Why is it useful for mining pools to send empty blocks to mining employees in stratum v1?

I read the recently released specifications of Stratum v1 compared to Stratum v2. One of the features is that "it is just as efficient for pools to send complete blocks so miners can start working, like empty blocks." I do not understand why it is efficient for mining pools to send empty blocks with stratum v1 and in which phase of the mining process empty blocks are being sent. So that comes down to two questions:

  1. Why is it efficient for mining pools to send empty blocks using the current stratum protocol?
  2. In which phase of the mining process are they sending empty blocks? Is it when they are waiting for a miner to file a block with a valid job certificate?

Blockchain – Bitcoin Mining Process

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I will try to answer your question.

How do miners on a network experience a new transaction being added in a block? Is there a party responsible for notifications or something? After receiving this information, does a miner have to copy the entire blockchain back to his local computer?

I do not think wrong when I compare for the moment the bitcoin technology to torrent (that is ONLY at the moment), how could you send your data with torrent? In the torrent network you can share information with the peer of equal importance, in Bitcoin it is similar.
For example, you create the new Bitcoin transaction with the wallet (an example is the Bitcoin Core wallet) that is mapped to other nodes. If you have sent your transaction with your wallet, send the transaction to this node connected to your node. The other nodes have a different node-connect and the flooding event causes your transaction to arrive on the network bitcoin and the miner (the miner has the full node plus the software for mining).
There is nothing responsible for listening to the blockchain event.

As far as I know, blocks are being mined in Bitcoin. So, if someone adds a transaction to a valid block, does that mean the block has to be dismantled again?

No, the block is a "container" (is a structure for the valid transactions).
The mining is done by the participants of the network and with the previous example:
You send the transaction with your wallet to the network bitcoin and when you publish the transaction on the network, the mining for the transactions within the mempool will be executed transaction and others, check them and work on solving the proof of work , If the miner wins the proof of work, the new block is created with all valid transactions (the transaction is now valid, these transactions were in the mempool) and the new block is published on the network. When the block is created, it is immutable.

finally who decides to create a new block? Are there any conditions for the size of the block or is it an unconditionally unlimited process?

A partial answer is within point two. What do you mean by the dimension block?

The maximum size of each block is 1 MB before the separate witness and 4 MB after the separate witness.

ps: What is the separate witness? in another question. 🙂

ps: My english is bad and I am learning sadly that my answer is hard to read. I hope some people help me to improve my English on this issue

Mining theory – how the miner begins to count the timestamp to insert in the block

I have doubts as the miner begins to count the timestamp to be inserted in the block.

An example of the timestamp insertion in the Genesis block is 03/01/2009, 19:15:05 GMT + 1. If the Genesis block had been dismantled, the time is the moment the miner started to complete the work evidences has, or the moment, in which the miner wins the work certificate?

Transactions – Can Collective Mining Tools Deny Recognition of a Mining Block Dismantled by a Specific Miner?

What you are describing is essentially a majority attack. A miner (or group of miners) with a majority of hash forces can censor arbitrary transactions and blocks that include them. This question contains more information about what an attacker can do.

Crucial: A majority of hashing power can generate blocks faster (on average) than the minority. Thus, if the majority decides not to build on a minority-found bloc, it can reliably overtake the minority by simply breaking down its own chain and ignoring blocks found by the minority.

In essence, the other mining pools call a "diversion" in which they do not recognize the block in which Satoshi has made a transaction. Would it be against the Bitcoin protocol?

I would not say that "against the Bitcoin Protocol"However, it would be against the financial incentives that keep the miners "honest" (ie not attacking the chain to censor transactions / blockages). Ultimately, the protocol states that the chain with the highest workload is valid, so this becomes a sensitive question as to how the social understanding of consensus rules actually looks.

What would happen to the other miners if they somehow get away with the hashing force? Would you accept the fork or just join in?

A Majority attacker can ignore all minority-created blocks, and if they do, the minority can really do nothing about it. The attack is carried out extremely expensive, but the financial incentive to attack would have to be unbelievably large to make up for the cost. So I think the mere censorship of a transaction by Satoshi would not be worth the cost of the attack.

Can a Bitcoin transaction be blocked by a specific Bitcoin address? (over mining basins)

Can a Bitcoin transaction be blocked by a specific Bitcoin address? (over mining basins)

Suppose Satoshi Nakamoto wants to send Bitcoin from one of his Bitcoin addresses. Can the mining pools refuse processing? (Considering that in China, 81% of the total bitcoin canker is combined with their pools).

I've heard that a mining pool (if it wants to) might refuse to move your transaction into the mining block so that your shipment gets stuck in the mempool until it gets pegged from another mining pool to the next mining block but I heard that could not be done forever.


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Mining theory – What is the solution to eliminate the split in other crypto vulnerabilities?

I want to know how different crypto-currency protocols are from the Bitcoin protocol for addressing the pitches. You know that Split is when two miners mine a block of the same height. In the Bitcoin protocol, miners accept the first block they receive earlier, and dismantle it. Is this also the case for the protocols of other cryptocurrencies?

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