How do mining pools ensure pool members don’t cheat?

If I understand well, when being part of a pool, you are asking to solve problems that are easier than the real one, typically finding a hash starting with n zeros instead of n+1 or something.
And you will be awarded some fraction of BTC depending on how much “easy” problems you solved.

But when (if) you find by chance a solution to the full difficult problem, why would you send it to the pool and not submitting a block to the network by yourself and not sharing anything?

Deleting list members by rule

I have a list:

lis = {{"a", "b", "c"}, {"d", "e", "f"}, {"d", "e", "x"}, {"g", "h", "i"}}

I would like to remove elements from this list if the following condition is met.

Compare adjacent members of the list. If they are identical except for the third sub-element being “x”, then delete the element that contains the “x”

This gives:

res = {{"a","b","c"},{"d","e","f"},{"g","h","i}}

Thanks for ideas.

ICloud Family Sharing: Who gets notified when the organizer changes a members role

ICloud Family Sharing: Who gets notified when the organizer changes a members role – Ask Different

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usa – Are Global Entry LPR members obligated to carry a passport when flying into the US?

The Global Entry application asks for your passport information in addition to your Green Card, even though technically speaking you only need a Green Card to enter the US. Does this mean one is required to carry a passport when flying into the US or can you fly with just your Green Card and your Global Entry card?

As for scenarios where this could matter: you can fly to Canada and back with just your Green Card. You can likewise fly to the US from the UK with just a Green Card, as the UK doesn’t have exit immigration. Finally, EU citizens can fly to the EU with just their national ID card and then return to the US with just their EU ID card and their Green Card.

Adding a role using Members and Formidable Forms

Not a coder 🙁
Been using a snippet to change roles when someone completes a Formidable Forms. Works fine. But on another site, I want to just ‘add’ a role. I don’t know how to modify the snippet below to add a given role rather than changing it.
One more idea… a way to protect more than just the admin role. I don’t know how to modify the ‘if’ line so as to protect more than just the admins.

* This will change a user to a different member role after they complete their member profile.
add_action('frm_after_create_entry', 'inactive_to_member', 20, 2);
function inactive_to_member($entry_id, $form_id){
 if($form_id == 21){ // form id of the form to copy
   $new_role = 'census_club'; //change this to the role users should be granted upon completing form

   $user = wp_get_current_user(); //get logged in user
   if(!$user) {
       return; //don't continue if user doesn't exist

   $updated_user = (array)$user;

   // Get the highest/primary role for this user  
   $user_roles = $user->roles;
   $user_role = array_shift($user_roles);
   if ( $user_role == 'administrator' ) 
       return; //make sure we don't downgrade any admins

   $updated_user('role') = $new_role;

javascript – Can’t access `.members` or `.full` properties

I am trying to check wether or not a <VoiceChannel> has X amount of members in it. I tried using <VoiceChannel>.members.size but it always returns 0 even though I am connected to the voice channel. I tried logging the <VoiceChannel> object and it does not show the #full and #members properties. I have GUILD_MEMBERS intent declared and enabled in the developer portal.

I would also gladly accept as answer to this question an alternative way to check for the number of members in a voice channel.

Deal – Cryptos to Naira (for Nigerian members) | Proxies-free

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Create workflow to notify members a task is complete

I’m newer to SharePoint and am wondering if there was a way to add a workflow onto a task list (originally opened with project then synced). Basically I want assigned team members to know when the task ahead of theirs is marked completed so that they can begin the next project. Also be notified when documents are uploaded to their task.

We run a website design firm, so I want the Creative Dir to be notified when a graphic designer finishes their “Initial concepts” task and that his task of “review concepts” is ready for him to approve or complete. Then the next task is triggered when he marks his task complete, so forth.

If theres a way to send approvals automatically to outside clients when we’ve uploaded final concepts so they can approve without having to come in

Can a standard workflow template work for this or would MS flows be better? How do I set these onto the existing task lists.

Thanks in advance

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