plugins – WordPress Add Media problem with adding media description in wp_editor() when used in bootstrap modal

I am working in a plugin that uses wp_editor() for the text editor and has Add Media button. In my plugin, I have used bootstrap modal to popup a form with the text editor created using wp_editor(). When I click on Add Media to upload an image, I can upload the image but cannot input descriptions like Alt Text, Title or Other description. The textbox does not even get selected and seems to be disabled. Can somebody help me?

wp_editor( $content, $editor_id, $settings);

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Attaching a file to a page without adding to media library?

We are using WP for our new intranet, which will primarily be used for documentation and archiving. We have some pages where we want to attach PDFs, documents, images, etc. However, we do not want these media items to be added to the media library when we attach them to a page; i.e., if the page is deleted, the media items are also deleted. Is there a way to do this?


Value of using multiple social media platforms

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Although we have an extensive following, only a few people click on LIKE and/or SHARE, I assume that the same would happen for (4) Twitter and (5) Instagram.

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