vlc media player – Playing video from USB freezes entire system after hours

I’m trying to have an Intel Compute Stick play a playlist of videos non-stop from a USB stick.

Tested with Windows 8 and PowerDVD – runs fine for a week in a row, no problem at all.

Exact same hardware, but with Ubuntu 18.04 and VLC – the whole thing freezes after 12-24 hours. I can’t access it in any way once it’s frozen, neither via keyboard or remote SSH.

Can’t find anything in /var/log/kern.log or syslog. Nothing in /var/crash either.

During the past week I have tried:

  • Formatting the USB as ext4 instead of FAT.
  • Prevented USB autosuspend in both grub and with a rules.d (really hoped that was it, but no)
  • Tried adding settings in /etc/sysctl.conf to make it reboot on kernel panic – didn’t work

Copying the videofiles from the USB stick to internal storage, and playing there works! Then it played fine for a week. So it seems to be an issue with the USB stick – not with the graphics driver.

Any ideas on what could be causing this crash when playing from USB on Ubuntu with VLC? Any ideas on something I can try?

How to Set Up Plex Media Server on Your Cheap VPS

With a huge portion of the world’s population told to stay home, many people are looking for ways to fill the time. Setting up a home media server might be a great idea and help keep you and your loved ones entertained. When it comes to software for home media systems, Plex is by far the best option.

Plex is a brilliant software that lets you access your media library on all your devices. It makes the process of setting up a media server a breeze. Plex will also automatically organize your media files, such as movies and songs, for a fantastic experience. It is available on almost every platform you can think of. This includes Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux. Plex is also available to install on Smart TV’s, such as Roku-enabled or Amazon Fire Stick platforms.

Today, we are going to guide you through the process of setting up a Plex Media Server on your remote Linux server, specifically on a server running Ubuntu 18.04 (this tutorial will also work with Ubuntu 16.04 servers).

We will divide the process into two parts: installation on your remote server (VPS) and configuration (local).

Let’s start with the installation process.


Step 1. Update your system

Before you download and start installing the Plex media server, you need to make sure that your system is updated. For this, enter this command in the terminal:

Step 2. Download Plex Media Server

Now you are ready to download and install Plex. For that, head over to the download page on Plex’s website. Now choose “Plex Media Server,” select Linux as your OS, and then select Ubuntu as your distribution. Now at this stage, there are two ways to download the deb package. Copy the direct URL so we can download it on the server using wget. For that, copy the download link and run this command, make sure that you download the latest version though:

Step 3. Install the downloaded file

Now we will install the deb file using dkpg. So, once you are done downloading the file, go to that directory and run the following command:

  • sudo dpkg -i plexmediaserver*.deb

Step 4. Run the Plex server

Now, you are done with the installation process! To start the Plex Server, run these two commands:

  • sudo systemctl enable plexmediaserver.service
  • sudo systemctl start plexmediaserver.service

Let’s now move on to the configuration of your Plex Media Server.


IMPORTANT NOTE: These steps will be performed on your computer (assuming you are running on MacOS or Linux) — not on your VPS.

Step 1. Open Plex web interface

To start configuring Plex, you first need to connect to your remote server via SSH. To do this, perform the command:

  • ssh root@VPSIP -L 8888:localhost:32400

NOTE: Replace “VPSIP” with the IP of your server.

Now that you are connected, open your web browser and go to http://localhost:8888/web

 Step 2. Sign in/Sign up on Plex

When you open the web interface, you would be asked to sign in or register a Plex account.

Step 3. Add directories to the server

Perform this step on the remote server.

Create directories for your media files, such as movies, TV shows, and music.

Step 4. Add libraries

Now on your computer, choose the “Add Library” option. This will prompt you to choose the type of library. You can select the relevant option (Movies, TV shows, Music, and Photos).

After that, you would be asked to choose a directory for the library. Choose the one that you made in step 3 (/home/plex/movies, for example.)


Step 5. Add media

Now you are all set up to add the media to your libraries. When doing that, make sure that you are following Plex’s naming conventions.

Congratulations! You are all done with the setup and installation of your Plex Media Server. All that is left now is to download the Plex client for your devices (this is supported on every platform, including Smart TV’s as mentioned earlier). Once you log in, you would be able to access all your media that is hosted upon your remote server/VPS with ease!

Editors note: This article was contributed to the LowEndBox community by RackNerd – a provider of VPS and other hosting solutions. If you are looking for a VPS server to run a Plex Media Server on without breaking the bank, be sure to take a look at their exclusive LEB offers by clicking here!

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Launching a Social Media campaign

So we’ve neglected Social Media marketing for too long now. It’s time to play catch up.

So Facebook, Instagram, Twitter for sure, but we have zero followers.

Let’s start with Facebook for example. Should we spend money on ads to get likes or to get page engagement?

How would you define an audience to advertise to? After all just about anybody might need a website even if it’s just for their side hustle.

Any advice appreciated as I’m feeling very lost


Contest – $30 Social Media Image

I need a social media image for a post on facebook. The image is to promote a 5 Day Email Marketing Challenge.

It needs to be eye catching while maintaining a profession look and feel.

My initial thoughts are something around the mission impossible theme, but I’m open to ideas.

The contest will run until there are sufficient entries to choose a winner, but to be fair, I’ll announce the closing 24 hours prior to this to give everyone an opportunity.

Thanks, and I look forward to your efforts.


nodes – How can I track how embedded media is used across my site?

My site uses the core Media module, Entity Embed, and LinkIt to reference media and other entities in various ways.

I want to keep track of which media is embedded on which nodes.

I tried adding an entity reference field to media on my content types, but this means that I have to add the media twice: to the field where I actually embed the media and to the entity reference field to track it.

Is there a better way?

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Snippet overwrite media files?

I’m looking for a snippet that will overwrite media files. Example: There a audio file called Dogpark.mp3 uploaded to wordpress. The next week I have a few file called Dogpark.mp3 which I want to upload and replace last weeks file. Is there a snippet library I can find snippet that does that? The client doesn’t want to use media replacement plugin. Thank you for your time.

windows 10 – Bootable media not working

So i have Ubuntu installed in my system. I formatted the 8GB usb stick (mbr partition) created a FAT32 partition and copied ISO.

After sometime i notice error in copying because install.wim is greater than 4 gb, Then too i booted from USB. The installer was working but it gave me(shoud give) an error.

So i formatted the drive again changed the filesystem to NTFS and now it is not booting.

To check that bootable USB is working correctly I booted it in my other system and it worked properly.

But not working in my current system(Lenovo yoga 500).