Professional mastering service for your songs. for $ 5

Professional mastering service for your songs.

I am a music producer with a PhD in sound and more than 25 years of experience in the music industry.

In my recording studio I have high-quality equipment to master your work with the highest quality. I will give you the job in 48 hours with accepted quality for digital platforms.

Proofing – How to prove the function of a recursive big theta without using repeated substitution, mastering the sentence, or having the closed form?

I have defined a function: $ V (j, k) $ Where $ j, k in mathbb {N} $ and $ t> 0 in mathbb {N} $ and $ 1 leq q leq j – 1 $, Note $ mathbb {N} $ includes $ 0 $,

$ V (j, k) = begin {cases} tj & k leq 2 tk & j leq 2 tjk + V (q, k / 2) + T (j – q, k / 2) & j , k> 2 end {cases} $

I am not allowed to use repeated substitution and I want to prove this by induction. I can not use the main clause because the recursive part is not in that form. Any ideas how I can solve it with given limitations?

When I start induction: I fix $ j, q $ and introduce $ k $, Then the base case $ k = 0 $, Then $ V (j, 0) = tj $, The question indicated that the function may be $ Theta (jk) $ or maybe $ Theta (j ^ 2k ^ 2) $ (but it does not necessarily have to be either).

I choose $ Theta (j, k) $, In the base case, this would mean that I had to prove that $ tj = theta (j, k) $ when $ j = 0 $, But if I start with the big-oh, I have to show it $ km leq mn = m cdot0 = 0 $ which I currently do not think possible.

I am not sure if I did the basic case wrong or if there is another approach.

Development – I started building my own blockchain based on mastering Bitcoin books with Git on Win7, and I have a problem

I started learning how to build a blockchain from Antonopoulos book with Git Bash and I have a problem.
I used commands:
git clone
cd bitcoin
Git tag
git checkout v0.11.2
and when i try to use command ./
The following information appears on the screen:
./ line 9: autoreconf: command not found.

Where is the problem? What am I doing wrong? I need some libraries?

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[GET] Brennan Dunn – Mastering Project Roadmaps | Proxies-free

[GET] Brennan Dunn – Mastering Project Roadmaps


Introduction: master project roadmaps
Everything you need to increase your conversion rates, make your time more valuable, and establish yourself as a first-rate consultant.

In the summer of 2015, I received a Skype call from one of my longtime students: Ben Lee, co-founder and CEO of Neon Roots. He has completed both the Double Your Freelancing Rate and my Consultancy Masterclass, and we have also conducted off-and-on coaching sessions over the past two years. I knew he was successful and his agency was growing, but what I heard from him next blew me away:

â € œBrennan, Iâ € ™ m well on my way to earning more than a million dollars this year by selling roadmapping alone!

I searched deeper and found that he had standardized roadmapping (or rootstrap) as a requirement for all customer projects.

He had done hundreds of roadmapping commitments and even had to seek advice in Uruguay to handle all the new projects he and his team had completed.

He was exactly the one I was looking for.

There was someone here who had a wealth of raw data and also had to go through the process of moving from a project first-sales strategy.

I knew right away that I wanted to work with him to bring together our two different types of roadmapping and the ultimate resource to help freelancers and agencies understand, sell, host and execute great roadmapping commitments.

As a result, over the years, we've put together straightforward sales pitches and email exchanges with customers, and generalized the documents and materials we both use to summarize roadmapping into a turnkey package that helps people deliver roadmapping to their customers right away.

I also flew to Los Angeles to meet Ben and spent over 5 hours doing extensive and systematic video lessons and analysis.

The final product is guaranteed to provide you with the resources, documents, knowledge, customer feedback, and everything else you need to manage Project Roadmaps.

Over 5 hours of detailed case study guides and videos
Worksheets and responsibilities that allow you to create your own roadmapping offers
A downloadable cheatsheet that summarizes and summarizes the entire course
30 days of unrestricted access to live coaching by Brennan and the DYF team
Lifelong access to the Freelancer Guild
Contracts to help you close roadmapping commitments
All the beautifully designed templates you need to sell and host roadmapping
Raw sales call records, e-mail swipe copy and other extras

Who is Brennan Dunn?

I am Brennan Dunn and have been working with customers for ten years. I started out as a freelancer and after three years, my company grew to an agency with 11 employees and annual sales of $ 2 million.
I love freelance advice, but I'm totally committed to helping other freelancers master the freelance business. Many of us (including myself) started working freelance because we are technically sound. But in the end, it will be difficult to be successful, much more than just what we do.
In addition to this course, I write and commute weekly for my audience of over 40,000 freelancers. I'm also the founder of, a website personalization tool.

Who is Ben Lee?

Ben is the founder of Neon Roots, a web agency based in Los Angeles, California. When he started his business, he was just another web development and design agency.

Neon roots have grown significantly in recent years. With a customer base that includes Epson, Tony Robbins, Snoop Dogg, and other entertainment and technology companies, they generate millions of dollars a year.

