macos – How do I exit/cancel Mac recovery mode password page?

I had some problems with my work MacBook Air that runs MacOS 10.14.6. I read that it is easy to fix this problem in recovery mode, so I tried to get into recovery mode for the first time.

I restarted my computer, and held down command+R. Now I see that it’s asking for a password that I don’t have.

I’d like to cancel and go into the normal log in screen. How do I do that? Is it safe to hold down the power button in this state? The only things visible on the screen are a lock icon, password bar, an enter button, and the mouse cursor.

This is a related question: Forgotten recovery mode password. I think that one is focused on getting in to recovery mode without the password, and it doesn’t have an accepted answer.

macOS Big Sur Fails on Internet Recovery Mode: “Installation could not be completed.”

I have a 13 inch MacBook Pro Mid 2014. I have been struggling with installation process since last night. At first, I started my Mac by pressing Option + Command + R and Power button so that I opened it with internet recovery mode. After that, I cleared my disk space and tried to install macOS Big Sur. But just before selecting my disk where I am going to install, it shows an error which says “Installation could not be completed.” I tried to install the os which comes with Mid-2014 and tried to update it but it didn’t work either.

recovery mode – My entire Android system has been hacked and reconfigured by my BF how do I rake back control of my device?

Has new certificates, new custom maps api, spies on my activity, will not hard reset, says it is not rooted but really is, turns regular apps into system apps, logsmy activity, will not download most of the time, has files I did not create, using google and android packets, coding etc. PLEASE HELP!!!

Battery performance on iPad in sidecar mode

I’m thinking of getting an iPad as a second display using the sidecar feature.

Assuming the display be always on in sidecar mode and it’s always plugged in to charge, would the iPad using its battery while it’s charging? Or will it be drawing power from the outlet?

I’m wondering about battery performance (cycles) since the device would be on most of the day and it would need to charged often.

Why won’t my Nikon D5200 go into bulb in quick response remote mode when using a remote shutter release?

I’m burying what I believe to be the answer at the end after the explanation, feel free to jump to it.

I don’t have a D5200 but I do have a D7200, so using that and some research this is what I have.

“David Busch’s” Nikon D7200 Guide … says on page 184:

“There are three common types of lengthy exposures: timed exposures,
bulb exposures, and time exposures. The D7200 offers only the first
two (although time exposures are possible with certain remote
) …

I’m not sure whether this was a mistake or was true at the time but has changed due to firmware updates. In any case, my D7200 with the latest firmware does have all three.

My D7200 will go to Bulb while set to Quick Response, however going past Bulb brings me to Time.

In retrospect, Bulb makes no sense for an IR remote control (I used a KT-ML-L3 compatible) because Bulb nominally holds the shutter open until released and the remote simply sends an IR control pulse when pressed. In fact, putting my D7200 in Bulb and triggering the remote simply takes an exposure which is not what you normally want.

Moving the shutter setting beyond Bulb brings me to Time. It shows as Time in Live View and just – – (dash dash) in the view finder.

The Time setting works as you would expect to provide a Bulb-equivalent with the IR Remote, one IR button to start the exposure and a second one to stop the exposure. (Or three presses if the mirror up option is used.)

My Guess is that on your camera, Nikon eliminated the pointless and confusing Bulb selection for IR mode and went directly to the correct Time setting.

So Time is correct, forget Bulb.

In order for the IR to work it has to be set on in the menu. On my D7200 the menu is “Camera SymbolRemote Control mode (ML-L3)Quick-response remote (or Remote mirror-up, or 2 second delay). Note that Remote Control mode will toggle off if you turn off the camera and it will also time itself off if not used for a while.

Last but not least, make sure you IR remote is working! You stated that you hadn’t used the remote in a while, perhaps the battery is dead? Take your Smart Phone (it’s interesting that we now just assume everyone has one) and put it in camera mode. Point your remote at your smart phone camera and toggle the remote button. Do you see the remote LED lighting up in the phone display when you press the remote button? If not, you probably need a new battery for the remote.

As an aside, while the phone camera incorporates an IR filter, it is
not perfect. The intensity of the remote LED at close range is enough
to drive through the IR filter and be seen on the display. You can use
the same method to look for night time IR security systems.

pruning – Can I use blockfilterindex in pruned mode?

I run a node in pruned mode. I want to enable blockfilterindex. What I expected the node to do was:

  1. start downloading blocks from the very beginning;
  2. create the block filter as it goes through the blocks;
  3. only keep the last N MB of blocks stored.

What really happened was:

$ bitcoind -blockfilterindex -prune=550
Error: Prune mode is incompatible with -txindex.

I understand that it is not possible to enable block filtering without downloading all blocks, but why does it require storing all the blocks?

magento2.2.4 – Magento 2.4.1 Developer Mode not working

i have installed Magento 2.4.1 via Docker and tried to change to developer mode. The problem is, that the developer option dont show up in the settings. I have tried:

  1. Setting Developer Mode in nginx conf
  2. Setting Developer Mode in .htaccess
  3. Setting Developer Mode in the env.php
  4. Change it in the console with bin/magento deploy:mode:set developer the result:
    Enabled developer mode.

Any ideas why it does not work?

Thank you all

recovery mode – Htc u11 didn’t any reaction to press button ony to see the computer the com port and phone flash

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