Javascript – create a modal bootstrap within a jquery function

I'm creating a system and then loading the table into the body to work on jquery came another question. I need two of these TDs modalities at the touch of a button, which I would like to know if I can do it in a jquery function, or I have to do it differently.

Here's the code I'm trying to develop









ID Operator name acronyms obs To change Business Cards

In this case, I play modal in the jquery function. Is there a way for it to work? It does not open.

lo.logic – definable modal logics in first-order structures

Accept $ X $ Is a sentence $ mathcal {W} $ is a family of subsets of $ X $, and $ mu: mathcal {W} rightarrow mathcal {W} $ is an operation on these sets. There is a natural way of assigning modal logic to the tuple $ (X, mathcal {W}, mu) $ through the thinking of propositional atoms as elements of $ mathcal {W} $the modality "$ Diamond $"as a card $ mu $and the booleans as corresponding set operations. As examples, consider:

  • The topological semantics of Tarski / McKinsey: $ X $ is the set of points in a topological space $ mathbb {X} $, $ mathcal {W} = mathcal {P} (X) $, and $ mu (A) = cl (A) $ (with the meaning of $ mathbb {X} $). This was initially used to study S4, but is much more useful (see, for example, Bezhanishvili, Gabelaia, and Lucero-Bryan on modal logics of metric spaces).

  • Esaki's topological semantics: $ X $ and $ mathcal {W} $ are like above, but $ mu (A) $ is the set of limit points of $ A $, This is quite different from the approach of Tarski / McKinsey, and indeed there are several characterizations of the provability logic about this semantics (see, for example, this review by Beklemishev and Gabelaia).

(Actually, I'm not familiar with any approach in this direction that at least does not look like a topology, but I'm really unfamiliar with the literature.) Note that $ mathcal {W} $ has not played a role yet.

In each of the above cases $ Diamond $ is a "reasonably definable" operation on sets. Fully rely on the definability – here $ mathcal {W} $ enters the picture – we can see what happens in a rather model-theoretical context:

Accept $ mathcal {M} $ is a first order structure and $ varphi (x, X) $ is a formula with parameters off $ mathcal {M} $ in the language of $ mathcal {M} $ along with "$ in $" (from where $ x $ is an object variable and $ X $ is a quantity variable), We let $ L_ mathcal {M} ( varphi) $ Let the logic defined along the above lines be $ X = mathcal {M} $, $ mathcal {W} $ the set of definable subsets of $ mathcal {M} $, and $$ mu: A rightarrow {m: varphi (m, A) }. $$

I'm interested in how (if anything!) The class of logic of the form $ L_ mathcal {M} ( varphi) $ reflects the model theory of $ mathcal {M} $ in the usual sense. Well, this generally seems to be a rather difficult problem, so I am currently focusing on the following simpler instance:

General problem: given a modal formula $ pi $ and a structure $ mathcal {M} $, determine whether $ pi in L_ mathcal {M} ( varphi) $ for a suitable formula $ varphi $,

(Call one of them $ pi $ "enforceable over $ mathcal {M} $, ")

At first I thought of a light starter problem, but it seems to be more difficult than I thought. The only situations that I really understand are banal or totally artificial. However, I am not sure how much of it is actually more difficult than my own inexperience. To get to the point, I would like to query the following very specific case:

Current question, Is any modal formula enforceable over the structure $ ( mathbb {N}; +, times) $?

I'm not sure which answer to expect. I am used to thinking of arithmetic, of being able to "do everything" and show maximum unpleasant behavior, but this intuition seems to cut both ways here.

And as always, I lack sources, and the wheel is likely to be reinvented – all the clues are greatly appreciated!

php – Opens a modal page when the page is redirected

In my system there is a modal page (main page) that contains a few lines when the user clicks to edit some information.

When editing this information, I'd like the page redirected back to the main page. She already opens the modal with the information. How can I do that?

I use the materialize framework on my website.

Code where you edit in the database and forwarding

prepare ($ query);
$ update-> bindParam (& # 39 ;: address_ip & # 39 ;, $ address_ip);
$ update-> bindParam (& # 39 ;: drive_fk & # 39 ;, $ drive);
$ update-> bindParam (& # 39 ;: description & # 39 ;, $ description);
$ update-> bindParam (& # 39 ;: hostname & # 39 ;, $ hostname);
if ($ update-> execute ()) {
header ("Location: ../../view/schedule.php");
} else {
header ("location: cadastroErro.php");

} else {
echo & # 39; Error while executing query & # 39 ;;


The id I want to call modal is modalImpression.
I have used the following code in the browser console and opened the desired modal. I want to know where to apply it on my website to do what I want.

