ai – Method to make character roam map isn’t working

I’m an absolute beginner in Unreal Engine, so sorry for any strange mistakes, formatting, etc. I’m trying to make a game for a project where an enemy chases the player through a maze when it spots the player, but when there’s no player it roams around the maze. I have the following blueprint:


Every time I run it, it has varying outcomes. Sometimes the enemy will move around a few times, then randomly stop. It won’t return a fail message or move. Other times, it will send a single fail message as soon as the program is run, then not return anything else. And other times, it won’t send anything at all or move and just stand there. It’ll also sometimes simply turn ~95 degrees to the left then stop.

There’s also the issue that the enemy takes the same path every trial, even though it’s supposed to choose a random point and move to it.

The enemy easily chases the player through the maze and won’t get stuck anywhere, but for some reason the enemy stops moving when it’s executing the roam method.

I tried adjusting the radius in the GetRandomPointInNavigableRadius part, but that didn’t affect anything. I also tried making the character smaller in case it was getting stuck on certain turns, but that also didn’t affect it. Removing the delay made it work a few times, but then it went back to not working after a few trials.

Here’s the rest of the code for reference:


and a picture of the maze:


and the enemy’s width relative to the maze path:


Thank you for any help!

python – optimize binary classification method for speed

I have the following code for determining TP, TN, FP and FN values for binary classification given two sparse vectors as input (using the sparse library):

def confused(sys1, ann1):
    # True Positive (TP): we predict a label of 1 (positive), and the true label is 1.
    TP = np.sum(np.logical_and(ann1 == 1, sys1 == 1))

    # True Negative (TN): we predict a label of 0 (negative), and the true label is 0.
    TN = np.sum(np.logical_and(ann1 == 0, sys1 == 0))

    # False Positive (FP): we predict a label of 1 (positive), but the true label is 0.
    FP = np.sum(np.logical_and(ann1 == 0, sys1 == 1))

    # False Negative (FN): we predict a label of 0 (negative), but the true label is 1.
    FN = np.sum(np.logical_and(ann1 == 1, sys1 == 0))
    return TP, TN, FP, FN

I’m trying to find a way to optimize this for speed. This is based on how-to-compute-truefalse-positives-and-truefalse-negatives-in-python-for-binary-classification-problems where my addition was to add the sparse arrays to optimize for memory usage, since the input vectors for the current problem I am trying to solve have over 7.9 M elements, and the positive cases (i.e., 1), are few and far between wrt the negative cases (i.e., 0).

I’ve done profiling of my code and about half the time is spent in this method.

spring boot – CE_CLASS_ENVY Method excessively uses methods of another class Java

Spotbug is giving the violation for the below code

    class LocationServiceTest {
    LocationService locationService;
    void shouldFetchAllLocation_whenQueried() {
       when(locationService.findAll(any(),any()).thenReturn(List.of(location("LOC1"), location("LOC2"))
   private Location location(String id) {
        return Location.builder()

This method(location) makes extensive use of methods from another class over methods of its own, but the method location(String id) calling in the same class only not in any other Test class but still gives this spotbug violation .

Thanks for your help !!

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java array main method – Code Review Stack Exchange

public class Array
       public static void main (String()args)
        public static int() create (int size) // I have to accept an integer size and creates an array of integers of that size.

        int()a=new int (7);
        for (int i=2;i<a.length;i=i+2)
        return a;
        public static void print(int()a)//display the array by separate space
        for (int i=2; i<a.length;i++)
        public static boolean found(int()a,int item)//returns true if item is found in the array if not false
        for (int i=2;i<a.length;i++)
        {System.out.println("in the list");
        return true;
        {System.out.println("not in the list");
         return false;
       return false;
     public static int() grow(int()a) //adding extra 0 in the biginning
        int()b=new int(a.length+1);
        for (int i=0; i<a.length;i++)
        return b;

In this array, the output should be like this

  • 2,4,6,8,10,12
  • 0 is not on the list
  • 0,2,4,6,8,10,12
    (never mind the – )

but nothing comes up right now. What should I add to the main method? Also is there something I need to change??

1.I have to accept an integer size and creates an array of integers of that size.
2.display the array by separate space
3.returns true if the item is found in the array if not false
4.adding extra 0 in the beginning

The program then uses found to display whether or
not there is a zero in the list. Finally, grow the list and print out the new list.

clothing – Optimal packing method for bras?

Whenever the topic of packing something in an optimal way comes up, it’s useful to see if the Navy has anything to say about it. The Navy is a good place to look because sailors need to be especially diligent about packing economically, and women sailors are no exception.

Specifically, women in the US Navy are issued 11 bras and should have 2 in their seabag ready for deployment. The rest should be stored in their locker at port. These are of the type: sports, white or beige. Your question did not specify a given bra type, so this answer would apply to sports bras rather than the cantilevered or balconette or contoured or other bra types.

Pursuing this topic, it turns out that the US Naval Academy provides female midshipmen with instructions on folding their bras…

enter image description here

b. Brassieres. Divide into thirds; fold right third and then left third back; fold top straps down to form a square; stack in locker with bottom sweatbands flush and facing out (Figure 6-B).

…and to help get the point across, they provide an image…

enter image description here

Source: Midshipmen Uniform Regulations

Presumably the required square shape is the result of computing optimized surface area versus volume.

They make a point of explaining how the bras should be stored in the locker, but it’s implied that storage for deployment would follow the same pattern. It’s a good bet that the Navy hired external contractors to study the problem and produce a report which then informed the regulations.

Nobody likes a tired, frumpy bra that’s been crushed in a suitcase, and if you eschew the sports bra in favour of the cupped bra style, then consider some of the recent innovations in specialist luggage.

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