Unhackable Static WordPress Sites Within Minutes!

WordPress based websites are one of the most popular sites around the Globe.
They attract Developers, Agencies, Domainers, SEO specialists, PBN masters, Entrepreneurs etc., but at the same time such websites are known to be some of the most hacked websites.

So, what would be the key? – Turn your WordPress into static site with FLATsite!

It is known fact that static WordPress Sites are safer and faster! FLATsite is the way to manage your WordPress easy and fast! In fact, with static or headless WordPress, you eliminate this vulnerability. Your website is next to impossible to hack since it is static and there’s nothing to break through.

FLATsite engine converts your dynamic website to a static site with a single click.

FLATsite can provide you with:

Unhackable Websites
FLATsite allows users to access all of the backend functionality of a WordPress within the FLATsite instance and publishes static or flat HTML WP sites in minutes. This separation of WordPress’ backend from its frontend, lets hackers have zero-chances of compromising your sites’ security. With no PHP and no MySQL database on your site, no one can break in.
No Maintenance
If you manage thousands of WordPress site maintaining them can be a tedious and time-consuming. FLATsite automates updates for WordPress themes and Plugins, so you’ll save time on maintenance all year longWe employ the most secure and efficient serverless technology so you can manage your sites with ease.
Staging Environment
– valuate code and test in staging before going to production. If code breaks on the production server,
this could make unexpected changes to your entire website.
– allows you work in your hosting environment away from the live website.
– no need to fix issues on live/production environment. Fix and make changes safely in staging.
– test performance of page elements and load speeds effectively.

For more features you can learn HERE

Manage thousands of websites easy from one dashboard
WordPress is great! But it gets complicated when it comes to maintain multiple websites when security holes pop up every week in WordPress themes! FLATsite eliminates the need to manage each WordPress site individually. Update plugins and security software with a few clicks in your dashboard.

Please check our HOW IT WORKS page to understand how everything is being done.


$1.00 / first month
$9.95/mo from second month
$8.95/mo for an annual plan
1-3 Sites
5 GB Storage
Unlimited WP Users
FLATsite Backend Domain
Preview/Staging static sites
Deploy Anywhere

$1.00 / first month
$44.95/mo from second month
$37.95/mo from second month
Unlimited Sites
32 GB Storage
Unlimited WP Users
Custom Backend Domain
Preview/Staging static sites
Deploy Anywhere
FLATsite Backend Domain
Dedicated Support

$1.00 / first month
$64.95 from second month
$64.95 from second month
Unlimited Sites
64 GB Storage
Unlimited WP Users
Custom Backend Domain
Preview/Staging static sites
Deploy Anywhere
FLATsite Backend Domain
Dedicated Support

Unlimited Sites
Unlimited Storage
Unlimited WP Users
Custom Backend Domain
Preview/Staging static sites
Deploy Anywhere
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magento2 – How to trigger some function 10 minutes after order placed by user

magento2 – How to trigger some function 10 minutes after order placed by user – Magento Stack Exchange

2013 – SharePoint Update Item Takes Long Time on Item.Update() (Approximately 5 minutes)

I have a List that takes long time on Item.Update(). Even Its added an Item to the list it waits few minutes to completed the Task.

Here what I have tried to troubleshoot.

  1. Created Template and tried with 0 Items.
  2. Removed workflows & Infopath forms associated.
  3. Check ULS Logs

Could somebody give any Idea what is wrong here. Below Image is for your reference with Timespan

enter image description here

$List=$spWeb.Lists("MIC GatePass-3") 
write-host "sd" $List
$item= $List.AddItem()
write-host "Adding..."
write-host "Done..."

Can the Samsung Android phone be made to not lock the screen after 3 minutes?

I am using Android 11 and Samsung’s OneUI 3.1 (updated as of May 1, 2021), and it’d show the “Lock” icon right at the center of the screen and dim everything down after 3 minutes.

All the other OnePlus or Xiaomi phone do not do that. If I follow the instruction online to go to Settings -> Lock Screen -> Lock Type to “None”, it is still happening. Is there a way to disable it totally?

P.S. There was a “Screen Timeout” in one of the settings option, but (1) It is set to 30 minutes but the phone still shows the lock icon after 3 minutes, and (2) I’d like to set it to “never” but there is no such option

functions – Bulk updating a group of WordPress Pages every 10 minutes

I need to bulk update 86 specific WordPress Pages every 10 minutes, with the term updating I mean the same thing as clicking the Blue Update Button on each page, and having them all update at the same time every 10 minutes. I guess I need to write a function into my theme functions.php file, and maybe trigger the function every 10 minutes with the help of the plugin WP Crontrol, or maybe using the Cron in cPanel. I’m a beginner and can’t code php, how can I do this? Thank you.

PDF to editable Word Document in five minutes. for $5

PDF to editable Word Document in five minutes.

If the data in a PDF file or image needs to be recovered, but you can’t do so. I would then like to receive those files or photos. My response to your data will be swift and accurate, and you will be surprised.

Please contact me before ordering my project

My Project Catalog services are as follows:

  • Convert PDF to 100% exact editable doc.
  • Scan files into editable doc files, Excel files, CSV files, or Google Sheets.
  • Images to editable Word documents, Excel documents, or Google Sheets.
  • Unlock PDF documents
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • The conversion of images into words
  • Create Excel worksheets from images

I appreciate you taking the time to read my profile.

Please accept my regards,
Md Jamrul Mia


[Method] How I Make $30 Per Day in Minutes (Plus More!) | Proxies-free

Hi guys, Im going to finally reveal how Im actually making around $30 every day just spending a couple of minutes on the internet.

My Method:

So everyone loves to grab games for free and giveaways including myself… So… I use that to make some easy money. This is what I do:

1. I check for nice legit gaming giveaways websites with instant win keys

2. I pick the latest giveaways and i share them on Youtube, Facebook and my friends using adfly (adfly is going to pay for the views).

3. Because I link to the giveaway website my friends and other users can enjoy the giveaway and check other giveaways bringing lots of value to them, so they will be happy for checking my link and they will click on my links again.

4. Then I go back to the giveaway and I will also grab those game keys.

5. Sometimes I play those games other times I sell some games to other people for cheap prices or trade them. Sometimes I also use Ebay to sell some keys.

6. I also make several accounts like Steam accounts, because I participate in most giveaways my accounts can get valuable really quick… So then I can sell or trade those accounts for some extra money.

I personally think is cool because im having fun getting games, plus making some money. What do you guys think?
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