$ (& # 39; # modalImpression & # 39;). modal (& # 39; open & # 39;);

php if in bootstrap modal 4

something has confused me .. i have a modal showing a button … it is related to the id of a pub .. the modal if it brings me the id porq to take action to fix, modify and publish works well .. but when placing an if inside the modal does not work … the idea is if the id 0 is not shown .. if it shows 1 ..




              <button type = "button" id = ""class =" btn btn-outline-info changeService "data-toggle =" modal "data-target =". Do not show ShowS "name =" show ">

<button type = "button" id = ""class =" btn btn-outline-info changeService "data-toggle =" modal "data-target =". ShowS "name =" Published "> Show

If I plug the cod from the modal, that works fine, but within the modal no. Why is this happening?

<a href = "" data-toggle = "modal" data-target = "# exampleModal" id = ""class =" material-icons details ">    settings

javascript – No modal rejection of the data "submit"

var userRegister = document.getElementById (& # 39; userRegister & # 39;);

userRegister.addEventListener (& # 39; submit & # 39 ;, function (s) {
e.preventDefault ();

$ (& # 39;. Invalid-feedback & # 39;). remove ();

var name = $ ("# nameRegister"). val ()
email = $ ("# emailregister"). val ()
password = $ ("# passwordRegister"). val ()

if (name == "" || email == "" || password == "") {
$ ("# nameRegister"). parent (). after (& # 39;
Please enter the name
& # 39) $ ("# emailregister"). parent (). after (& # 39;
Please enter an e-mail.
& # 39) $ ("# passwordRegister"). parent (). after (& # 39;
Please enter password.
& # 39) return it incorrectly; } })

Edit – Preview a widget setting in a modal

I've got this problem with setting up the modal for a widget preview.
Let's say I want to edit a widget and open it in modal with the widget settings. The modal contains both settings and a preview of the widget being edited by Im, as follows:

  • Widget Settings
  • preview
  • Save / Preview button

The problem is, the preview makes the entire modal too high, so the save / preview buttons disappear off-screen. So if I want to save / preview, I have to scroll the modal.

Think of it as a better solution to move the save / preview buttons over the preview so that the user is in control all the time and only does the modal scroll to see the full preview.

Everyone would be very welcome!

Bottom up!

cognitive load – Do you see a video better on modal or on a new page?

You should avoid placing such content in a modal. A modal should be reserved to deliver critical information to a user where the user needs to take action. Modals are now completely overloaded throughout the Internet and can easily be confused with their intended / correct usage.

You must always consider your business goals with each interaction you introduce. It sounds like you want users to be able to preview the video before you remove it from the main page. If so, did you consider a popover (no pop-up), a modeless panel, or a quick preview of the hauler (I've seen this work on the phone too)?

Javascript – Auto-complete the jQuery UI in the background in Bootstrap Modal

I'm doing a autocomplete with the jQuery UI. It works the way it should, but the autocomplete list is "down" the modal.

to see in the picture below ….

Insert here the description of the picture

When the letter "A" was entered in the form "patient", autocomplete worked, with the bank records displayed with patients having the letter "A" in their name, but the autocomplete list "below" the modal ….

In the image of, you can see that the last name of the autocomplete list is "Goulart".

I need help for the list to be displayed in the first level, ie "on top" of the modal

html – Modal Window with SLIDE Only Open No Date

Good night, I have created a modal window that opens a slide, but my modal window opens and displays the slide perfectly. However, if I click on the X, it will not close. Can someone help me?


Here comes the part that opens and closes the modal

I already used the same code to open the video in the modal environment, and it worked fine. Only now, when I stop working the slide, the slide is displayed. The foil will not be closed, if you can help me, thank you very much.

Javascript – Show modal and compute experiments in the Laravel view

I make an application in which I have my eyes. There I have my form and a controller in which the actions are performed. The records of the form are saved if, in a query with a BD, the form's identification field matches the identification field of another table. I mean

$ query = "the query";

if ($ query == null) {

open modal

} else {

The data is saved 


I would like that if the query is null, I open a modal that I have in sight, but I have no idea how to do it, try it with a js, but it did not work, since it seems that js is sent to another view and not to the one that is I want I would be happy about your answers.