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How to make a ‘clone’ of our Magento environment? And is that even necessary before using the Magento Migration tool?

Magento 1.9.4

I’m about to run the Magento Migration Tool and it says in the documentation to run it against a clone and not a real production website. Is that really necessary if we don’t mind the potential downtime? (I guess we need to switch our Magento 1 stores to maintenance mode before starting the migration to Magento 2?)

What are the real chances of damage being done to the Magento 1 store when running the Magento Migration tool? Doesn’t it just copy files?

We have Jetbackups which should allow us to do a full restore within an hour. If there is no real danger of damage to the Magento 1 store, I might just take my chances and then do the restore if needs to be.

Magento Migration Tool: What should the database host, name, user and password be in config.xml?

I am hoping to migrate Magento to 2.4.1 using the Magento Migration Tool. I have already installed the Migration tool and now I’m trying to configure the confix.xml file in:

<Magento 2 root dir>/vendor/magento/data-migration-tool/etc/opensource-to-opensource/<Magento 1.x version>

I already found and inserted the crypt_key, now I suppose to edit the following:

<database host="localhost" name="Magento1-DB-name" user="DB-username" password="DB-password"/>
<database host="localhost" name="Magento2-DB-name" user="DB-username" password="DB-password"/>
  • Localhost –> I’ve put the IP address of both the source and destination (they are both in the same hosting package but have different IP addresses) – Is this correct?

  • name –> I copied the database name from phpMyAdmin – Is this correct?

  • user –> what should this be? Is this the cPanel user name or the Magento Admin user name?

  • password –> again – cPanel password OR Magento Admin password?

After I get the correct settings in here, can I just run these 2 commands via SSH (Putty) to make the Migration tool migrate all the important data?

php bin/magento migrate:settings --reset <path to your config.xml>

php bin/magento migrate:data --reset <path to your config.xml>

Also, do I need to put the Magento 1 store in maintenance mode prior to doing the migration?

migration – Migrate Site collection across versions with different language packs

I have a task to recreate a SP2019 on-prem farm. Originally it was installed with Polish language, so both Central Adm and the site are in Polish. Now the idea is to have the English version installed, but separately install Polish language pack, so Central Adm will stay English but the main Site collection will be in Polish.

The question is about data migration: can I simply backup & restore this SPSite on this new farm installation, or will there be a version mismatch?

If this is off the table, what other possibility remains? Manual recreation? Is there some PS script which could help me with migrating data?

Migration assistant won’t let me use an umlaut in the password for the encrypted time machine backup

I’m trying to restore a mac from a time machine backup. The time machine backup is found but requires a password and it happens to include one of those funny letters with an accent. The usual way to type those letters would be with option + u and the character you want the dots above, e.g. a. But when I click the option + u key I hear an error sound and no new character is added to the password field. Even ignoring that the password won’t work as it likely doesn’t write it out properly. I can’t copy past things, there is no accessibility keyboard… it seems I am unable to write my password…

Any way I can solve this at all?

I tried typing the password into the username field in an earlier screen and copy it but the clipboard is empty or pasting is disabled in the password field here.

I also don’t think you can remove/change passwords from encrypted backups even if you have the password?

enter image description here

plugins – How to remove non breaking space from body/value in migration process?

Migrating from a D7 to D9 site. I am migrating the content successfully however I am getting some extra non breaking space that I’d like to remove: enter image description here

I tried using a basic str_replace plugin but that didn’t seem to work:
enter image description here

Any ideas on where I’m going wrong or tips on what else I could look into?