Typescript – Angular nested formArray with Angular Material chiplist

I have a formGroup with nested formArray. I can iterate on all nested arrays, but I can not see anything from the Mat chip list and I do not know how to get the values ​​of the entries in the math chip list as an array. Here is a stack-flash example. In this example, testingNested3 displays an empty array. I expected an array with the value entered in the input value

dnd 5e – Would it be possible to bring a dragon to CR27 only with official material and variants (Shadow Dragon / Dracolich, innate spells etc)?

Ancient Gold Dragons and Ancient Red Dragons have a CR of 24. This means they could know spells up to the eighth level if you had such a Dragon of the Innate Magical Dragon Variety (MM p.86). I wonder if it's possible to bring a kite to CR27 (to gain access to 9th-level spells) using only official materials and variant rules.

According to my calculations, an ancient gold dragon has a defensive CR of 25 and an offensive CR of 22 or 23, which corresponds to an average CR of 24. To achieve an average CR of 27, the easiest route would probably be the best by increasing the OCR, as there is more room for improvement. To get CR27, the OCR would have to be at least 28. The Ancient Gold Dragon gains +2 OCR as its attack bonus is exceptionally high, which means its damage should equal CR26. This averages 231-248 damage per round in the first three combat rounds.

As far as I know, making a Shadow Dragon or Dracolich does not significantly increase the damage. A Shadow Dragon's weapon is more deadly, since it kills immediately when a character drops to 0, but I do not know how to quantify it.

Is there a selection of levels 1-8 spells that could be given to a dragon to bring its OCR to 28? Or is there another way to bring a kite to CR27 that I missed?

Which chin implant material is beautiful? Padded chin, as long as it is beautiful! – Everything else

Material padded chin is one of the factors that determine the aesthetic outcome, whether it is beautiful, safe and durable or not. Together with VietCharm, you must receive specific information about the two fillers that are currently recognized as standard by the Department of Health. Use in cosmetic surgery in the content of the article.

1. Fill the chin with cartilage

There are currently two types of cartilage fillers that are approved by the Ministry of Health and may be used in plastic surgery:

Material padded chin Artificial cartilage, also referred to as biological cartilage, has an identical structure with natural substances present in the body and has been recognized by the Ministry of Health as being absolutely biocompatible.

193281.HFHQ25d7a144c270bc.jpg "data-src =" https://linkhay2.vcmedia.vn/upload/editor/193281.HFHQ25d7a144c270bc.jpg "src =" https://topgoldforum.com/applications/core/interface/ spacer. png "/></div>
<p>	Thus, when used in the chin implantation, this material not only completely eliminates the defects but also helps the chin to minimize the phenomenon of rejection as well as the postoperative complications.
<p>	The filling material consists of bone itself, although it can completely eliminate the elimination phenomenon and help to achieve the desired beautiful, natural esthetic result.
<p>	However, this method is rarely used because it is a relatively complicated and time-consuming technique that requires a team of skilled and experienced physicians, otherwise images will be created. unpredictable.
	<span><b><strong>  2. How long does the chin pad last?</strong></b></span>
<p>	Many people often regard chin implantation as a very important and dangerous operation.
<div style= 193281.DNMSH5d7a144c9d788.jpg "data-src =" https://linkhay2.vcmedia.vn/upload/editor/193281.DNMSH5d7a144c9d788.jpg "src =" https://topgoldforum.com/applications/core/interface/ spacer. png "/></div>
<div style=

In fact, chin implantation is just a simple form of minor jawbone surgery that is important but not dangerous, as it does not affect the environment. So Padded chin as long as it is beautiful?

Since the surgery is quite simple, the operation time is also quite short, only about 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the defects of the client's chin and the skills of the doctor. one prestigious address padded address Together with a team of excellent specialists, your surgical process will be easier, faster and more accurate.

193281.P0SVG5d7a144d0fd6c.png "data-src =" https://linkhay2.vcmedia.vn/upload/editor/193281.P0SVG5d7a144d0fd6c.png "src =" https://topgoldforum.com/applications/ "https: // topgold spacer.png "/></div>
	<span><b><strong>3. Current price list 2019? </strong><strong>Padded chin how much?</strong></b></span>
<div style=

surgery Padded chin how much It is always the concern of a large number of customers who come to VietCharm to get advice on chin implantation.

At most chin implant address in the market today Padded chin, how much money This depends on two main factors: the chin implant material and the chin implant procedure.

For reputable addresses that use high quality chin implant materials with total compatibility with the body, there will be a step chin padding higher, but probably contribute to minimize the phenomenon of rejection and complications after surgery. Conversely, it is certain that using the unknown filling material in the market will cost less, but is very likely to cause dangerous complications.

193281.RU02R5d7a144d86dff.png "data-src =" https://linkhay2.vcmedia.vn/upload/editor/193281.RU02R5d7a144d86dff.png "src =" https://topgoldforum.com/applications/core/interface/js spacer .png "/></div>
	<span><b><strong>  4. What should be considered during chin implantation?</strong></b></span>
<p>	Sure, if you know how much chin implants cost, ask yourself what to look for after the chin implant, right? As a rule, doctors will remind clients after completing treatment that:
<ul style=
  • Apply ice around the surgical area to reduce swelling in the first 2 days.

