mobile application – Using GIFs / LottieFiles on the interfaces of the app’s onboarding

So I was wondering if it’s healthy to have a gif or a Lottie file (simple animation) instead of images on my “mobile application onboarding UI”.

Is this even applicable by developers? or is it not possible to add a Lottie file there?

What’s the best practice on that matter?

How to select multiple individual cells on Google Sheets on my Android mobile phone?

I use this feature all the time…

Having opened your sheet on Android, simply tap the cell you wish to access

enter image description hereand at the bottom of the screen you will see the place where you can Enter text or formula. Once done, tap the tick ✓ (right of screen at the end of the entry panel)

enter image description here

and then tap the tick ✓ at the top left hand side of the screen and the job is done.

enter image description here

You can only enter data in one cell at at time but if you are wishing to select a number of cells (for example to edit colours, formatting cell ranges etc), use the corners of the cell selected and drag to open a range (but you cannot enter data that way nor can you, for that matter, in a browser. Neither can you you cannot select multiple unconnected cells.

customization – why jquery does not work on mobile?

I add a custom tab to variable products in woocommerce and by means of jquery it is set as follow:
-if any variation is selected from dropdown list, then that custom tab will appear
-if no variation is selected, then the custom tab will hide.

this feature works perfectly on desktop but in mobile device, custom tab always is displayed even though nothing from dropdown list selected.

the jquery code is something like this:

jQuery(document).ready(function() {

jQuery('li.further_details_tab').attr('id', 'further_details_tab');

jQuery( '.variations_form' ).each( function() {
    jQuery(this).on( 'found_variation', function( event, variation ) {

        console.log(variation);//all details here



jQuery( '.variations_form' ).each( function() {
    jQuery(this).on( 'reset_data', function( event, variation ) {


        jQuery('#tab-further_details').css('display', 'none');
        jQuery('#tab-description').css('display', 'block');

        console.log('hidden variation');


  // end of file

the #tab-further_details is id for custom tab and by the help of this id and added two classes to show and hide the tab, show-label and hide-label respectively.

how should fix it to work on mobile devices correctly?

Any hint will be greatly appreciated,

Ask for reviews in mobile app

Seeing as how Google just recently published a new API just for in-app reviews that looks almost exactly like your version, I would assume that it is an acceptable method to use.

A few mockup screens that demonstrate the process

And after just looking it up, I see that Apple has had such a feature for over a year now as well:

A few mockup screens that demonstrate the process

So if both platforms seem to be fond of this type of review method, I would simply assume that it cannot be that bad of a thing to do.
Users still have to confirm their decision, I don’t see how or why users would just randomly tap a star and then confirm that rating without further logic.

Other than that I do not have any specific best practices, though.