Applied Maths – Can my smartphone's performance be used to simulate the spread of Covid-19?

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So I want to know if my smartphone's performance can be used to perform calculations to simulate the spread of Covid-19 to find a way to combat it. It's a Samsung Galaxy A7 that I bought on Android 9 in February 2019.
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What are some good online maths courses for computer science?

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Combinatorics – If eight different books, 5 maths and 5 Cs, are randomly arranged on a shelf, what is the probability that all 3 Cs books will be together?

Here's what I did, but I feel like it's wrong.

$$ 3C3 * 5! / 8th! $$

so we choose all 3 cs-books together and then the remaining 5 mathematical books to be placed on the shelf, and we split up $ 8! $ because there are $ 8! $ Ways to arrange all books.

How is Pure Maths used in computer science research?

This refers to an ad that has recently arrived at a research facility.

It invites undergraduate mathematics students to participate in a computer science research program.
I checked the faculty profiles, and they seemed quite famous in their fields. Although all of her students had computer science

My question is: "How can people with a mathematics background in computer science do their PhD?"

Although I have a postgraduate degree in mathematics with basic programming skills, it sounded very interesting how mathematical knowledge can help solve research problems in computer science.

Since this site is for computer scientists, someone can please say:

  • What kind of problems can a mathematics student pick up in computer science?
  • What is the current research scenario in computer science, where mathematicians like us can achieve a significant impact?
  • What other skills are required in addition to a sound programming knowledge to work here?

All links / references would be sufficient.

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Another essay with 100 words about the robot

BlackHatKings: General PPC discussion
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gm.General math – IGCSE Maths exam question -Not need the answer, but how to solve

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