What causes mass shootings in America?

You're right. Studies have shown time and again that video games are not the reason. People who are prone to violent crime are looking for violent video games. But nonviolent children do not once play Halo or WOW and then magically become violent offenders.

I see the following reasons for mass shootings:
* Radical politics that is splitting the country and increasing significantly since Trump's victory
* Radical feminism that psychologically abuses men, especially white men, to make them feel that they have no meaning or value in life, and that it is "bad" to be male or male, which leads them to feeling lost and marginalized they are acting aggressively
Degeneration of the family, fewer fathers in the household and more single mothers (note: children raised by gay couples are not included in this population), which significantly increases the risk of lower adult survival
Relative poverty that denies children the appropriate education and environment they need to grow up into healthy adults, making them feel unstable and anxious in their lives when they can not earn the money they need to be comfortable Need survival, and possibly find a scapegoat. or just out of anger
* The school system and education are more concerned with promoting radical politics than with promoting skepticism, critical thinking and appropriate school education. Graduates can enter the world of work and their entire life unprepared and have to stray again, without the drive or the knowledge required to succeed
* Social media and the digital age … People are breaking away from each other (especially in Gen Z), causing anxiety, depression and anger and being overwhelmed by the constant bombing of negative news and sensationalism
* America's notorious habit of not treating mental illness properly … Even now, we see mental illnesses being glorified by political radicals (mostly the left) and the media for reasons of power. Jessica Yaniv is a prime example of a most likely untreated case of Cluster B personality disorder. Narcissism, which is prevalent in American culture, makes people crave for attention … what do these mass shooters get from the media?

I'm sure there's more, but that's what I get.

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[ Politics ] Unanswered question: Are you worried about going to the shops now because of the mass shootings, which are mostly carried out by white men?

It scares me to know at any moment a white sociopathic man who may or may not wear a MAGA hat, who has burst into a shop and is shooting around everywhere to send a message. It's scary to know that my child or my love is in the business in which it happens. How can this be prevented?

What is your plan to stop all mass shootings?

First we have to answer your question asked, obviously we can not stop any more mass shooting than we can stop any drunk driver. This does not mean that we can not take appropriate mitigation measures, for example:

Every person who wants to own a firearm must pass a Basic Weapon Safety course. As a nurse in the emergency department, I saw more wounds through carelessness and ignorance than through intent. I can not explain the number of idiots who have managed to shoot themselves by putting a butt in their waistband. Proper training would reduce these injuries by at least 75%.

No violent criminal of any kind should be allowed to possess a weapon of any kind, nor should those who are diagnosed with schizophrenia possess it. The former has a history and the latter a high probability of violence. The grant of interim measures should include the temporary detention of firearms owned by the subject.

Military regulations and semi-automatic regulations that can be converted into automatic fire regulations should be banned (including mine) under the same legislation that allows the confiscation of machine guns, which has been confirmed by the Supreme Court on the basis of the First Amendment of the Government to ensure public safety Security. After all, these weapons were only invented to circumvent the language of the existing law.

These steps would significantly reduce the number of weapons capable of heavy fire and make it more difficult for those who are dangerous to the public to acquire weapons. Obviously, this would lead to less screaming with fewer victims, which is ultimately the desired object.

Let us now turn to identifying potential shooters without violating their constitutional rights. First, I would teach school counselors how to identify their students' potential. Finding and treating mentally unstable people would help enormously. The resources this would cost would be worth more than the help afforded (mostly) to young men struggling to get used to alienation and puberty. It is impractical just to lie down and that is a pity.

I would admit that religious zeal of all kinds leads to extremism and potential violence, and to create a watchlist based on violent religious outbreaks. I do not believe that the religious freedom protected by our Constitution should allow believers to impose their faith on others.

That is a beginning. I suppose that would halve the shootings, if not more. Another thing that would help is that we should practice erasing the murderers' memories of the trial and execution. Let her be remembered only as a murderer. What have I missed?

