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    We would like to buy personal / mobile data bases from Spain
    We are interested in buying a large number of registers
    What we need in the database is: City (obligatory) Address (preferably) Age (preferably)
    Answers and any doubts you can contact me or contact me here:
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Skype: live:

    November 27, 2018 at 19:34

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mobile – How do I share source code with prospective employers?

Hello, I'm a student from Canada who is interested in mobile development. I recently completed the development of one of my apps and publish it on the Google Play Store. I intend to add advertising in the hope that you can use it to make money to pay for the university.

I also want to share the source code with potential employers without making it open source and public, because I want to earn money for my work.

My question is how best to handle it.

  • Is there a specific license that I should add to the source code sent to my employer? I've looked at the Microsoft Reference Source License (MS-RSL) and I think this might work for my purposes, but I'm not sure.
  • How should I actually access the code? I know that something like a public GitHub repository is not appropriate because it's accessible to everyone. At the same time, a private repository would not be appropriate because people I want to share the source code with must be added as contributors to mine.

Information about the development of mobile apps

The development of mobile applications includes the methods and procedures required to write software for small wireless computing devices such as smartphones or tablets.

The development of mobile applications corresponds to the development of web applications and has its origins in the more traditional software development. The difference between mobile applications is often spelled out to take advantage of the exclusive features of a particular mobile device. For example, a game app could be written to use the iPhone's accelerometer.

To ensure that applications perform best on a given device, you must develop the application (app) natively on this device. This means that the code is written to a very low level for the processor in a particular device. If an app is required to run on different operating systems, there is still code that can be reused from the original development. The application must always be rewritten for each exact device.

It is estimated that the majority of mobile application development efforts will focus on the development of browser-based applications that are device-independent in the future. Browser-based applications are simply websites designed for mobile browsers. Such sites are designed so that they can be quickly loaded over a mobile network and enable finger-friendly navigation.

The basic thing now was that Mobile App Development Company attracted special attention in app design.

• disorder and acceleration

The first and most important rule of UX design is to make the app simple, logical and easy to use. Everything you do is about the end user and you have to avoid anything that could make your life more complex.

• Break and Offload tasks

You have to divide the tasks into small steps. Try not to load the user with more than one action per screen. For each difficult action that requires multiple moves, generate multiple screens that have a logical connection and order that are understandable to everyone.

• Delete navigation

Another important rule of UX for apps is not only to make things easy for users, but also habitual and expected. And in the context of navigation: stick to standard patterns and gestures. Custom elements can be more challenging for a designer in the creative sense, but the priority is for users to easily recognize and understand their app's navigation patterns.

• hierarchy

The same applies to the visual hierarchy – you need to make it clear to users which elements are most important on the screen. As in other areas of web design, this can be done by using fonts of various sizes and types, spaces, caps lock, title box, and various colors.

• Optimization of user input

As much as your users can be overwhelmed by the number of elements on the screen, they can also be discouraged by the amount of input that is expected of them. Mainly if you have to enter it on a small screen of your smartphone.


Bluetooth – How can I programmatically set the iBeacon message ID (UUID, Major, Minor) in Android (for my own mobile device)?

My app needs to send an iBeacon message via Bluetooth. The iBeacon message should be fixed in a specific UUID, Major and Minor.

How can this be done without using third-party applications? (I'm fine with libraries, I just do not want the user to need another app to use this app, I prefer that this app be standalone in use.)

Ease of Use – Mobile "Clear Search History" Best Practice

I am building an iOS app. In the app, my users search for other users. The browsed users were retained and displayed in a "Search History" list if no entries were made in the search bar.

When the search bar is active, there is a standard "Cancel" button next to the search bar that causes a little "tight" space for both the Cancel button and the Delete button. Both are the same size and look similar. The "Delete" button is located in a static position above the list and below the search bar.

What is considered a better UX than the current form of the "Static Clear Button"? Move it to the center or even use another microcopy

Enter the image description here

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  • We do not log your traffic
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The Google Play Store can not be installed in Huawei enjoy 8 mobile

I recently purchased a Huawei Enjoy 8 phone from China at the authorized Huawei store. Upon my return to India I tried to install Google Play Store. The app will be installed, but I can not open the app.

Message getting updated as Google Play services
The app will only run when you update the Google Play services.
Can someone help me please?