Encryption – Combine two AES 256-bit keys for the 512-bit LUKS master key (dump)

I am currently trying to decrypt a LUKS volume with a dump for testing purposes (how secure is LUKS in a VM).

I successfully extracted two 256-bit AES keys.
But to decrypt the LUKS partition, I need a 512-bit key.

How can I combine these two?

Found AES-256 key schedule at offset 0x35def528: 
8e 3c 9e fe 64 ec 35 fa b4 2f e1 a0 09 70 1a ee 3f c4 7d ec d2 c6 1e a3 e2 9d fe af 8c 4e fc 86

Found AES-256 key schedule at offset 0x35def718: 
00 fb a8 98 9f 65 a1 a7 23 4c de 6b 5f 33 40 d6 89 a8 1c e8 6c 4a 69 d3 00 09 02 6d cc 74 a7 6e


In another article I read that the following needs to be done: "Because Intel x86-64 uses the Little Endian scheme, we have to combine the keys in reverse order."



Communication skills for persuasiveness, assertiveness and all business communication needs

What will i learn

  • Communicate safely in all business and personal situations
  • Communicate understandably
  • Communicate in an unforgettable way
  • Communicate and influence people


  • A cell phone, tablet or computer with a webcam
  • Willingness to practice, speak on video and communicate

Communication skills are the most important personal skills you can ever develop for your success in life. Life is a series of communications. Those who develop strong communication skills do well at school, secure jobs and promotions, and often reach the highest levels of leadership in business, government, and civil life. People who do not develop their communication skills often have a stagnant or moderately difficult career. Unfortunately, presentation skills are either not taught at primary or secondary level, or they are poorly taught.

With the Masterclass for Life course "Complete Communication Skills" you receive a master's degree in effective communication.

This course was designed as a single point of contact for all of your communication skills training needs. This course covers a variety of communication needs and scenarios, from communicating during a job interview to attracting investors and asking for a raise, to one-on-one meetings or discussions with large groups. You will also learn how to speak to large companies if you have service issues. You'll also learn how to speak publicly to children, give a wedding speech, and even give an eulogy. You will also become a master of conviction, assertiveness and all aspects of business communication. Your leadership skills will expand dramatically as your social skills grow so that you can communicate effectively in any situation.

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dnd 5e – Is this proposed change in the transmutation wizard's master transmuter class function balanced for a non-resurrected setting? [Version 2]

In my previous iteration of this question, I proposed a replacement for the option Master Transmuter Restore life, The feedback I received showed that it was too powerful, so I have a new, much simpler proposal. The following brief description describes the problem. See my other question for a more detailed explanation.

The Transetrain School Assistant archetype has a feature called Master Transmuter on Level 14. It can allow such a sorcerer to destroy his Transformer's Stone once per long break and execute one of a few options, one of which is:

Restore life. They throw the Summon dead Spell on a creature you touch with the Transmuter Stone without having to cast a spell or have the spell in your spellbook.

Unfortunately, there is no magic of resurrection in my homebrew universe. So I'm trying to replace that option with some homebrew not related to the resurrection, but still largely on the subject of "Restore life".

I'm still thinking major restorationI wonder if it would be balanced just to admit it Restore life to occupy it instead Summon dead, a direct trade without other additions (ie no "super charge" version, as I suggested before)?

Restore life. They throw the major restoration Spell on a creature you touch with the Transmuter Stone without having to cast a spell or have the spell in your spellbook.

My reason for assuming that this could be balanced in the face of feedback is a) it's a 5th-level Cleric spell Summon dead, and b) it is not usually available to assistants, as well as Summon dead,

On the other hand, I'm afraid that this could be a bit weaker than the RAW Summon dead Version of Restore life (After all, when you're dead, major restoration can not help), and the fact that in the context of curses specifically, major restoration can end one Curse while the panacea Option can end all Curses.

If that is true (my suggestion is weaker than RAW), then I am also considering giving up the costly material component of the major restoration Www.wow-europe.com/de/community/spo…i/index.html Spell, when it 's spoken this way, because it looks like you need it for the spell. Englisch: www.wow-europe.com/en/community/spo…i/index.html Summon dead Execution. If this is not weaker (or giving up the material component would make this much more powerful) then I will not do that.