  • Take painkillers at the right dose.

  • Avoid direct jolts on the chin area causing the chin to bend, twist and deform.

  • Avoid direct contact of the operating area with water, dirt and sunlight.

  • Fasting on foods that cause scars, such as chicken, beef, spinach, seafood, …

  • Follow-up examination after doctor's agreement.

  • To register a chin implantation at VietCharm, please contact us via the hotline: 0941,939,393 – 0911,688,666 or go directly to the address 305 Kim Ma – Ba Dinh – Hanoi be consulted and engaged by doctors.

    Material Design – wpf execution time error, color resource not found

    This is my app.xaml conf


    I get the following error message:
    The resource "themes / recommended / primary / materialdesigncolor.goldenrod.xaml" can not be found.

    But when I change goldenrod to blue, everything works fine. I can also use Goldenrod as a foreground in my views and so on.
    The problem occurs when you try to use it as the primary element in my design

    What is the best way to "delete" buttons in the material design?

    Well, after looking through the documentation, it seems to me the rule is how to display the button There is no rule,

    However, there are a few things to keep in mind:

    1. Avoid using floating action buttons for minor and destructive Actions.
    2. Confirmatory actions are placed on the right side and continue the process. Affirmative actions can be destructivesuch as "delete" or "remove".

    Otherwise, you can design your buttons as you like.

    Personally, I believe that destructive behavior is always something that you should treat with special care by either asking the user to confirm his action or allowing him to reverse it. Of course this has nothing to do with color. When it comes to the appearance of the button, I think the usual conventions discussed elsewhere on this site apply.

    I would say that the guidelines imply The use of secondary color is what you should do. The screenshot you used for the Pizza app shows the second color for the uninstall (a pretty destructive behavior) for both Good and Bad Options when considering whether you want to add a background to your buttons.

    Therefore I am (most of the time) for Option 2: Button with the secondary color as background

    Enter image description here
    Enter image description here

    Magical Items – Was there an amulet of the seller in any material published by D & D Representatives or third parties?

    Amulet of Yendor is a major artifact in many rogue-like games, including Rogue itself, NetHack and Pixel Dungeon families of computer / mobile games. It also appeared in many places as a tribute or as an Easter egg. It is only 6 years younger than D & D and both lived together in fandom.

    Has Yendor's amulet ever appeared in D & D material, in a D & D world, in any way that is not just a homebrew? I'm not particularly interested in the edition, as it may have appeared in something old or more recent due to nostalgia. If there are mentions of Amulet of Rodney or Rodney, the magician who has lost an amulet, I will say it counts.

    Amulet stats would be a nice bonus but are not my main concern.

    Unit – Why does changing the texture of the particle system using the Material Property Block change the texture, but the particle system still emits old texture?

    I try the code in startup, checking in editor displays a new texture, but the particle system still returns an old texture. The script works for SpriteRenderer, but not for the particle system. I tried to play / stop the emission – no difference.

        ParticleSystemRenderer renderer = gameObject.GetComponent();
        MaterialPropertyBlock materialPropertyBlock = new MaterialPropertyBlock();
        materialPropertyBlock.SetTexture("_MainTex", texture);

    dnd 5e – Can I use Invisibility etc in Border Ethereal See to see invisible creatures at the material layer?

    This is an extension of this question to the invisibility and the etheric level.

    As the question says: Can I use while I'm in Border Ethereal? See invisibility. True sightetc. to see creatures that are invisible and are also on the material level?

    I think I could, but I want to make sure I do not miss something.

    Other variations (So I'm not anything but ridiculously thorough):

    • I'm at the material level and did not work See invisibility: I can see it

      1. Non-invisible creatures that are at the material level.
    • I am at the (border) etheric level and did not work See invisibility: I can see it

      1. non-invisible creatures that are at the material level and
      2. Non-invisible creatures that are on the Etheric level.
    • I am at the material level and have been casting See invisibility: I can see it

      1. non-invisible creatures that are at the material level
      2. invisible creatures that are at the material level,
      3. non-invisible creatures that are on the etheric level, and
      4. ??? Creatures that are both invisible and at the etheric level.
    • I am in the (border) etheric plane and have been casting See invisibility: I can see it

      1. non-invisible creatures that are at the material level
      2. ??? invisible creatures that are at the material level,
      3. non-invisible creatures that are on the etheric level, and
      4. Creatures that are both invisible and at the etheric level.

    I also assume that this is true True sight and every other means to see both invisibility and the etheric plane.

    Probability – Two machines produce 30%, 70% materials with 3%, 5% faulty units, probably a randomly selected material is faulty

    If I have no idea how to start. Two machines A, B produce 30.70% material for one company respectively 3%, 5% defective units.
    a] What is the probability that a material of the entire output is faulty?
    b] Probability that the defective material was produced by machine A.
    c] Probability that this faulty material was produced by Machine B.