Properties of the collection of maximally independent sets of a graph

To let $ G $ be a graph and define

$ mathscr {I} (G) = {S subset V (G) | S $ is a maximum independent group of $ G } $

  1. What is known? $ mathscr {I} (G) $?

  2. What are some of the properties of $ mathscr {I} (G) $?

  3. How does it work $ mathscr {I} (G) $ refers to other properties of $ G $ for example chromatic number?

  4. Is it possible to decide if there is a collection? $ mathscr {A} $ corresponds to $ mathscr {I} (H) $ for a diagram $ H $?

java – How can I maximally work against any group in Android Studio?

I have a question about a program I'm doing right now. In principle, I create a configuration so that the user can choose how many groups he wants to create and how many players should be created per group. When it's created, I can give it the ability to insert players and select which group I want you to go. My question is, how can I form a limiter by groups, ie if I target players in group 1, and that is the maximum, in which I do not get more players in group 1, and that happens the same applies to the number of groups , that I have. I've tried creating an array list to put several array lists into others and try to get them to work, but I can not get them. Thank you