So my question is, in an environment where there are no resurrection spells, my new proposal to replace that Restore life Option of the Master Transmuter Class feature appear balanced?
Ideally, contrasting with and without my suggestion "forego the material costs".

Progressive Disclosure – Mobile-friendly input of master data

I have now and am partly happy and I do not know why. I think if I had seen the right one, I would immediately know that it is the right choice.

For starters, I would have a category list.

Enter image description here

Clicking on "New" or "Gear" and then on "Edit" brings you to the screen where you can enter a new category or edit an existing category. This is the page for it.

Enter image description here

There would be as much data as there is. Clicking on "Subcategories" or "Show Subcategories" loads a page displaying subcategories for the selected category. When you enter new categories or edit existing ones, a similar screen appears when editing categories.

I think I'm torn by best design or best practice (call it what you want). Where are my buttons going? Is it right to install the button up again, or should I install it downstairs and possibly stack it so that they are full width? Should I overwhelm users with options in gear?

All in all, I feel like I am heading in the right direction, but I also think that sometimes I will soon turn in the wrong direction, because I come from the WinForm background and much of my design sense is wired in that direction 🙂

Thanks for your help.

Javascript – Dynamic SharePoint master page navigation, but scope problem for navigation dropdown

I have a scope issue and I do not know why. I dynamically create a navigation with dropdown. It is created, but the drop-down menu is not rendered even though the caret is displayed. I think it is a matter of scope. I use the REST API to get data from my list, but I can not populate the global variable. Any help would be appreciated.

                var subList=(); //global scope

                function getInfo(){
              headers: headers,
              success: function success(data) {
              var results;
                if(lName == "Navigation"){
                }else {
                    subList = data.d.results;
                    console.log(subList); //<-------CONTAINS data


                            function buildSubNavBar(subNavID){
                    //More code missing

                var subList = getData("Sub Navigation");
                console.log(subList); //<-------CONTAINS no data

                for (var i=0; i

Usa – Visa in Passport has expired, my i-20 is valid and I am switching from Bachelor to Master. Does the rule of automatic re-validation apply to me?

I think you should be fine. The automatic renewal also applies if the category of non-immigrants changes. Therefore, changing the I-20 details should not be a problem.

See 22 CFR 41.112 (d) (1) (ii):

(d) Automatic renewal of validity at the ports of entry.

(1) If the requirements of paragraph (d) (2) of this Section are fully met, the following provisions shall apply to non-immigrant foreigners applying for readmission in ports of entry:

(i) The period of validity of an expired non-immigrant visa issued in accordance with INA 101 (a) (15) may be automatically extended until the date of the request for readmission. and

(ii) In cases where the original non-immigration classification of a foreigner has been changed by the DHS to another non-immigration classification, the validity of an expired or non-expired non-immigration visa may be automatically extended until the date of the application for readmission. and the visa can be converted into this modified classification as needed.

(2) The provisions in paragraph (d) (1) of this section apply only to foreigners without a migration background who:

(i) is in possession of an I-94 (Arrival-Departure Record), duly endorsed by the DHS, stating that the period of first-time admittance or extension has not yet expired, or in the case of a qualified person F or J students or exchange visitors or The accompanying spouse or the child of such a foreigner has an up-to-date Form I-20 (certificate of admission for non-immigrant students) or an IAP-66 (Exchanges Authorization Certificate) issued by the school The student owns the DHS or the sponsor of the exchange program that the alien from the DHS was allowed to attend, authorized and approved by the issuing school official or sponsor of the program to indicate the time period for the initial admission or renewal of the approved stay DHS;

(ii) Request readmission after an absence of not more than 30 days, exclusively in adjacent area or in the case of a student or exchange visitor or accompanying spouse or child who meets the requirements of paragraph (d) (2) (i) of this After an absence of not more than 30 days in adjacent territory or on adjacent islands other than Cuba;

(iii) has retained the status of non-immigrant and wishes to resume;

(iv) request readmission within the approved time limit for initial authorization or extension of stay;

(v) is in possession of a valid passport;

(vi) does not require approval under INA 212 (d) (3); and

(vii) did not apply for a new visa abroad.

