is (wasabi) an HD (hierarchically deterministic) wallet?


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Nothing. Unfortunately, there is no turning point here. Both sides of the debate – Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives, Liberals, etc. – are parents and grandparents who love their own children and children in general. So, if little children killed in mass shootings could not be stimulated to act … nothing will.

I've always wondered if the proponents of weapons really thought the government would try to take their weapons? Suppose they did for a moment … what they did not do … could they do it logistically? It is not possible…..

So the cycle continues …..

dnd 5e – mass seduction! How could I do this job!

We play 5e. My 3rd level Max Charisma Minotaur bard asked me how he would make a harem out of NPCs. He asked me if he would just throw charisma for everyone, and I had to explain to him that charisma throws could influence conversation, but you are not God's powers. They do not just let someone fall in love with you. I was wondering if there were any rule-based powers or items that would make a large crowd fall in love or at least have great admiration for him.

Speaking. I'm not sure what he's up to. So what should I see, how it works. Let's call it a clue.

Massaction – mass deletion and other mass actions in case of errors when triggering the inventory grid

We've added some extra features to a Product Inventory Grid, and now the default actions that existed before all fail with the following error. Note Products are selected with a checkmark in the checkbox. So not sure why it says "something needs to be selected" Any ideas we've forgotten to do?

Enter image description here

1 exception (s):
Exception # 0 (Magento Framework Exception LocalizedException): An item must be selected. Choose and try again.

Exception # 0 (Magento Framework Exception LocalizedException): An item must be selected. Choose and try again.
# 1 Magento Catalog Controller Adminhtml Product MassStatus-> execute () called (vendor / magento / framework / Interception / Interceptor.php: 58)

Physics – Bullet Raycast vehicle – compound shape and center of gravity / mass

I use btBoxShape as a collision form for a rigid chassis body (Raycast vehicle). An initial vehicle position is defined by btDefaultMotionState during the creation of the rigid chassis body (a vehicle is dropped from an initial altitude – btVector3 (0, 5, 0)). I want to use btCompoundShape to lower the center of gravity / mass of the vehicle. Is it possible ? I create a composite shape and add a shell shape as a child shape:

compound->addChildShape(localTransform, chassisShape);

Then, when creating a rigid body, a compound shape is used instead of a shell shape, and btDefaultMotionState is set as before. I'm wondering how to make a local transformation for the composite shape.

When I use btVector (0, -1, 0) for localTransform, I get the following result when a vehicle falls from an initial altitude. It looks like I am doing something wrong.