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Supply chain management is often driven by barcodes and includes inventory replenishment and execution of high-volume process automation customer orders.

If you are a medium-sized company dealing with warehouse management, automatic replenishment, advanced automated barcode order execution (order processing, order picking and packaging, return and dismantling of finished goods), you can count on a degree of custom programming implementation of supply chain management Solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP. ? We have described the peculiarities of Great Plains Warehouse Management, Barcoding, Broadcasting, Integration with Retail Applications, and Inventory Cycle Count in several publications. In this document we will try to provide you with general SCM approaches and options, especially if you came to the conclusion that existing standard Dynamics GP SCM packages do not provide the required functionality:
1. Integration of external applications into Dynamics GP compared to extending the Great Plains screen in the Supply Chain Management application. This is probably one of the first questions or topics for your homework. There are great self-sufficient SCM systems in the ERP software market. If you believe that proper integration with Dynamics GP is fine, you can opt for this path. There are several integration tools to consider in Dynamics GP. In the simplest and probably recommended scenario, consider the GP Integration Manager module, which allows you to integrate CSV or tab-delimited text files, as well as extended ODBC queries, whatever could be exposed through the ODBC bridge (including cross-platform DB Queries: Oracle), DBII, PHPMySQLLinux, Pervasive SQL). You can also explore Dynamics GP eConnect to move records from the SCM system to GP. ? In the case of eConnect, you have more control, including options for triggering real-time transaction integration (eConnect libraries can be added to your MS Visual Studio C # application from Darrell Henderson Rams Jersey, VB, where you program your custom integration) ,
2. Expansion of native Dynamics GP screens and business logic to achieve supply chain management goals. Microsoft Dynamics GP itself has extensive business logic, particularly in modules such as inventory control (inter-site transfer, cycle count, cost and price control) and bill of materials (for discrete manufacturing, including on-demand or order execution)) Taylor Rapp Rams Jersey, Order Processing (especially with the Purchasing Configurator – this module may be the core of your SCM inventory replenishment), order fulfillment (where you can use the order execution steps, including order fulfillment or billing, order backlogs) – to give you a few reasons to think about , ? You can ask the question to your management team. We have already purchased Dynamics GP Business Ready licenses, which already contain much of the logic we need for SCM. All you need to do is enable bar code automation to make Great Plains easy to use for your warehouse workers. If you choose to extend the existing business logic of Dynamics GP, consider the following tools: Microsoft Dexterity (this is the architecture of Great Plains with its own Sanscript scripting language and integrated development environment). With Dexterity Cory Littleton, you have no limits (Ram's Jersey, except for the fact that Dex needs experienced programmers who are familiar with Dynamics GP Source Code). The second tool could be VBA Modifier – it's not .Net-compatible, but it does a great job or adds Dynamics GP screens with new editable fields, push buttons, and so on, where you'd have to animate these new objects with VBA scripts. VBA lets you transfer data to Dynamics GP tables using ADO technology
3. Barcode focus. In Dynamics GP, any screen in which you have editable fields can be for barcode integration (or where you want to upload a barcode scanner stack). The reason for considering a custom add-on programming is simple: Each screen of a corporate ERP application has different types of editable fields: drop-down list, check box, Robert Woods Rams Jersey Radio Group, edit field and these fields should be filled out be specific order. The barcode scanner can insert scanned code into the edit box and requires custom logic to automate the rest of the screen business logic
4. International SCM focus. Microsoft Dynamics GP is located in most English-speaking countries: US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Oceania, Jared Goff Rams Jersey, South Africa. Moreover, it is located to some extent in Spanish-speaking countries in South and Central America and the Caribbean Basin. It is also available in French in QuebecMontreal. Dynamics GP is also translated into Arabic. In the countries and regions where GP is not located: Brazil, China, Russia, Japan, Continental Europe, Cooper Kupp Rams Jersey, Korea – we recommend SAP Business One
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