Thunderbird Configuration Editor Missing – Ask Ubuntu

I use Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and the latest update from Thunderbird.

I get question marks at the end of a sentence when I turn the space. I know that the problem can be fixed by changing "strictly mime" to "true" in the configuration editor. Unfortunately I can not reach the "Config Editor" if I follow the links to "Advanced". It just does not seem. Is there an answer to my dilemma?

Algebra Precalculus – A polynomial in disguise. What am I missing conceptually?

The equation family:

$$ e ^ { frac {s} { ln (x)}} = e ^ { frac {t} { ln (1-x)}} $$ $ s, t in Bbb N $

$ x in Bbb A (0,1) $

Is a family of polynomial equations in disguise. It can be rewritten as:

$ x ^ t = (1-x) ^ s. $

Draw the parameter space for all $ s, t $ is equivalent to drawing the null set of this family of polynomial equations in $ (0,1) ^ 2. $

On the one hand, to draw points that satisfy $ x ^ t = (1-x) ^ s, $ yields points of the form $ P ( Bbb A, Bbb A). $

On the other hand, points are plotted that satisfy $ e ^ { frac {s} { ln (x)}} = e ^ { frac {t} { ln (1-x)}}, $ yields points of the form $ P ( Bbb A, y) $

The $ y- $Coordinates can be numbers in $ Bbb Q, Bbb T, Bbb A. $

If these two representations are equivalent to the family of algebraic equations, then why can not I determine the nature of the algebraic equations? $ y- $Coordinate? What do I miss here? Are they in fact fundamentally different equations, but between them is a map in the form of algebraic manipulations?

Microsoft Outlook rule for detecting missing daily emails

I work in production support and receive an email daily with the message that everything is alright. If I do not receive the e-mail, there may be a problem with my SMTP server or my application is not sending e-mail. Opening and reading an e-mail that says it's all right repeats and can be overlooked.

I want a rule to run every day at 10 o'clock to look for it absence from the whole OK email today. This way, Outlook will notify me with a popup if our system does not send emails.

Why is the venue missing from the public view of a Facebook event?

Facebook members have reported that they can not see the location of my public event. I also can not show it in private browser mode. See

Searched the Facebook Help without any solution and asked the Facebook Community for help (please vote as well as possible). Also made "location is missing Facebook event" – Google search.

Please see the screenshot below with a red circle around the missing location.Public view of the Facebook event with missing location

wp admin – The visual editor is missing icons

I fought this bug for several days without luck. When editing a post or page, all icons are missing in the visual editor:

Enter image description here

As you can see, this contains the icon for the Gutenberg Add Block, which is completely invisible and is highlighted here by its alternate text. Also note that the icons in the WP Admin panel / toolbar are normal and the problem is displayed only with the icons in the visual editor.

To date, my extensive googling, tweaking and testing has proved useless. The following is a list of all the solutions I've tried so far, from the standard to the more complex ones:

  • Clear the browser cache / display the page in private browser mode (as suggested here)

  • Disable all plugins (as suggested here)

  • Check if the values ​​of WordPress address and Website address in the Settings > General game

  • I go to Settings > Permalinks and click Save Changes (as suggested here)

  • Add define( 'WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '96M' ); to wp-config

  • Add define( 'WP_MAX_MEMORY_LIMIT', '256M' ); to wp-config

  • Add define(‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’, false); to wp-config (as suggested here)

  • Add $_SERVER(“HTTPS”) = “on”; to wp-config (as suggested here)

  • Replacing the wp-includes/js/TinyMCE Folder completely with the same folder from a new WordPress download (as suggested here)

  • Replacing the entirety of wp-admin with the same folder from a new WordPress download (as suggested here)

  • Use wp-cli Site-wide search and replace to (as suggested here)

None of the above resolves the icons again, even if I check the changes with Incognito / Private Browsing to counteract the caching.

I have something The suspicion that this issue was caused by the activation of free Let's Encrypt SSL on the server is due to this post, and I also do not remember this issue that occurred before I made this change but i am not sure a) how exactly Enabling the free SSL encryption of Let's Encrypt would cause such a problem and b) how it would be fixed.

Has anyone already dealt with this?

pandas – How to fill in the missing values ​​of a column in which both the first and the last value are missing?

I've tried to fill the missing values ​​with bfill / ffill when using ffill, the first line is missing and when i use bfill, the last values ​​are missing. How can I fill all missing values ​​with bfill / ffill?
thank you in advance

pd.DataFrame((('Eagle River','NaN','light'),