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Is there a mass shoot every day in the US?

No! That's just a stupid question!

But what we "have" are children who grow up with adults and give them "your special!", "You all winners!" and "You can be anything you want to be!" We also have schools that have the policy "No child left behind!" Have taken over. which means that "every" child will be transferred to the next class, regardless of their ability to learn!

But when the child approaches adulthood, they are told by the same adults, "If you do not go to college, you will never mean anything in life!"

Now you have a young adult with a seventh grade for reading and math who can not attend college and find out that his whole life was nothing but lies and the rest of his life is just torture.

The same parents who were too busy to help their children actually used television and game systems as babysitters. They let kids go online and play games where violence and death serve as entertainment. These children grow up without understanding the "real" consequences of violence! And it's the only thing they think is good!

Honestly, I do not see how there are mass shootings every day!

In addition:
We rank 11th on the list of deaths and have over 329,000,000 people!
In the countries at the top of the list are about 5,000,000 people!

I think we'll do it damn good, considering!

Ease of Use – Disable this option after mass actions

The work on mass actions is going on at the moment and I would like to have some thoughts on my approach.

Wireframes here https://invis.io/7YTBHEJPXEA

I have two core options …

  1. A button switches the bulk checkboxes on / off
  2. A button activates a bulk "mode"

In each of these core options, I have different ways to manage the states after the measures have been taken,

  • I like the feeling of being "in" a mode (Option 2), but I have trouble articulating why I prefer it. Press the ESC key to exit the mode.
  • I also like the control that has a link to deselect, but I'm worried it's overworked.
  • Leave selection of items versus deactivating by actions. I see pros and cons for both options.

I'm also open to feedback on the Actions drop-down. I initially had a different version in which you could not manipulate the status of the check boxes. If one of the tags had an indeterminate status when accessing the drop-down list, you can only Mark. then Cancel mark.

I appreciate that there is a lot to chew here, but would like to hear some thoughts.

Is it fair to blame Trump or any other person for the recent mass murders?

No, it's not fair.

But to be fair, we must acknowledge that Trump's tweets do nothing to reduce racial tensions in the United States.

And to be fair, we also have to acknowledge that the media is also bolstering racial fire by hanging racism on everything Trump tweets.

Two mass shootings in 24 hours. Have we already reached MAGA?

Maybe you forgot it or never did anything new because your false messages forgot to let you know … LAST WEEKEND IN JULY CHICAGO saw 48 murders by S. SIDE Blacks MAINSTREAM NEWS …

I think Obama's Chicago Killings is also Trump's fault …


Java – Enter the data mass with Spring Boot

Here's a situation where I use a method to read a directory and list all the files that contain the word TestCase, and at the same time check which folder it belongs to would look something like this:


  • Folder 01

    • Test01TestCase.java
    • Test02TestCase.java
    • Test03TestCase.java
  • Folder 02

    • Test01TestCase.java
    • Test02TestCase.java
    • Test03TestCase.java

But now it gets confusing, I have to save the folder in a table called Packages and the folder is testing on a table Testingsomething like that:

Packages table:

id | Surname

1 | Folder 01

2 | Folder 02

Test table:

id | package_id | Surname

1 | 1 | Test01TestCase

2 | 1 | Test02TestCase

3 | 1 | Test03TestCase

4 | 2 | Test01TestCase

5 | 2 | Test02TestCase

6 | 2 | Test03TestCase

The problem is, I use the Spring boat and realized that there is no point in repeating and saving me, I have no idea how to do it, thanks for any help.

Note: I am a little layman, if you can describe the process in detail, thank you.

Why do mass shootings always take place in weapon-free zones?

There have always been weapons … weapons have not changed

but now we have idiots behind us. You want to fix the problem by troubleshooting DAS. Fix the people

However, answering the question is easy. If they were in an area where the porters were hidden, these shooters would have been dropped off immediately