What is the best platform, language or framework for developing mobile Android in 2019?


So, guys, I'm from the mobile development market and I'm not familiar with the latest technologies and methods (please forgive me my noobice). In the meantime I would like to enter this platform. I've already reviewed some concepts, such as native and hybrid development, and it seems everyone defends tooth and nail in the way he chooses. I beg you, do not enter into this merit. But in a rational and impersonal analysis that is long-term oriented to the market. Thanks in advance.

obs: let's remember that I do not know any language (java, javascript, c #, c ++ etc)

Web Development – Mobile Menu Edition on the website

Yesterday, we noticed a problem on our website where our menu for iOS phones is not working.

It worked well in the last week, but now there is a problem. It is good on Android phones.

When I open it with iOS phones, I see below

broken menu

The Android resized window will show below what is correct

work menu

When loading iOS phones, I also noticed that the menu flickered every few seconds from the gray color to the menu, but the menu is only displayed for a fraction of a second and then turns gray again.

This works only for iOS and last week. We have made no changes to the website. I am not sure what causes the problems.

Every advice was appreciated.

mobile – No content at product launch

Me and my team are facing a problem with the publishing strategy of our application that is likely to impact the user experience of our first users.

We're developing a content-driven app, and our business development team argues that it will be a problem for our beta users that there's no content on day 0 to respond to the first message. The entire conversation (message a + message b) is converted into a public conversation visible to all users following the users who had the conversation.
So when we start the app and invite the first users to our platform, there will be no public conversations. The number of visible followers for user profiles is 0 and the app is empty overall.

I'm wondering if you have any guidance on how to handle this problem. Should we fake public conversations between counterfeit users who can look at real users? Should we generate system questions that are automatically sent to real users who arrive on the platform?

Thanks in advance.

mobile – What causes the vertical darker bands in my photo?

Xenoid's answer to expand.

Most telephone cameras use a so-called rolling shutter, the exposure begins and ends at different times for different image areas. This makes the sensor cheaper because the end of the exposure can be defined by the readout rather than requiring additional electronics to capture the image at the end of the exposure.

As a result, temporal changes in the illumination level are translated into spatial changes in the resulting image.

So if the intensity of your light source is several times faster than the sensor readout time, you will get bars like this. How dark the bars are depends on the shutter speed of the camera. If you direct your camera directly at the problem light, this will probably result in a shorter exposure time and thus stronger bars.

Many (but not all) fluorescent lamps and LED lights flicker at twice the mains frequency, which tends to be in the same range as the sensor readout times.

Mobile connection in Windows 2016

Can a mobile connection be made in Windows 2016? I can do this on Windows 10, but these configuration options will not be available in 2016. All the documentation for this example also refers to Windows 10.

My particular use case is for a Windows 2016 server on an Edge Compute Gateway connecting to an Azure event hive via an APN.

mobile – Bot telegram that copies and forwards messages from a chat or a group?

I do not know if it's the right community. If I'm wrong, tell me where to write …

However, I would like to know if there are telegram bots that automatically copy and forward messages in a chat (in a channel or in a group) and forward them to other locations (in a chat, channel, or group).

I'm asking you this because I want to create a paid bot that sends notifications. Every user who wants to use the bot has to pay for it.
However, I do not want to have another bot in the same chat, in the group where the "My Bot" is located, that copies "My Messages" and redirects them to other places.

That's how other users use my service without paying for it …