Master Style Alert – Highlight when you’re editing a master template or master language

Do you frequently find yourself leaving development mode on and then accidentally end up editing master style templates in the templates section?

Frequently I find that I’m too much of an idiot to realise I’m editing master templates by mistake. Or I may be working on master templates for an add on and theme templates for other stuff, Before you know it, you’ve forgotten you’re in master and saved a change and you’ve got nothing to revert to.

Now you too can be slightly less of an idiot…


Is it ok and safe to import master public key from electrum wallet into bluewallet to be a watch-only wallet?

I want to use my iPhone (Blue wallet) to be the watch-only wallet for my offline wallet generated on electrum. So that I can generate unsigned transaction on the bluewallet and send it back to my offline wallet to be signed on electrum. And then send the signed transaction back to bluewallet to be broadcasted.

Is it safe to do so? Is there any better way to do it so I don’t have to send the unsigned and signed transaction back and forth?

macos – How to adjust master volume for an output device?

I’m using a DAC (AudioQuest DragonFly) which has a very loud master volume when combined with headphones. It is not possible to adjust the volume on the device itself.

Therefore I can only use the first three notches on the audio volume, everything else is too loud (I know I can use together with the volume buttons to get 1/4 of the volume adjustments, but I’d rather just use the volume buttons as is because that’s where my muscle memory is).

Is it possible to adjust the master volume of an output device in macOS so that I can use the full range of volume adjustment when using the volume keys? If so, how can I achieve this?

domain name system – BIND DA/PLESK/ISPconfig -> BIND master (hidden) -> BIND x2 slave

I have a problem with the BIND cache DNS zone transfer, or I’m doing something wrong.

ns0 (hidden master where all DNS zones is stored)
ns1 (slave where all DNS zones notifies from master)
ns2 (slave where all DNS zones notifies from master)
DA1 (DirectAdmin acts as master for DNS management)
PLESK1 (Plesk acts as master for DNS management)

What have I done:

Used default documentation for setting servers NS1,NS2 with BIND slave and on hidden master call it NS0 configured it as MASTER.

What is working:

  • Manually created BIND DNS zone and it transfers to both slaves and works as needed.
  • Transfered BIND DNS zones of DirectAdmin and Plesk hosting panels and it showing on
    Master NS0 (hidden master) in /var/cached/bind directory.

What is not working, or what I need to do:

Problem is that DNS zones which transfered from PLESK and DIRECTADMIN to Master NS0 (hidden master) doesn’t show on both slaves and when trying to notify from master NS0 in progress I get error on slave that:

received notify for zone '': not authoritative

Any help would be really appreciated and can someone explain more if I really need to use hidden master as one more VPS? Or I can use it on first NS1 but there is not much info about it. Thanks!

high availability – PostgreSQL Slave unable to catch up with the Master

high availability – PostgreSQL Slave unable to catch up with the Master – Database Administrators Stack Exchange

dnd 5e – Does the Order of Scribe’s “Master Scrivener” feature remove the need for costly material components?

dnd 5e – Does the Order of Scribe’s “Master Scrivener” feature remove the need for costly material components? – Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

dnd 5e – How does turn order work for the Beast Master ranger’s alternative class feature Primal Companion?

This only works if your race is size Small.

The rules for mounted combat state:

A willing creature that is at least one size larger than you and that has an appropriate anatomy can serve as a mount, using the following rules.

The three types of primal companions are medium or smaller, so your race must be small to be able to use the primal companion as a mount.

Provided you are able to ride the creature by being the appropriate size, it seems the rules support the turn you describe. There are two ways to get your companion to take the Attack action:

you take a bonus action on your turn to command it to take another action.


You can also sacrifice one of your attacks when you take the Attack action to command the beast to take the Attack action.

Doing one of these two things produces the desired result. Just be careful:

if the mount provokes an opportunity attack while you’re on it, the attacker can target you or the mount.

dnd 5e – Can the attack granted by the Gloom Stalker Ranger’s Stalker’s Fury be forgone by features such as the Battle Master Fighter’s Commander’s Strike?

So the discussion in the examples you provide seem to revolve around the intention of the wording of:

When you take the Attack action

and whether or not this means the forgone attack must be explicitly part of the attack action or could be a byproduct of taking it.

The good news is that in your quandry, the attack in question is explicitly stated to be part of the same attack action as you have highlighted. So even taking the strict interpretation of the rules, assuming the attack must be part of the attack action and not from it, lets do a quick checklist to see if everything works.

You take the attack action and miss with one of the attacks provided by that action. Stalker’s Flurry kicks in and provides you with an additional attack.

Commander’s Strike:
When you take the Attack action on your turn…

Did we take the attack action? Yes! ✔️

Commander’s Strike:
…you can forgo one of your attacks…

From this attack action, do we have an attack which we can forgo? Yes! ✔️
Is this attack explicitly from the attack action?

Stalker’s Fury:
…you can make another weapon attack as part of the same action.


Commander’s Strike:
…and use a bonus action to direct one of your companions to strike.

Do we have a bonus action still? Let’s assume Yes! ✔️
This is actually an important footnote. Stalker’s Fury can be used on bonus action or reaction attacks too and in those cases, you would not be able to use ‘Commanders Strike’ for multiple reasons.

So RAW, the extra attack from the Gloom Stalker Ranger’s ‘Stalker’s Fury’ can be forgone for abilities like ‘Commander’s Strike’ or other similarly worded abilities provided you are taking Attack action.

2016 – Unknown SQL Exception 300 occurred. VIEW SERVER STATE permission was denied on object ‘server’, database ‘master’

I prepared New SP 2016 Farm with 4 Servers
App1 – MinRole (Application + Search)
App2 – Distributed Cache
WFE1 – Custom Role (Running Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application)
WFE2 – Custom Role (Running Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application)

In App1 below error keep throwing every time.
Unknown SQL Exception 300 occurred. Additional error information from SQL Server is included below.

VIEW SERVER STATE permission was denied on object ‘server’, database ‘master’.
The user does not have permission to perform this action.

data recovery – How to read sd card of type master boot record

No sure if this is the right place for this question but here it is. I have NAS running on a single board computer. The OS is in sd card. I was making changes to fstab but when I rebooted the system, it stopped booting. Looks like changes I made screwed it up. I plugged card to card reader but getting message that it can’t be read on my Mac. Is there any tool that I can use to read sd card and undo my changes?

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