Create a modern WordPress website or make a WordPress website for $ 199

Create a modern WordPress website or create a WordPress website

I am MD MAHBUB, I have 3 years experience and I have made over 350 websites. I've worked on projects ranging from theme / plugin customization and development, front-end customization, bug fixes and ecommerce customization, and WP-based website design and redesign.

What would you like to have:

  • 1-7 pages website with premium theme. Will be best for small business / portfolio.
  • Premium WordPress Theme
  • Premium WordPress plugins
  • Custom code, if required
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Integration in social media
  • Google Maps
  • Mailing List Plugin
  • Contact form
  • Photo procurement
  • Upload demo content
  • Mail chimpanzee and registration forms
  • Amazing slider with animations
  • awe
  • Responsiveness to all media devices

Some bonuses in my package include:

  • 1 hour of personal brainstorming
  • Free installation of WordPress.
  • Theme installation
  • 7 days after completion support.

I can also help with:

  • Debug / repair
  • Migration / backup
  • Improve speed
  • Clean up malware
  • Add new content


SharePoint Migration – InfoPath with modern and classic SharePoint Online sites – please clarify

We are migrating a large site collection from SharePoint 2010 to Office 365 SharePoint Online, starting with a single site (for testing purposes).

The site collection uses InfoPath forms very often. We may move all of these InfoPath forms to PowerApps / Flow, but since the initial goal is to completely leave SharePoint 2010, we want to be able to run this part later.

  1. Is it true that InfoPath forms are not supported by the Modern Site experience and therefore need to use the Classic Site Experience? (Or is that an assumption I made?)

  2. What efforts are needed to modernize websites at a later date, when I first create them in the Classic environment?

Should we use document libraries OR image libraries when managing images in our modern team website? and why?

We have a modern team site collection and want to add a library that stores our corporate images, such as event images, social images, and more.

Now we have two main templates on our modern team website that we can use:

  1. document library

  2. image library

Enter image description here

Based on my search, I found that both offer similar functions:

  1. allow us to have minor / major & permit.

  2. Both offer the following list views:

Enter image description here

  1. Both templates work with these modern Web Parts:

    • Document Library Web Part

Enter image description here

Enter image description here

  1. In both cases, a slider is displayed when you click on an image

but I found the following main differences.

document library

  1. For example, when we create a new modern team or a modern communication site, we get all the built-in libraries as document libraries

Enter image description here

  1. On modern communication sites we can not add a picture library. So I can say that the image library is somehow obsolete (at least compared to document libraries)

image library

  1. The main features are that it offers some content types and columns that are of benefit to images, such as "image size", "height" and "width", which indicate the size of the images:

Enter image description here

You are not sure if you should use a picture or document library? Based on my research, Picture Libraries provides a ready-made content type for images, but document libraries appear to be used more often considering that modern communication pages (by default) offer no option for adding picture libraries. Finally, I want to avoid adding a document library and add the image content types to them. I'm trying to compare the built-in image and document libraries.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Quick Start – How to hide the left menu on a SharePoint Online Classic team site with new modern pages?

SharePoint Online runs a set of classic historical team sites. We are currently creating new, modern site pages and are gradually planning to convert existing pages (in the root site and all child sites).

NOTE: We use the publishing function not only for website pages with Web Parts!

The problem is that the quick start menu after the support article has been disabled. Customize the navigation on your SharePoint site and follow the steps in this section Enable or disable the left-side menu for a SharePoint Online team site,

Unfortunately, this does not seem to work in our combination of a Classic Team website with modern sites (we do not plan to join an Office 365 group unless that solves the problem). Is this a known limitation and are there any features that need to be enabled to achieve the same behavior as a modern team site with the Quick Launch bar correctly hidden?

We have not adjusted the master page and have not enabled any special features. We only use OTB Classic Teams websites for a long time and now we want to switch to modern pages WITHOUT left navigation visible.

