Microphone – Powerbook with microphone and headphones: I can't hear my voice. What is the solution?

I have a Powerbook, OS 10.15.4, with a microphone and use noise canceling headphones. When I speak during a video conference, I don't hear myself (other than the noise caused by the bones of my hard head). What solution is there so that I can hear the video conference conversation and input from my microphone? I'm not geeky enough to find out with one. Thank you

macbook pro – How can I keep the microphone switched on when dictating?

I have a Macbook Pro with Catalina. When I dictate and then pause, the microphone turns off and I have to press the fn key twice to turn it back on. When Dragon speaks, you can turn on the microphone, but that doesn't work here. I tried dictating with both Open Office and Pages, and the problem is the same. I want to use the dictation to dictate stories and it includes pauses.

Bluetooth – can I force Android to use an external microphone in apps like Instagram?

I'm trying to make Instagram live, but the audio is really shitty. So I plugged in my headphones, but the sound comes through, but it doesn't use the microphone in the headphones. It uses the microphone for calls and there is an option in the native camera app when creating a video. I tried wired and bluetooth headphones. Is there any way to get Instagram to use the external microphone?

Audio problem with microphone input volume during video calls

On Motorola Moto ONE VisiĆ³n, Android 10, QSAS30.62.24.3:

My voice is barely audible on WhatsApp and Instagram video calls to those I speak to. Checked for dust or anything blocking the microphone's audio input, but everything was fine. I even tried connecting an external microphone (ride videomic) and my speech volume was still low for the person I was talking to.

When I film a video with the built-in camera app, I have no problems recording audio. The same thing happens when sending WhatsApp and Instagram audio messages. Then everything goes well.

I think it must have something to do with simultaneous audio output / input or maybe with microphone noise reduction software, but I can't find where to set it.

The microphone stops working when the video is activated in a signal / WhatsApp call.

I am using Android 10 on an Essential Phone that has been updated to the latest Android platform build (QQ1A.200105.032). When I call Signal or WhatsApp, my microphone is working properly and the other person can hear me. As soon as I activate the video, the other participant can see me but can no longer hear me. I downloaded a microphone test app that shows three options for the microphone: standard, microphone and camcorder. It records audio for all of these.

It is also strange that I record a video in the Signal or WhatsApp, it records audio and video correctly. The audio does not work with the video only for calls. Both apps have all correct permissions (microphone and camera)and I cleared the cache in both applications and reinstalled both.

What could it do? How else can I debug that?

Audio – How can I add a title to the playlist using the button on my headphones (microphone button, volume up, volume down)?

I'm looking for a way to add a track to the playlist without having to use my phone every time it turns out that the next track is the tune I want.

I mostly use headphones when listening to songs on my phone. Since the volume up / down and microphone buttons were readily available and accessible, I hoped that there might be a way to press the microphone button on my headphones multiple times or to press the volume up or down button and the one currently playing Add tracks to playlist.

So far, Google search queries do not appear to provide beneficial results. Any ideas? thank you in advance

Android app that supports video recording via Bluetooth microphone.

Is there an Android application that supports video recording and audio through a bluetooth microphone? I have used Cinema FV-5 lite App and it works as it offers an option to use a Bluetooth microphone as an audio source. The problem, however, is that this app doesn't support front camera recording.

Is there an alternative to this app? Or is there another video recording app that uses a bluetooth microphone as an audio source?

Thank you very much