What has fueled this growth? Rootstrap, a unique spin-off of roadmapping that Ben has developed over the last two years with Brennan through 1-on-1 coaching and the Consultancy Masterclass. Neon Roots is well on the way to doubling its sales and the size of this year as they continue to add value to their roadmapping offerings.


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GET – Eric Worre – Mastering Objections | Proxies-free

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Eric Worre – overcome objections


Never miss another opportunity because you do not know how to handle an objection!
In this master class, I will train you on how to prepare for and respond to your objection. They will accept and leave conversations with confidence. You will be able to use the excuses that people offer and opportunities for growth.

Master How To:

See objections as an opportunity to educate your perspective
Develop the mindset necessary to hear and handle even the toughest objections
Use the 4 steps that have proven to be most effective in dealing with almost all the excuses
Fast and ready-to-use answers to the most common network marketing objections
Do not recruit anyone
Teach your team how to effectively overcome their objections

How much time and energy did you waste telling people about your opportunity, but did not get any further because you could not deal with common objections?
What if you had a step-by-step method that woke you in the middle of your explanation? They stopped thinking "No Way" and started thinking, "Wait, could that work for me?"

Well, what if you could lose energy and profit all the time?
What if you could increase the percentage of customers you transacted?
What if you have never lost a sale to an objection again?
What would such a system be worth?

With this masterclass you get:

3 step-by-step course modules that change the way in which you see an objection, the best practices used by the best communicators, and the exact steps you'll need the next time be confronted with a useless objection.
Downloadable workbook that helps you to consolidate the lessons you learn.
The bonus course module shows the best answers to over 20 of the most common objections.

Let's break it …
Course 1:

Renewal of the objections

In this course, you will learn how to rewire your brain so that you see objections as positive and not as something to fear.

Course 2:

Stories: The 5 keys to success

I'll show you the 5 keys that will prepare you to overcome your objections and lead to success.

Course 3:

4 steps to dealing with objections

These are exactly the steps I use for any objection I've ever encountered. These steps really work with every objection, even if I did not think so!

Bonus track:

Common objections and dealings with them

The role-playing game demonstrates how you can handle more than 20 of the most common network marketing objections.

Get full access now

App Windows – Acon Digital Mastering Suite 1.0.6 | NulledTeam UnderGround

Acon Digital Mastering Suite 1.0.6 | 18.3 Mb

Acon Digital Mastering Suite consists of five audio-mastering plug-ins designed for ultimate signal transparency.

Multiband Dynamics is the Dynamics multiband extension that enables dynamic processing in up to four separate bands.

Acon Digital Mastering Suite consists of five audio-mastering plug-ins designed for ultimate signal transparency.
Dynamics is a combined compressor, expander or gate. The look-ahead can be set between 0 and 30 milliseconds. The intelligent algorithm provides a band-limited gain signal that minimizes potential distortion even with minimal attack and release times. You can use up to 4x oversampling to further reduce distortion. The side-chain signal can be either internal or external and there is a full-blown side-chain equalizer with low-cut, low-shelf, peak, high-shelf and high-cut filters. The complexity of the algorithms is not reflected in the intuitive user interface, which provides graphical visualizations of all aspects of the processing.
Multiband Dynamics is the Dynamics multiband extension that enables dynamic processing in up to four separate bands. You can freely set the crossover frequencies and even the filter pitches can be freely adjusted in the range of 6 to 48 dB per octave. The multiband dynamics operate in linear phase mode to avoid phase problems between the processed bands.
Limit is a transparent limiter with an intelligent look-ahead in the range of 0 to 30 milliseconds, which reduces distortion to a minimum. The limitation is performed in a two-step process with a pre-compressor follower by the peak-limiting algorithm. You can use oversampling up to 4x to limit the peak boundary and reduce distortion.
Equalize is a parametric equalizer. Unlike other equalizers, you can not only set the center frequency, gain, and bandwidth, but also the filter pitch for each band. The filter pitch can be adjusted from 3 dB to 120 dB per octave. You can use Equalize as a no-latency plug-in when using the minimum-phase mode, maintaining phase relationships in linear phase mode, or using the unique mixed-phase mode. In mixed-phase mode, you can freely set the latency in the range of 5 to 120 milliseconds, preserving the phase relationships as much as possible. This gives a unique control over possible pre-swing artifacts that are common in linear phase filtering.
Dithering is a dithering plug-in with flexible noise shaping. You can set the maximum gain and the filter length of the frequency response of the noise shaping filter is graphically displayed.
Windows 10/8/7
Intel Core i3 or AMD multi-core processor (Intel Core i5 or faster recommended)
Screen resolution of 1366 x 768 (1920 x 1080 or higher recommended)
1 GB of RAM (4 GB or more recommended)
1 GB of free HD space
A host application that is compatible with VST, VST3, or AAX (Pro Tools 10.3.5 or later)



professional audio mastering of your songs for $ 15

  • professional audio mastering of your songs

Professional audio mastering for your songs
Use ozone 8
Every genre accepted

Professional and serious work by experienced music producer
Founded in the USA
Mastering by genre & style
Work done in 2 days

$ 15 per title
Transfer songs to Google Drive

Some examples of my mastering

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