legal – If someone becomes unconscious due to a cocktail of prescription medication, would they be held liable for holding up the flight?

I have a friend who has travelled to the U.S, Canada, UK, and Australia a few times. He is prescribed the painkiller oxycodone (Oxycontin) by his GP and an anti-anxiety medication, diazepam (Valium) by his psychiatrist.

He says that he takes it normally but I know that he’s teetering towards addiction as he now takes an added dose for sleep as well. He’s taken these on flights and slept deeply as well as totally forgot his experience. Knowing that he’ll build tolerance to it and have to take larger doses, I imagine there’s a time that will come when hill suffer an overdose particularly as these are both CNS depressants.

If he were to take these on a flight and then become unconscious to the point where the crew couldn’t arouse him from his sleep, would he get charged for disrupting the flight when he lands? I believe that a pilot would have to deviate the plane from its original destination.

customs and immigration – In transit with controlled medication

I am travelling from Vancouver to auckland via SFO and Sydney. I will be in transit in Sydney, arriving on a UA flight and transiting to an Air NZ flight to Auckland.
I have a medical condition and will be carrying 3 months supply of a controlled medication( not marijuana).They will be in my carry on bag as I need them to clear US customs in SFO.
Will I be required to clear Australian customs as I am in transit to NZ?

Why are most democrats so scared to admit Hydroxychloroquine works? This lawmaker almost died and was saved by the medication?

People like you, and Trump, are ignoring what the FDA is saying:

“FDA is concerned that hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine are being used inappropriately to treat non-hospitalized patients for coronavirus disease (COVID-19) or to prevent that disease. We authorized their temporary use only in hospitalized patients with COVID-19 when clinical trials are not available, or participation is not feasible, through an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). These medicines have a number of side effects, including serious heart rhythm problems that can be life-threatening.

We have reviewed case reports in the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System database, the published medical literature, and the American Association of Poison Control Centers National Poison Data System concerning serious heart-related adverse events and death in patients with COVID-19 receiving hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine, either alone or combined with azithromycin or other QT prolonging medicines. These adverse events included QT interval prolongation, ventricular tachycardia and ventricular fibrillation, and in some cases, death. We are continuing to investigate these safety risks in patients with COVID-19 and will communicate publicly when more information is available.”

schengen – Bring a medication with cannabis sativa from India to the Netherlands

A few months ago, a friend of mine (who is a Dutch citizen) wanted to bring this over-the-counter medication from India to the Netherlands.

It is a specially prepared herbal medicine. Herbal medicines can usually be brought to Europe in small quantities (I think). However, this contains approximately 7-9% cannabis sativa.

My friend would maybe bring 100 grams of this medicine (of which less than 10 grams are actually cannabis sativa).

Medicinal use of this plant is now permitted locally and partially in India. This special product is sold in local medical stores in industrially packaged containers by licensed Ayurvedic companies. As for Indian law, I don't think that this should be a problem in his case.

As far as I know, is cannabis sativa allowed in the Netherlands?

My friend said the drug was a great help to his condition (high blood pressure). However, since he was flying through another European country (I think Germany or France), I warned him of possible problems at the transit airport. In the end, he decided not to do it.

  1. Was that a reason?

  2. What if he takes a direct flight from India to the Netherlands on his next visit? Would there be any legal problems then?

What risks could my friend face in both cases in Europe / the Netherlands?

Do you buy medication online?

How do I buy medication safely in an online pharmacy?

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