PHP – Codeigniter 3 micro-blogging application

I'm working on a basic blog application in Codeigniter 3.1.8 and Bootstrap 4,

The application allows registration (as author), login, adding categories and posts.

I have created an installation process for the application: After creating a database and providing credentials for the application application / config / database.php File, you can do that To install Controller that creates all necessary tables:

Install class extends CI_Controller {
public function __construct ()
parent :: __ construct ();

public function index () {
// Create all database tables, if none exist
// by forwarding to the migration controller
$ tables = $ this-> db-> list_tables ();
if (count ($ tables) == 0) {
redirect (& # 39; migrate & # 39;);
} else {
redirect (# 39/39 & #);

After that you can register as author, As the first registered author you are also an administrator, ie your author account does not require activation (the is_admin Column has a value of 1 to you).

All future authors need their accounts activated by you to publish articles (posts).

It's a pretty ambitious project, although I did not start with big plans. I only wanted to learn Codeigniter 3 GitHub Account.

There are a few possible problems:

  1. The application does Not use HMVC, but "classic" MVC.
  2. There is no clear separation between front and be back (Administrator)
  3. I would like to add one thematizing Feature and I got stuck somehow; I do not know what approach to use.

Please help me with useful feedback and suggestions. Many Thanks!