(3) The provisions of paragraphs (d) (1) and (d) (2) of this Section shall not apply to nationals of countries designated in the Ministry's annual report to the Congress entitled Patterns of Global Terrorism as Supporters of Terrorism are.

(Emphasis added)

See also 8 CFR 214.1 (b) (1) (iv), which is specific to the I-20 requirement for F-1 students:

(b) readmission of non-immigrants in accordance with Section 101 (a) (15) (F), (J), (M) or (Q) (ii) to complete non-elapsed periods of prior reception or extension of stay,

(1) Section 101 (a) (15) (F). The inspecting immigration officer must re-allow for the period of status under § 214.2 (f) (5) (iii) all non-immigrant foreigners whose non-immigrant visa is automatically revalidated in accordance with 22 CFR 41.125 (f) and who request readmission pursuant to § 101 (a) (15) (F) of the law, if the alien:

(i) is allowed;

(ii) requests readmission following an absence from the United States of America not exceeding 30 days, exclusively in adjacent or adjacent islands;

(iii) is in possession of a valid passport, unless the latter is exempted from the obligation to present a passport; and

(iv) Present or is the accompanying spouse or accompanying child of a foreigner presenting to the alien an Arrival / Departure Log, Form I-94 (see § 1.4), issued in connection with the previous admittance or previous residency, which Form of the foreigner I-20 identity card and either:

(A) A duly confirmed page 4 of Form I-20A-B, if the information on the last Form I-20A of the student has not changed materially since the first issue of the form. or

(B) A new Form I-20A-B, if the information on the last Form I-20A of the student has changed since the first issue of the form.

Replication of the MySQL group: master send successful, but the slave fails with MY-001452

in my slave has this log
2019-11-25T16: 52: 38.731727 + 08: 00 938 (ERROR) (MY-010584) (Repl) Slave SQL for channel 'group_replication_applier': Worker 2 failed the transaction & # 39; aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa & & # 39; # 39 ;; The Write_rows event could not be performed on the cloud_video.qrtz_meet_simple_triggers table. Child row can not be added or updated: A foreign key constraint fails (cloud_video,qrtz_meet_simple_triggers, LIMITATION qrtz_meet_simple_triggers_ibfk_1 UNKNOWN KEY (SCHED_NAME. TRIGGER_NAME. TRIGGER_GROUP) REFERENCES qrtz_meet_triggers (SCHED_NAM), error code: 1452; Handler error HA_ERR_NO_REFERENCED_ROW, error code: MY-001452

Office 365 – Why can not the owner create a folder on the SharePoint Online Trial master page?

I successfully created a Map Network drive from my computer to my SharePoint Online site using the Connect to other credentials option.Enter image description here
However, when I tried to create a folder in this card drive, an error occurred even though the user has full control and permissions in SharePoint.Enter image description here

Could someone help or make a suggestion for this problem? Thanks a lot!

dnd 5e – How exactly does Might of the Master apply your Competency Bonus to your Homunculus Servant?

Artisans have access to the Homunculus Servant infusion. The feature of Master's Homunculus Servant Power states:

The following numbers increase by 1 as your Skill Bonus increases by 1: Homunculus Skills and Rescue Skill bonuses (above) and the hit and damage bonuses of his attack (below).

However, this formulation is rather vague because it is not a feature of the core class. If it was a class feature of the Alchemist subclass of the UA Painter, it was awarded to you as an alchemist at level 3. Therefore, I had assumed that from this point on there would be +1 for all properties when you increase your modifier abilities.

However, it is no longer just for every artisan who has access to it. It is an infusion that you can select at any time if you select a level 6 infusion.

  1. Are you getting your Competency Bonus as a whole added to your stats (that is, +3 to all at level 6, increased to +4 to 9, +5 to 13, and +6 to 17)?

  2. Get + +1 to your stats every time your skill bonus increases from the point you hit do do it? (So, if you've made it to level 17, it never gets better than its base stats, because from then on your skill bonus never goes up)?


  3. Get +1 on your stats as your skill bonus increases from the first time could make it (level 6)?