internet explorer – How to enable IE mode in Edge browser (Version 83.0.478.61 and up) for a site?

Is there an easy way to enable IE mode on the new Edge (Chromium) browser.
Recent version have removed the flag for IE integration and this functionality seems to be pretty well hidden and obscured with ‘special’ flags and xml compatility lists.
The best ‘guide’ that I could find is this one:

But, even with the guide, I was unable to determine how to correctly set up the ‘sites.xml’ to work correctly. The microsoft documentation for IE mode seems to be a maze of links leading so some ‘Enterprise Edge templates’ which I could not figure out what they represent or even if they apply to me (I’m not in any ‘enterprise’).
Does anyone have a simple tutorial or step by step instructions on how to set up the IE mode in a non-active-directory environment?


linux – Booting Into Emergency Mode | Centos7

So last night I was working on my computer and it froze. I think it’s graphic card related, I do have an Nvidia card. So I rebooted the computer as I had no other option, but now it boots to emergency mode.

In journalctl -xb
There are some errors. Other then this I am out of my league here guys. Should all these errors be fixed?

Systemd(1): failed to apply kernel variables

Sudo(17755) pam_systemd(sudo:session): failed to connect to system bus: no such file or directory found.

kernel: EXT4-fs (md0): can’t find ext file system.

Failed to mount /data01

Edac abridge: cpu srcid #0, ha #0 has dimms, but ecc is disabled.

Edac: couldn’t find mci handler

Edac: failed to register device with error -19

Systemd-udevd(1422): failed to execute ‘/usr/lib/snapd/snap-device-helper’ ‘/usr/lib/snapd/snap-device-helper add snap_pulseaudio_pulseaudio /devices/pci0000:00

KVM disabled by bio

Can I use 3.5mm jack microphone in clamshell mode?

I have read that new macbook pro models physically disconnect the Microphone when Macbook is in clamshell mode.

Does that mean that I won’t be able to connect 3.5mm microphone as well in clamshell mode and use it?

Something like this:

Youtube theatre mode covered by search bar

I have a laptop that I like to watch youtube on while doing other things on my large monitor, but I noticed that when using the theater mode, a significant area of the video is covered by the search bar. On the big monitor it works fine, but I want to use the small one so that I have the big screen free. Is there any way to fix this? Ideally I’d prefer not to use fullscreen because I personally despise it.

Can you change recovery mode from simple to full with users working on the server?

Yes you can. However I do prefer to do this during a maintainence window or during off hours with less load. Best bet to start from all lower env to test and go all the way to prod to see if you find any impacts.

From msdn as a note

Note! If you switch to the full recovery model during a bulk operation, bulk operations logging changes from minimal logging to full logging, and vice versa

After changing you also might want to revisit the backup strategy and change as per RTO and RPO

Emergency mode during fsck

I recently upgraded to ubuntu 20.04 on my machine and everything was fine.But after opening windows(not the first time) and switching back to ubuntu it starts a fack which at 32% goes into emergency mode and it comes back to emergence mode even after hitting ctrl+Dthis is the picture of the emergency mode screen I get