Which pricing model fits best with the dedicated team model?

Which pricing model suits the dedicated team model | Web Hosting Talk

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  1. Which pricing model fits best with the dedicated team model?

    Hello, friends, have you ever had a deal outsourced by dedicated teams (of course in IT)? I just want to ask you which pricing model you used. I've never thought about this question since I've never had an outsourcing development team, but now I've built my own team and do not even know which pricing model will suit me …

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Performance – Model internal queues shared by services on queue networks

I am trying to model a load balancer as a queuing network.

The load balancer has a number $ n $ of internal threads. There is a central request queue from which to feed the threads. Each thread can process one request at a time: it analyzes it, forwards it to one of three servers and waits for the response. Then he sends the answer back.

The servers themselves process requests one after the other. So I think the servers should be modeled as something similar to an M / M / 3 queue.

On the other hand, the internal threads should be modeled as an M / M / n queue.

The key issue is that the threads are blocking while waiting for the response from the servers. Therefore, we can not simply model the server queue to connect to the thread queue in turn.

What I would need is a kind of model for a queue M / M / 3 Within and divided between the service providers of an M / M / n queue.

Is there a way to do this in queuing networks, and if not, how would you handle this problem?

rstudio – How can I generate an InLine code that tells me the model with the lowest AIC value?

I have a table with different models and their respective AIC, but I have to generate an inline code that tells me which model is presented by the smaller AIC.


Fit 1: Model 1: AIC 300

Fit 2: Model 2: AIC 10

How do I make the inline code to tell me that Model 2 has the lowest AIC.

The delete () method of a model in Django is not executed

I write the method delete() to take an action from my model before it disappears.

def delete(self, using=None, keep_parents=False):
    print('ejecutando metodo delete')

    producto_detallado = ProductoDetallado.objects.get(id=self.producto_detallado.id)

    # El eliminado de producto venta incrementa el numero de unidades, a el numero de productos disponibles
    producto_detallado.unidades_disponibles += self.unidades_vendidas

    super(ProductoVenta, self).delete()

But when deleting an object ProductoVenta They do not perform the expected action.

I have a prin() in the console to be able to see if it runs, but in fact I have no messages there.

oracle – New at DB Design – concept model for the Parking App [[ Issues ]]: Chen vs. Crow Notation & Ambiguity Between Agents


Student entrepreneur here,

— I'm sorry if some parts are not relevant or incorrectly explained and edited to make sure they match the forum standards. (If my problem is solved, many newcomers can benefit from it.) —

I'm just beginning to learn Database Design. I spend many hours, but I'm still a bit behind schedule, and especially for this job I can not count on anyone on our team, so I come here for advice.

((Key aspects))


Language: Dart __ SDK: Flutter __ Cloud Service: Backendless __ Concept Modeling Tool: Creative __ Logic Modeling Tool: Oracle SQLDeveloper Database Modeler

Resources: "Learning MySQL" by Hugh E. Williams, Saied M.M. Tahaghoghi

Problem at hand: Parking App users can reserve or offer parking. How do I solve this in the entity relationship diagram? There are no two types of users, except that the use cases dictate that you can "monetize" your parking space in the profile area (like one you own and formally register, not one you've rented through the app). You can use your account continue to use it to reserve parking anywhere in the main cities of Colombia.


((Story / context))

The company I am part of the used Google Cloud service Firebase for authentication (Firebase Auth) and storage (Cloud Firestore). This was integrated into Kotlin and Swift Apps.

We recently introduced Flutter as it accelerated the development process and the versatility of our products. However, it did not come without costs. We have a lot of problems with Firestore and have tried Backendless for a particular project. We are students and since I have another job and sleep 3 REMs per night (4.5 hours), I can not really bring in the kind of MAD 3-day concentration needed to overcome my current obstacles.


  • Backendless was simply chosen because it integrates easily with Flutter, which my boss simply loves.

  • I really do NOT know. I am sure that I can continue on this path and provide a working database.

  • However, I am not sure if this will be the best database or if I am able to handle subsequent problems and scalability, and so on.

  • I am looking for experienced database administrators and this is the best place I can imagine.

  • I'm too tired to even really structure that.

nikon – Can one dSLR sensor be replaced with one belonging to a different model?

The replacement of the sensor, as performed by a regular / authorized service center, will most likely be a replacement of the module – a module assembly of sensor, PCB, and some mounting hardware will be replaced as a unit.

Replace sensor as an actual component This installation requires a person (professional or enthusiast) who has extensive experience in repairing electronic components. We are talking about at least 0.25 Rossmann's ability. Theoretically, such a technician could use lower or higher quality of the same component (IF this component is sold in classes) or a recovered component of used or defective hardware. In fact, you could also attach a similar but not identical part using the same pin layout and protocol, or even make changes to the wiring (or a new circuit board) to accommodate a part that is in pin-out, but in the same way Protocol is different. Someone who is skilled would probably offer this service proudly and honestly.

This leaves open the possibility that the replacement part would be a recovered assembly of an otherwise broken or thrown camera (hopefully not a stolen camera!) Or a factory board (which a reputable camera maker would probably not give away or sell intact) Sorry for the pun, a half-inch sensor or a sensor that another mechanic has replaced as suspect or defective. In the first case, it would not be a bad deal as long as it is made transparent. The second case would be the worst, you would get poor quality and possibly have stolen property.

Theoretically, someone might agree to overhaul sensors that have been replaced due to damage to the optical filters (IF this assembly allows for economical replacement).

Which US President has been the worst role model for young people in the last 60 years?

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