sleep wake – Sending messages from the terminal does not work when the Mac goes into sleep mode

I have a script for it LaunchControl Runs in the middle of the night to back up my database and send a message that this has happened. The picture is sent as follows:

osascript -e 'tell application "Messages" to send "backup completed" to buddy "admin"'

I use OSX Mojave. This works well if I test it during the day, but in the middle of the night the message is not sent even though the backup is taking place. It probably has something to do with my machine sleeping. How do I fix this?

Encryption – Is it possible to decrypt telegram messages from a private chat?

The data is encrypted with a random AES key. The AES key is then encrypted with the recipient's public key.

The encrypted data, along with the encrypted key, is transmitted to the user who uses their private key to decrypt the AES key, which in turn is used to decrypt the encrypted text.

Is it now possible to record a message via the proxy and to manually decrypt it with the private key?

Because the private key is never transferred during the communication process, it is not possible to discover it by using a Socks proxy with a root certificate present on the device.

I think it would be a good idea to better understand how asymmetric encryption works. The following link puts it in a nutshell:

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Keyboard shortcuts – Gmail no longer opens messages with the Enter key

I've enabled custom shortcuts in Gmail's settings. Today I played with them and now I can not open a message with the return key. I can still do it with my custom keyboard shortcut O, Use ENT as a value that does not work, and set itself ENTER because the value also bypasses the character limit does not work.

How do I activate the use of Enter do I open a message from the thread list?

Is it possible to see business page messages (inbox) in messenger?

I'm an administrator of a corporate page, checking messages on a PC during the day by going to the page's inbox. Is there a way to retrieve the business content inbox in my personal messenger so that I can see customer messages alongside other messages and not have to open two tabs, one for personal messages and one for business page inbox?