Do the media make Trump more victims than previous presidents?

Making someone a victim means sacrificing someone by somehow harming or exploiting him.

I suppose some media exploit Trump's incompetence by reporting what he says and does, and his advocates prefer to see him as a victim instead of admitting that they have fallen in love with a fraudster. But I do not think that's really a victimization.

2 social media tips to keep in mind if you really want to grab your audience's attention – Social Media Marketing (SMM)

1. Do not be bored – people are not interested in boring stuff. In the social media, people come here to talk and have fun.
Think of creative ways to market your content and increase traffic while being interesting. That's marketing! It starts with the heading of your posts / blog links. Make it attractive for the audience to read your posts. "6 social media marketing tips" can be improved so you do not miss these 6 tips on marketing on social media.
If you are controversial, this can often lead to viral traffic. Express your opinion, create friction, stand out!

2. Go Visual: Images are more responsive, giving you instant releases and viral traffic.
Do not forget Instagram and Pinterest in your social media marketing checklist.

[Article] Promote Your Twitter Profile With Ten Free, Simple Methods – Social Media Marketing (SMM)

The opportunities on Twitter to reach your target audience are probably greater than in any other network, and it's easier to promote your Twitter profile. Since Twitter is an informal social network, you can easily increase your audience. If you follow someone on Twitter, they will most likely follow you.

However, as the audience on Twitter is so big, it's even more important that you define exactly who your audience is so that you can build a highly targeted audience.

Many companies start by following indiscriminately as many people as possible, hoping to attract potential customers. In this way, they come across a Twitter follower limit with a following of people who are not in the least interested in what they have to say or sell. With Twitter, everyone can follow up to 2000 people.

After reaching this number, the number of people you can follow will largely depend on your follower / your next ration. Another reason why it's so important to follow the right audience is that ad ideas are based on the types of accounts you follow when you promote your account on Twitter.


To create a nice, active audience on Twitter for your content, you'll first need to create a list of followers. This is quite difficult as you just started, as you are neither a recognized authority nor a great personality (brand) in your niche. But here are ten simple methods Apply for your Twitter profile, You should implement them correctly to gain followers.

1. Publish your Twitter profile URL on all your websites

Make sure your Twitter handle link is on all your marketing material: your website, blog, Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Twitter provides code for buttons at this URL There are also third-party developers who create plugins that can be integrated into your page. They also offer plugins for multiple social platforms.

2. Embed a timeline into your website

You can easily view your recent tweets with pictures on your website or blog by visiting this page , It's very tempting for your website visitors to click on the "Follow" button when they see how interesting your tweets are. You can also embed public tweets from any user on Twitter, any user's favorites, lists you own or subscribe to, and custom search results.

3. Add your Twitter handle to all your promotional information

Make sure to add your Twitter URL to marketing materials, business cards, brochures, your means of transport, your product packaging, your business, your receipts, or any place where you promote your business.

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What are the negative effects of social media?

Hello friends,

What are the negative effects of social media?

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