Overwrite the message "Out of stock"

Okay, I'm a Dufus. I'm trying to change the "Out of stock" message displayed on the product page to "Sold Out". Currently with Magento 2.3.

Create an i18n folder in my custom theme folder en_Us.csv and paste the following into the file
"Sold out", "Sold out!"

Cache emptied, but it still shows the dreaded sold out rather than sold out!

I tried to search on Google and here, but it seems that simple tasks like these are not documented. Can someone enlighten me?

Thank you very much.

google pixel 2 – Call me / let me know when I receive a text message from a VIP

I am Australian and have registered to receive SMS notifications at different (unscheduled) times during the US time of day, the Australian night time.

I want to make sure I get notified when I receive a text message from them.

Can I change the sound when receiving an SMS from this VIP?

Ideally, I would like to have an alarm that does not stop until I take care of it.

Help appreciated.

Series extension – error message if nothing is to be evaluated

When I try to define this simple function

getCoeff(SeriesData(_, _, coeff_, _, _, _)) := coeff((2))

I get an error:

SeriesData: Coefficient specification coeff_ in SeriesData(_,_,coeff_,_,_,_) is not a list.

Can someone explain what's wrong with that? My understanding was that SetDelayed One should not complain about such things until I actually evaluate an expression that contains getCoeff it should not try to evaluate Part(coeff,2),

No error is output for the similar function

f(g(_, _, x_, _, _, _)) := x((2))

and also getCoeff works as expected:

getCoeff@Series(E^((Pi) x), {x, 0, 3})

outputs $ pi $,

I know the "right" way to manipulate SeriesDataI just want to understand this case for its own sake.

layout – Slack or similar apps message length?

I'm just wondering why Slack does not limit the length of message body displayed on the desktop, as if we were setting it to full screen and not opening any page windows. Is the text in the news hard to read?

Do you know that many users scale the Slack window and they do not want to mess with it, or just say it if you want, because why not :]?

I've taken Slack as an example of a news app, but – Messenger has a different approach – some limits and conversation layout.

What do you think?

mysql – Secure-file-priv error message

I'm using MySql 8 Community Server on Windows 8. Exporting or importing files was a big challenge. Every time I tried to export a file to the default folder, the error message "secure-file-priv" was displayed. I tried to set my own path in the "secure-file-priv" directory, but after setup, the server did not automatically reload unless I reinstalled it. How do I fix this problem?

Spoofing – My personal phone sent a text message that I did not send

If your phone is still working, it is unlikely to be a SIM exchange attack. In general, one of the consequences of a SIM exchange is that all services (including your telephone number) provided on your telephone are transmitted in exactly the same way to the telephone of the attacker to whom those services would be transmitted Your new phone during the upgrade. This is the key point in a SIM exchange, as the attacker tries to intercept all calls or texts generated by an MFA (Multifactor Authentication) scheme to identify themselves to this service. More at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SIM_swap_scam.

This is possible, but highly unlikely (unless you are a high-quality target of a national threat – and you would) knows If this were the case, your SIM card could be cloned and not replaced. Cloning is illegal in the US and definitely recognizable for airlines that have an incentive to block such agreements because they can be used to bill fraud. More at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phone_cloning.

All this means that it was probably just a parody.

The shared library seems to be installed, but I still receive an error message

objective: Install / start an app via csh or tcsh, it's a 3D liquid simulation app called realflow.

Background: I downloaded the app and tried to run it via csh or tcsh. I get

strings: 'lib/i386-linux-gnu/libstdc++.so.6': No such file

But after finding out which package it belongs to and trying to install it, I get:

sudo apt-get install libstdc++6
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
libstdc++6 is already the newest version (9.1.0-2ubuntu2~19.04).

Any ideas?
Thanks for any suggestion, cheers

Message Queue – Best Practice for Communication and Events with Multiple Applications?

In essence, I have a web application and a console application. The web application allows users to configure what to process. It is only a large information processor. Using the Web UI, a user creates a configuration that is added to a configuration queue for processing.

If the user saves a configuration and no instance of the console application is running, the console applications run on the server (in a given configuration, multiple instances of the application are often started). Theoretically, no user needs to enter a new configuration to start an instance of the console app after the previous configuration has been processed. I need to get the next configuration in the queue.

The caveat is that the console application should not be aware of its outer implementation. Only part of the configuration has to be transferred and the information is processed accordingly. Because multiple instances work independently of each other on the same overall configuration, I can not retrieve a new configuration until all instances of the application are completed for the current one.

My thoughts on this may be the use of a message bus for communication between applications (RabbitMQ, MassTransit, etc.). Once all the processors are done, I want to send an event to notify that it's ready to start instances of the console application for the next configuration in the queue.

I'm not sure if a message bus is the best way to do it or not, or if there are other solutions that I did not think of / came across. At worst, I can hack something in the console application, but I want it to be as self-contained as possible.

sharepoint online – all employees are allowed, but they receive the message "request for permission"

I've seen unusual behavior on several SharePoint Online subsites I've created. No one who has not visited the sites can get access even though All Employees have read access. Others, who have viewed pages in the past, find that performance is normal.

On another special subsite, a page owner is notified that she has no permissions when she clicks on a link (that is, a link to a file in a Quick Links web part). If she opens the document library where the file is located, she can download it from there, but the link will not work – again for one of the owners of the site.

We tested both Google Chrome (latest version) and Internet Explorer 11. These are currently the only enterprise-approved browsers.

Thanks in advance for any help.