Master Page Upgrading SharePoint 2013 to 2016

From my experiences every migration can be a little different even if it looks like the same setup of farm and environment. What I always do and recommending to You now is to do Test migration. You can check everything what you think could be problem after migration process.

But I think that your Webparts and Master Pages will work correctly and there won’t be any change. You should use Upgrade-SPsite command on SP 2016.

Besides here are some notes for site collections upgrade:

SharePoint master page hide ribbon from readers

Did you find a workaround for this issue ?
here is mine but I have an issue with the welcome control : the 1st link is not redirecting to mysite user page …

<div id="ms-designer-ribbon">
    <!--MS:<SharePoint:SPSecurityTrimmedControl runat="server" Permissions="AddAndCustomizePages">-->

    <link href="Author.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" ms-design-css-conversion="no" />


    <!--SID:02 {Ribbon Snippet}-->

and Author.css :

#ms-designer-ribbon {    display: block;    }

dnd 5e – Does the bonus action attack from Polearm Master receive the bonus to attack and damage rolls from a magic weapon?

If I have the Polearm Master feat and am wielding a +1 Glaive, the bonus action attack will use the same modifier as the standard attack (STR). However, does it also receive the +1 bonus from the fact that the weapon is magical?

Personally, I’d think that the full weapon is magical (not only the cutting part), so indeed the bonus attack gets a +1 as well. But in my DnDBeyond character sheet, the bonus attack does not include the magical bonus. So I wonder if this is RAW or a bug in DnDBeyond.

python – Can an object be promoted from a class to another one ? (from padawan to jedi master)

I want to model the jedi order from Star Wars as follows:

a novice can:

a padawan can:

  • (1) learn with books
  • (2) learn with his master

a knight can:

  • (3) go to war
  • (4) take the test to become a master
  • (5) become a master (if he passes the test)

a master can:

  • (3) go to war
  • (6) take a novice as a padawan (and transform the novice into padawan)
  • (7) complete the training of his padawan and make him a knight (and transform the padawan into knight)

The pain point I’m going through is that at some point I would like to do this:

anakin  # novice
obiwan  # master
anakin  # padawan

In other words, I’d like to promote an instance of Novice class to an instance of Padawan class. I saw some solutions that only solved partially the above enumerated constraints like:

  • using metaclasses (meh)
  • having only class with a grade attribute and several promote methods

H.E.L.P haha

Thank you folks 🙂

algorithms – Why does case 3 regularity condition of master theorem always hold when f(n)=$n^k$ and f(n)=$Omega(n^{lg_b^{a+epsilon}})$

In case of $f(n)=Omega(n^{log_b^{a+epsilon}})$, we need to find $c<1$ such that for sufficiently large n

$a*Omega((frac{n}{b})^{log_b^{a+epsilon}})leq c*Omega(n^{log_b^{a+epsilon}})$

By slightly modifying the left part we obtain the following inequality

$frac{a}{a+epsilon}*Omega(n^{log_b^{a+epsilon}})leq c*Omega(n^{log_b^{a+epsilon}})$

Thus we can take $c=frac{a}{a+epsilon}$ and here $c<1$ as $epsilon>0$ according to case 3 of master theorem.

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dnd 5e – Teleporting a polearm master

No, this does not work.

The reasoning is largely identical to this answer by user keithcurtis, so I will not reinvent the wheel:

From the section on opportunity attacks:

You can make an opportunity attack when a hostile creature that you
can see moves out of your reach. To make the opportunity attack, you
use your reaction to make one melee attack against the provoking
creature. The attack interrupts the provoking creature’s movement,
occurring right before the creature leaves your reach.

“Creature moves”, “provoking creature”, and “interrupts the provoking creature’s movement”, all support the position that the intent of opportunity attacks is to react to another creature’s movement, not your own. This is further clarified in the subsequent paragraph to mean “voluntary movement”.

If the intent of Polearm Master was to subvert the general rule with a specific one, it would be clearly stated, as in “This is an exception to the general rule on opportunity attacks, in that it does not require movement on the part of the target”. The phrases “enters your reach” and “moves into your reach” are–barring any explicit wording to the contrary, pretty clearly synonymous. A relative movement interpretation does not match anything else in the book, unless it is clearly described as such.

In short, “Enter” is an active verb, and had Polearm Mastery” been intended to break of the general rule, it would certainly have been pointed out by the designers in errata, interviews, tweets or Sage Advice.

In the absence of anything like that, the general rule interpretation should apply.

Your situation is the same as the situation described above, except you’re teleporting instead of walking.