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James Wedmore – Nail Your Niche Master Class


– What happens if you choose the wrong niche? Some people say that it doesn't matter as long as you work hard, while others suggest making sure you do it right before taking action.

– In this episode we made James Wedmore, the founder of Business By Design, talk from the start about how to nail your niche.

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Nail Your Niche Workshop by James Wedmore
The Big 3!
It is better to choose the wrong niche than no niche at all
There is NO mistake
The 3 mega markets
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[1:00] How do you find out your niche at the beginning?
[2:08] The BIGGEST piece most people lack
[3:10] It is better to choose an action than not to take any action at all
[4:58] What people don't "understand" as entrepreneurs
[6:35] Like "fighting" just preparing for what's to come
[7:42] The difference between easy and simple
[9:52] Why it is easier than ever to be in business today
[10:50] There is NO mistake
[12:20] The importance of noticing the lesson and not the failure
[14:27] How James used the Leaf Frog effect when he started
[3:30 p.m.] The first step people can take to find their niche
[4:30 pm] The 3 mega markets where people always spend money
[23:50] How specializing in something can differentiate you from everyone else
[25:45] The real reason you think everyone teaches to make money online


Reference request – Please advice in the master project in analytical number theory, since I have no other source of help and am stranded halfway

Please don't coordinate it. I have no other instructions.

I am a second year master student in mathematics in a third world country in Asia and have studied David M. Burton and Apostol's number theory in analytical number theory and modular functions as well as Dirichlet series in number theory. My institute, where I am doing my master's, did not have a professor who specialized in analytical number theory. At the end of the third semester, I asked a professor from other institutes for my master's thesis with the permission of a professor in my institute who specialized in combinatorial number theory. A professor from another institute in my country said yes to me and I visited the project in the 3rd week of January. She gave me a work by T Rivoal and W Zudilin, the title of which is "a note about odd zeta values". I had a question that I answered on this page. On February 17, I emailed her asking me how to do it and when to visit her institute. When she didn't answer, I emailed her again on February 29th. There were mid-day holidays that started on March 7th. I emailed her again on March 9 to ask when to visit her institute, but she didn't reply again. Then I start reading Zudilin's work "1 of odd Zeta values ​​from Zeta 5 to Zeta 25 is irrational by elementary means". Then I read articles by Kieth Ball and T rivoal "Infinite numbers of odd zeta values ​​are irrational". Then I send her an email again about what I'm studying and wonder what I should continue studying. I am sending this mail on March 20th. There was still no answer. The last email I sent was on April 2nd and still no response.

Now I'm in the middle of the project and have no instructions.

Therefore, I ask the researchers here to tell me about an open problem or research that I should continue to study.
I have completed one course on complex analysis, two courses on real analysis and one course on group rings and galois theory, topology (general) and other relevant courses besides the books I have studied in analytical number theory (mentioned above) and the articles have studied so far (mentioned above).

I will be really grateful for your advice.
I think the professor who agreed to lead me has no etiquette at all. She could have said no immediately if she didn't want to lead me the moment she decided to change her mind. The situation in my country is miraculously better with respect to Covid 19 than in other countries, and I am sure that it is not. I suffer because I have also contacted her doctoral student and her doctoral student said that she was on the Campus is in their office. However, when I asked her doctoral student to give me her contact number, the student angrily refused to do so without giving a reason. I also spoke to the professor who specializes in combinatorial number theory and he said that he should remove her name from the project and then start studying myself. (He is a really nice person, but can't help it because his specialization is different).

Can someone please help me with what I should continue to study in this project. I also filled out some application forms for European countries and the master project is really important, but she didn't even care and now I'm stranded in the middle without any help. Please guide me. I will be really grateful. I am very stressed and my career is in danger.

Please don't coordinate it. I have no other help.
I like the number theory in particular and the pure MathMaths in general very much.

Portrait – Purchase a wireless flash trigger compared to a cheap flash for use as a master

I am currently photographing a Nikon D500 for which I have a Godox V860II flash. I want to do more simple studio portrait photography, partly because that's the only thing I can take in the current situation (luckily I have roommates that I can model for myself), but also because it's me . I've been interested in trying it for some time anyway.

So I bought a decent softbox for my flash and a reversible backdrop, but for some reason it wasn't clear until now that I couldn't control my flash when I took it off the camera. Since I have (at least for my standards) already put a pretty penny into the establishment of a very simple studio, I try to solve this last shortcoming with less than $ 100.

So I'm between two options. One is to get a Godox radio trigger (specially for the X2 for $ 60) and the other for a cheap Godox flash unit that can act as a master for my V860II (currently for the TT350N Mini Thinklite for $ 85 ).

The wireless trigger is attractive because it is smaller, cheaper and specifically designed to fire flashes. However, I don't see myself able to control more than one flash outside of the camera soon, if at all, and I don't expect to ever have to use it under difficult conditions (long distance calls, obstacles, etc.).

The cheap flash is attractive because – hey – my wireless flash trigger happens to have an extra flash for just a little bit more money. However, it is a lower quality flash and as a beginner I am not sure if I can use it in front of the camera for studio photography.

I was hoping someone with more experience could shed light on the actual practical differences between the two options

How can I generate a public key in the master node during HD wallet implementation?

I know in HD wallets, we have a seed that called "master seed" With 256bit Length.
If we want to generate that master node, we use one Hmac-sha512 with this seed as text and "Bitcoin Seed" as key. As a result, we have 512bit that we can split it into two sections. That way we have master private key and chain code. How can I calculate now? master public key for this master node?

Replication – Galera with MariaDB master master to support write release when disconnecting

I'm trying a distributed app with Galera replication topology that must support writes when nodes are disconnected from the cluster. The idea was to have an additional MariaDB that is connected to each Galera node via master-master replication:

dbc0 <--> db0 <--> app
dbc1 <--> db1 <--> app
dbcn <--> dbn <--> app

The vertical replication is between dbc Galera and must support hundreds of nodes and WAN. Horizontal replication is the MariaDB master master within the same Linux server, but between different lxc containers. The idea is that the app only communicates with the non-Galera databases and writes contain keys that contain the node number. Synchronization between nodes can be slow, but the app (in another container) needs to interact quickly with its local database.

After it was set up with server_id & # 39; s on the dbc & # 39; s same and unique on the db & # 39; s and log_slave_updates = 1 on the dbc & # 39; s, it almost works: If you have a new table on a Create any dbc, the tables are created in all dbc & # 39; s and db & # 39; s. Adding a line in any dbc is also shown everywhere.

Adding a row in a database is successfully replicated to all database files, but does not get to the other databases. However, this topology allows writes to a database when its database is turned off and good synchronization when the database is turned back on to all other databases (but not to the database). Hope that makes sense.

Is there a way to replicate a write to a database node using both the Galera cluster database nodes and the corresponding replicated MariaDB master master databases? Or another way to achieve this?

Does a worker in the master-worker architecture only have one master?

  1. In the master worker architecture

    • Does a worker have to be created by his own master?
    • Does a worker have to have only one master but not more than one master?
  2. When a client requests a resource from a server, there is one
    Master worker relationship between client and server?

  3. Do a master and his / her staff in a master-worker relationship also have a client-server relationship?

Thank you very much.

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