mysql – why do my websocket received messages are increasing on each message recived

im working with nodejs ws and here is my script im using (example)

const ws = new WebSocket('wss://');

ws.on('open', function open() {

    sleep(4000); // wating for response

       connection.query("SELECT * FROM `my table`", function (error, results) {
       results.forEach(function (row) {

       ws.send('{"command":"get_res","params":{"uid":' + row.uid + '}}');

       ws.on('message', function incoming(data) {

       var d = JSON.parse(data);





the issue im facing is that every new message is increased , for example:

message 1

message 2
message 2

message 3
message 3
message 3

what do i need to do to get only one message after sending command to socket?
what can be the reason?
im already 2 days trying to figure this and no answer 🙁


urls – Add Link to PHP message

This feels like a noob question and I can’t find references out there on how to do it. But I am adding a custom message the the default WP Login Page.

I want to add a hyperlink (to a support page on the front end) inside the text. How do I go about doing that?

function mito_login_message( $message ) {
if ( empty($message) ){
    return "<p>To log in, please use the same email address you used to confirm your participation in this virtual meeting. The password for the event can be found in the reminder emails you have received from the MITO Events Team over the past few days.</p>";
} else {
    return $message;

add_filter( ‘login_message’, ‘mito_login_message’ );

functions – Redirect user after profile update with a message

I have been working on a website based on woocommerce and have removed the default dashboard on the my account page. But when users update their email id or change their password, it still goes to the dashboard with a message.

  1. I want to redirect users to the same profile page with a message saying “profile updated” when they change their email id.
  2. Redirect users to the login page after changing their password because changing password logs them out. Could you guys help me out?

For time being I tried using the following code to redirect to the home page for the both actions but I get a syntax error while placing the order.

function redirect_me(){

I am a designer with less knowledge about coding. Could you guys help me out here?

message queue – How to make subscribers load balanced with Redis PubSub?

I am using Redis as message broker in pubsub mode.
There are only 1 publisher and N subscribers listening to same channel.
For the original pubsub mode, these N subscribers will receive “same” message each time.
My questions is, is there any mechanism inside Redis or any other ways for these subscribers get different messages for each one ?

hard drive – How to get Windows Storage Spaces warning message

In what must be one of the stranges UX decisions ever, Windows tells me that one of my physical drives in a Storage Pool has a warning – but that’s it. Bad S.M.A.R.T. values ? Unstable read rates ? High error rate ? Nobody knows, and Windows does not seem inclined to tell me. Surely that information must be available somewhere, any hints ?

c++ – VS2019 Warning message – MIDL2338- switches are contradictory -error vs. -target

After Converted VS2008 to VS2019 getting this error messages

MIDL2338: switches are contradictory -error vs. -target
MIDL2338: switches are contradictory -no_robust vs. -target
MIDL1024: Errors on command line–Aborting

Converted VS version is 16.7.6 and toolset v142.
How can I remove these errors.

Successful confirmation after message posted to Queue

Not able to receive successful confirmation message even after message is posted to Queue in ASB.

While debugging I have noticed that, system is exiting control at this statement “await client.SendAsync(brokeredMessage).ConfigureAwait(false);” from my below code.

string conString = “xxx”;

Microsoft.Azure.ServiceBus.QueueClient client = new Microsoft.Azure.ServiceBus.QueueClient(conString, “queueName”);
string messageBody = “xxx”;

var brokeredMessage = new Message(Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(messageBody));
brokeredMessage.ContentType = “application/JSON; charset=utf-8”;

await client.SendAsync(brokeredMessage);

await client.CloseAsync();

Is there any WordPress plugin with conditional output message based on the filled data?

I have 2 columns in an Excel sheet the 1st column is a user name (which is unique) and the other 2nd column is the user’s promo code that he will use later (Offline in local stores)
So my question is there any WordPress plugin with conditional output message based on the filled data? with excel functionality to add the 2 columns to satisfy this example
Whenever user “Admin5562” enters his name “Admin5562” the unique answer for him only would be “Promo50%”