Should women who falsely accuse men of rape be prosecuted for this?

Why? Because it wrongly destroys a man's reputation, casts a large shadow of doubt on all real rape victims, and doing nothing causes many bastard women to believe that they can make it and get away with it, which means that there are simply more cases of it will give. Why not? On the other hand, it can prevent real victims from speaking about their bad experiences when it is difficult enough for them to do so. It is terrible that a man is falsely accused and essentially wrongly accused of being destroyed, even if he is not sent to prison, it usually ruins a man's life and it is obviously terrible to be raped, and on top of that worse that you are so much doubted yourself thrown into jail. I as a man would see the latter as worse, but both are horrible scenarios, terrible scenarios created by bad men and bad women.

Why do women get shorter and shorter sentences for the same crime as men?

"Why do women get shorter and shorter sentences for the same crime as men?"

Because we are focusing on a one-way version of "gender equality".

Women have achieved full legal equality with men wherever men previously had an advantage. And now feminists are insisting that we continue to focus on women's social and personal equality without first equalizing men's legal equality when women benefit.

It's no wonder that so many feminist topics sound ridiculous these days. Manspreading, mans training, sexist air conditioning and toxic masculinity are seen by feminists as the most important issues in our society, while the right of men to legal equality has not even been reached in judgments.


Men lag behind in education compared to women?

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Women have far exceeded equality. But still want special privileges because they are women.

The total number of bachelor's programs shows that women were more than men for the first time in the late 1970s.

Since 1981, women have consistently outperformed men in bachelor's degrees.

Today there are 134 women for every 100 men who receive a bachelor's degree today.

Why do we still need scholarships and positive measures specifically for "women" in higher education when men fall behind?

Updated 12 hours ago::

@ Matt — This is about performance …. This question is about registration. More and more girls are enrolled and positive measures are still being taken, and scholarships are very much in favor of women.

Updated 12 hours ago::

Typo – This is * not * about performance. This question is about registration.

Updated 11 hours ago::

@ Matt – No, positive action is beneficial for women to go to universities.

Liberals, do you support Biden in deciding on his Vice President who discriminates against men?

Most liberals would call me conservative. I'm actually an independent who supports Trump. And no matter how you turn it, affirmative action is racial and gender discrimination.

But there are some very good women that I would support for different political positions. Not because they are women, but because they are what kind of individuals.

But when Biden says that he will choose "a woman", he tells me that he strives for voices and does not see people as individuals.

Men win nothing and risk losing everything in marriage, why the hell are they still doing it?

"Men win nothing and risk losing everything in marriage, why the hell are they still doing it?"

I assume that men as a group have not yet reached this critical mass, where they will finally give up society. There are signs that it is coming. Just not sure which generation will finally make it. Based on the "liberation of women" it will work as follows:

One day men will decide to start a movement to free themselves from the bonds of marriage and bondage with women.

This will be the case for men after they are finally fed up with slaveing ​​all day to support their families and are expected to excel in business and build a life for their women and children. Sick and tired of the weight of society on their shoulders, do they instead want to pursue careers that are not related to marriage and children? Perhaps they decide that it is unfair to be expected from a child just because they have fathered them and now want rights that require that they not be involved in the child's life at all if they feel like it or could take it all away from the woman and wind it up without a mother if they want it instead. They could also request that they be free to choose whether to abort the child, whether the woman wanted it or not, and claim genetic ownership of the product of their mistake. You could also demand equal rights in the event of a divorce so that you do not have to pay child support or child support.

This is the liberation of the people. If enough men make such demands, the system would have to listen or collapse under the lack of support and subversion of this system.

Men could march on the street to get the right to sleep while questioning the teachings of the Church that they are faithful to their wives, calling it oppressive and degrading. Then they could bravely declare women useless that society would be fine without them, that a man needs a woman, like a fish needs a bike. In this environment, all cases of domestic abuse against women are ignored, while cases of domestic abuse against men are exaggerated. And all women would be held responsible for rape in prison because they expect men to take care of themselves while blaming high rates of detention.

And then, after giving rise to a proud and noisy idea that men need to be released from the commitments of caring for women, men would still expect women to clean, cook, and care for the children, but without obligation. In fact, men will require the state to require women to perform these tasks while continuing their lives. At this point, men will be tired of dominating the dangerous and unwanted jobs and demanding safe, simple office jobs while sending women out to collect garbage, maintain sewage systems, cut down trees, build skyscrapers, drill for oil to patrol the streets, fight fires and wars.

All of this would only reflect how the "liberation of women" went down here in the West in the last century or so.

It could go down this way … or … society could cut off this movement before it ever happened by being FAIR only for men who are starting now or very soon.


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Why do Incel men believe that all women are stupid and men?

Incels don't necessarily believe that. The only inherent belief in an Incel is that despite their best efforts, they are unable to find someone to whom they are attracted to amicable sex.

As for the impulses you refer to, many of them have already tried everything that successful people do, and after a life of failures they have given up, hence their negative attitude.

Do you really think that all successful people out there would have endless stamina if it didn't work out relatively early in their lives? Of course they wouldn't!