Why are disadvantages against mass migration of non-whites?

They were not so much. And me neither.

I do not know, me. However, the people were already annoyed, including me, because of the tax increase and then Obamacare. The "illegal" migration was just another straw for which you had to pay.

When Trump came in, it was like a breath of fresh air to acknowledge that our immigration policy was not strongly enforced.

But then it got out of hand and formed terrorist extremist groups. And now we are pretty divided by race, just before the breakup.

In a way, the El Paso shoot brought us closer again. Because it was a wake-up call that we could approach the brink of a race / civil war. The left is liberal and for equality. The law is now more for white superiority.

Windows App to mass search and replace HTML site files?

I have a big website with 1000 pages that I try to edit. I tried to search and replace with Dreamweaver, but apparently the template is broken and split. So when I do a search and replace, the template is updated and everything is messed up.

I tried Expression Web, but it crashed after 200 pages.

Is there another way to find and replace code on an HTML site that works well?

Equipment – Does the mass value of items in my backpack count to my limit?

My Pathfinder 2e character has a maximum of 7. I have purchased an adventurer's backpack that costs 2kg but includes a backpack that can carry up to 4kg.

The description of the backpack (Core Rulebook, p. 287) reads:

A backpack holds up to 4 pieces. If you carry or stow the backpack rather than carrying it on your back, its mass is rather light than negligible.

I am not sure how this interacts with my mass. I can foresee two possibilities:

  1. I can still only carry up to 7 bulk. My backpack can carry 4 bulk by itself, but if I carry or carry the backpack I must also wear the 4 bulk. In this case, there seems to be no real benefit to a backpack unless you justify it As You carry things.
  2. While I carry the backpack, I can carry up to 11 pieces of luggage (7 of my limit, 4 of the backpack). This makes the backpack useful, but I do not see this interpretation supported in the rules.

How does the backpack work? Does the bulk value of the items in my backpack count toward my bulk limit?

Are there suggestions for DNS hosting for medium-sized domain portfolios that are well-suited for mass management?

I have been dissatisfied with my current webhosting situation for some time. Despite my efforts, I have not found a good solution for my application. Does anyone have DNS hosting suggestions for mid-size domain portfolios that are well-suited for mass management?

I have about 350 webdomains in my portfolio. Given the number, I use GoDaddy as my primary registrar because they have the lowest domain registration prices I've found. Nevertheless, I am not really satisfied with the other aspects of their system. I assume your platform will be fine for customers with some domains, but their model will fail as soon as you manage more than a few dozen domains. Managing DNS for over 300 domains with the GoDaddy system is a tedious task. Given the many repetitions and wait times when loading / refilling pages, I think there must be more efficient approaches. However, most DNS hosting providers seem to be very proud of their solutions, and as you expand beyond 5 to 25 domains, the cost quickly becomes prohibitive. Are there annual flat-rate solutions that do not cost a crazy model per domain (or per zone)? Most of my domains are simple HTML Stub sites with static content, so my main focus is on easily performing bulk updates.

Mass checking of a URL existence (web-based)

I am developing an application to check the student 's submission (eg in the url format of root/(student_id)/ex1/1/ to Exercise 1.1)

I've developed it with PHP, but it goes very slowly through every possible URL. If there is 300 Students with 5 Exercises. It is to go through 1500 URLs that make it very slow.

I wanted to know that there is a better approach than this.

Mass deletion of YouTube Live Chat comments

How can I delete my entire YouTube? Live chat Comments at once?

Here's how to clear all YouTube comments. However, only "Comments" and "Community" will be deleted, not "Live Chat".

Enter image description here

How do I delete Live Chat as a bulk?

From now on, each comment requires 2 clicks to delete, and the positions of the "X" as well as the "Remove" confirmation button will change after each deletion, depending on the size of the comment, so any attempt to do so manually is a health risk.