SharePoint Online User / Group Field Error: The user is missing or ambiguous

This bug was previously found in SharePoint Online in two ways.

  1. When a user enters a name in the person field of a SharePoint form, this error is displayed when the user tries to save the form.

    Things that struck me:
    – For some reason, the name is duplicated on the person field proposal.
    – If the second option of the duplicate is selected, it works fine. Only the first one is a problem, even if they are exactly the same, if you hold your mouse over it and see the account details (username, email address, etc.).

  2. When a function, a CSOM API, a REST call, etc. writes a user name to the person field, sometimes the same error is output.

    Things that struck me:
    -This time, there are no duplicates of this username
    -This works fine if you manually enter the same username that previously encountered an error
    -This is not a frequent occurrence, which means that this error only occurs with certain users
    – In recent months, no changes have been made to the user account in order to invalidate it.

Please note that I have not experienced this first-hand. I noticed this when I helped a support specialist investigate the problem at that time. We are sorry that we no longer have any information, logs or even the CSOM script used. If someone has had similar experiences, please let me know, thank you!

Javascript – text to the second picture below and missing

Well, I am new to HTML / CSS / JS and create my own training project.
Well, I made this basic at the beginning and inserted a full screen of the game, the logo and a text below it
Then I placed another image in full screen mode underneath, but I want to place the text well centered in the middle or slightly above, but it seems like the text is coming down from the first image and in the second image, but it disappears, why ?

Starcraft II




  • {
    Padding: 0px;
    Border: 0px;
    Outline: 0px;

Body {
Background: black URL (imagem2.jpg);
Background Size: Cover;


.LogoFund {

Position: middle;

Display: Inline block;
Position: relative;

Position: absolutely;
above: 0px;
right: 0px;
Font size: 25px;
Colour blue;

Error while using MaTeX, MaTeX :: texerr: LaTeX error: begin {document} is missing

I have managed to install MateX with all prerequisites. pdflatex and GhostScript paths are specified correctly. I can load it in Mathematica. However, a simple command like MaTeX [x ^ 2] gives me a MaTeX :: texerr: LaTeX error titled "Missing begin {document}".

Has anyone faced a similar problem? Any help would be appreciated ..!

Thank you very much,

Solving complex questions – missing solutions?

    Sin(Pi/2 + I*Log(2 + Sqrt(3))),
    Sin(Pi/2 - I*Log(2 + Sqrt(3))),
    Sin(Pi/2 + I*Log(2 - Sqrt(3))),
    Sin(Pi/2 - I*Log(2 - Sqrt(3)))
} // FullSimplify

These will check for the correct answers

{2, 2, 2, 2}

So I hope to solve this with you

Solve(Sin(z) == 2, z, Complexes) // ComplexExpand
Solve({Sin(z) == 2, Abs(z) < 10}, z) // ComplexExpand
Solve({Sin(z) == 2, 0 < Re(z) < 10}, z) // ComplexExpand

Nobody gives the answer $ i log (2- sqrt {3}) $which I do not find equivalent $ i log (2+ sqrt {3}) $ unless I miss something?

Enter image description here

8 – Drupal Console Composer Installation – Missing Features

I tried installing the Drupal console for the first time. I was looking for a way to create boiler plate modules, blocks, etc.

My problem is that after completing the installation process, the following list of features seems to be incomplete, according to everything I read online. Incomplete, as there is only one generation function and none for creating blocks, modules, etc .:

Available commands: 
  about                        Displays basic information about Drupal Console project
  chain                        Chain command execution
  check                        System requirement checker
  exec                         Execute an external command.
  help                         Displays help for a command
  init                         Copy configuration files.
  list                         Lists all available commands
  server (serve,rs)            Runs PHP built-in web server
  database:add (dba)           Add a database to settings.php
  database:client (dbc)        Launch a DB client if it's available
  database:connect (dbco,sqlc) Shows DB connection
  database:query (dbq,sqlq)    Executes a SQL statement directly as argument
  database:restore (dbr)       Restore structure and contents of a database.
  debug:chain (dch)            List available chain files.
  debug:dotenv                 Debug Dotenv debug values.
  debug:settings (dse)         List user Drupal Console settings.
  debug:site (dsi)             List all known local and remote sites.
  debug:update:composer (duc)  Displays current updates available from the composer file
  develop:contribute           Download Drupal + Drupal Console to contribute.
  docker:init                  Create a docker-compose.yml file
  dotenv:init                  Add support and required config to work with an .env file
  generate:site:alias (gsa)    Generates a site alias.
  quick:start                  Download, install and serve a new Drupal project
  settings:set                 Change a specific setting value in DrupalConsole config file
  site:install (si)            Install a Drupal project
  site:new                     Download a new Drupal project

I used the following command:

sudo composer global require drupal/console:@stable

Can someone give me some advice on how to get a more complete list of features?