CPU – Why do modern multi-core operating systems still slow down the scrolling speed?

Someone asked why moving the mouse pointer made Windows 95 run faster? about retrocomputing.

It is mentioned in Raffzahn's answer that it is also possible to observe the effect of a faster expiration when the user moves the mouse as he scrolls through a large text file. Nowadays, I no longer scroll through text files (looking through pages or searching for a string near the place I'm looking for), so I lost that knowledge over the years. But I always remember when I'm working on a Windows XP computer.

However, when I later tried it on my 2019 computer running Linux 4.15, I found that the effect was still there. This, although only one core rises to 50%, none is above it and all others are just idle. I can get a core over 90% and sometimes reach 100% by wiggling the mouse.

Why is it still like that, even though many cores are available and even the one who runs the text editor is only busy half the time?

GET – Maxwell Finn – Modern Mastermind | Proxies-free

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Maxwell Finn – Modern Mastermind
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Which property indicates the publishing status of a modern page?

I got the impression that modern pages use the ows__ModerationStatus to indicate whether the page is published or not – just like classic publishing pages. Last week, I tried to map this crawled property to a RefinableString *** to expose it to the search index. One week later, this managed property does not yet contain any values. With PowerShell, I can verify that the internal field of these modern pages contains a value indicating the release status, and whether that value changes when I publish a modern page in the browser.

a) I can not figure out why the managed property is not filled with values ​​from modern pages. However, this is the case with classic release pages

b) Is there another property that indicates the published status of a modern page, e.g. from a communication page?

Thanks for your help. – Responsive & Modern Web Design – 4-Site Responsive Website for Only $ 1500 ($ 300 Off!)

I offer the perfect solution for any business looking for a more modern and professional look. Countless times I've been told that after redesigning a website for their company, conversion rates have increased more than 25% in the first few months alone. There are many features that make a website great, such as a modern look and color scheme, easy-to-read typography, user-friendly design, content placement, negative disk space, layout consistency, and above all, uniqueness. Customers who frequently host web hosting sites are familiar with the common themes in the market today and will simply search for them because the site is a topic.

Design has always been my passion and I love helping others find a website that they love at an affordable price. I treat every customer right away, whether you buy a 3-page website or a 10-page website – I do my best for every project I take over and do not send a page refresh that I personally do not like. Give the shop you love a website that you are proud of.

View my portfolio online:


Standard site

4 Page Website Design
– HTML5 / CSS responsive Coding – Works with all resolutions!
– Unlimited revisions
– Free WHMCS integration
– Price: 1500 US dollars – was $ 1800

Price per page

– Design & PSD
– HTML5 / CSS3 Responsive Coding
– Unlimited revisions
– Price: $ 375 per page with a minimum of 4 pages – was $ 450

other services

– WHMCS integration (header / footer / style changes) – 100 US dollars (Free with website project)
– WHMCS Update – $ 50Ask me for a few links to previous whmcs integrations if you just need integration.

Do you have a small task that you need to do? Whether it's a few changes to your existing website or software integration? This section is for you! You can also hire me full-time or part-time if you have a project that requires weekly work, or just prefer to pay by the hour, which is fine.

Hourly rate: $ 50/Hour (2 hours min. I will include an estimated completion time)

Companies I've worked with

  • BuyVM
  • CrocWeb
  • US Dedicated and all sub-brands chi / la / ect ..
  • Spartan landlord
  • VersaWeb
  • Fiberhub
  • Fluctis Hosting
  • VP Easy
  • Shock hosting
  • Joytel
  • GoRack
  • GG server
  • and many more…

I need 50% in advance and the other 50% after completing your project. Payments are made by VIA Stripe (Credit / Debit). NO EXCEPTIONS!

Once the project has been completed and the customer has paid in full, he / she will have FULL rights to do with the files what they want, including resale rights.

E-mail: korey@varcoe.netPlease use this e-mail to request or fill out an offer this form.