I do not know if this error will be displayed as the first issue Drupal is running in my terminal and has something to do with my problem:

 (ERROR) Class DrupalCoreDrupalKernel does not exist.

So far, my attempts to google this bug have not yielded solutions. – Google Struct Data Test Tool bug: & # 39;} & # 39; or the name of the object member is missing

Enter image description hereI am profoundly underqualified for this stuff, but (on the way to doing it right … grab a shovel and roll up my sleeves) I looked at all the other schema costs here and tried to understand the big picture / parts clone / push around, but I keep getting an error message (missing & # 39; or object member name) after "about" line? + I have (seemingly) seen examples of Google's green lighting scheme, but if it is not created using the well-established methods of accepted standards, it seems to be ignored / degraded somewhere within Google's magic formula. All this in one script is the best strategy + How do I fix my mistake?
In all humility. Thanks for any help / insight.

Attempting to use the AngularFire module for cloud messaging will result in configuration values ​​for missing apps

I use Firebase Cloud Messaging in my Angular app with AngularFire2 to receive and send notifications. However, if an attempt is made to retrieve the user's current token, the app returns an error.

I've already created the firebase-messaging-sw.js and manifest.json files to register the service rep and added everything correctly, but to no avail.

The component where I subscribe to the observable.

export class HomeComponent implements OnInit {
    private afMessaging: AngularFireMessaging,
    private afStore: AngularFirestore,
    private afAuth: AngularFireAuth,
  ) {}

  ngOnInit() {
        user => {
          return this.afMessaging.getToken.pipe(
              token => {
                  fcmToken: token
      .subscribe((message) => { console.log(message); });

The service employee:

  // Give the service worker access to Firebase Messaging.
  // Note that you can only use Firebase Messaging here, other Firebase libraries
// are not available in the service worker.

// Initialize the Firebase app in the service worker by passing in the
// messagingSenderId.
  messagingSenderId: "231973795174"

// Retrieve an instance of Firebase Messaging so that it can handle background
// messages.
const messaging = firebase.messaging();

messaging.setBackgroundMessageHandler(function(payload) {
    "(firebase-messaging-sw.js) Received background message ",
  // Customize notification here
  const notificationTitle = "Background Message Title";
  const notificationOptions = {
    body: "Background Message body.",
    icon: "/firebase-logo.png"

  return self.registration.showNotification(

The manifesto

  "name": "App",
  "gcm_sender_id": "103953800507"

The Angular.json

"assets": (

The error I get in detail is this:

Uninhibited (Promise): FirebaseError: Installations: Missing app configuration values. (installations / missing-app-config-values).
FirebaseError: Installations: Missing app configuration values. (installations / missing-app-config-values).
at extractAppConfig (index.esm.js: 89)
Object.factoryMethod (as installations) (index.esm.js: 1110)
at FirebaseAppImpl.push ../ node_modules/@firebase/app/dist/index.cjs.js.FirebaseAppImpl._getService (index.cjs.js: 191)
at FirebaseAppImpl.firebaseAppImpl. (as installations) (index.cjs.js: 458)
at index.esm.js: 415
at step (tslib.es6.js: 99)
at (tslib.es6.js: 80)
at tslib.es6.js: 73
new ZoneAwarePromise (zone-evergreen.js: 876)
at __awaiter (tslib.es6.js: 69)
at resolvePromise (zone-evergreen.js: 797)
at zone-evergreen.js: 707
at zone-evergreen.js: 723
at ZoneDelegate.invoke (zone-evergreen.js: 359)
Object.onInvoke (core.js: 39698)
at ZoneDelegate.invoke (zone-evergreen.js: 358)
at (zone-evergreen.js: 124)
at zone-evergreen.js: 855
at ZoneDelegate.invokeTask (zone-evergreen.js: 391)
Object.onInvokeTask (core.js: 39679)