sharepoint online – PnP modern search: syntax to use a page property in query

Wondering if you can use a page property rather than a managed property to filter search results in modern search web parts. Normally I’d use managed properties but either due to a bug or a limitation, managed properties aren’t available in group connected team sites – in any of the search based web parts. So I can filter a highlighted content web part using a page property based on for instance a choice column (eg “Category”), but not a managed property mapped to the crawled property for that column. I’d like to be able to use a modern search web part with a filter – something like this:

Path: {Page.Category=Advanced tips}  

sharepoint online – SPO: Using JSON to Show/Hide Modern Form Field Based on Value Selected in Lookup Column

I am trying to modify the new-entry form of a modern list in SharePoint Online by hiding or showing a field based on the value selected in a preceding field on the same form. Microsoft offers straightforward guidance on how to do this using a JSON snippet.

While they don’t list a lookup column as an unsupported field type to use for this purpose, they don’t provide guidance on how to use one in this way, either. And from my testing, you can’t simply grab the value of a lookup field in the described way:

=if(($LookupField)=='Hourly', 'true', 'false')

If I use a choice field instead of a lookup field, this works fine. But doing some digging, in other contexts it looks like the value may be captured in a .lookupValue property, so I tried it this way:

=if(($LookupField.lookupValue)=='Hourly', 'true', 'false')

Still no luck. Does anyone know if it is possible to use the value from a lookup field in this way? And if so, what do I need to do to make the magic happen?

Modern PnP Search Box Refreshes Search Results Page 2-4 times

I have a PnP Modern v4 Search Bar on the homepage. I’m using the Method = Query string parameter and Parameter name = q (and tried k).

When I search, it redirects to my custom search page with Modern Search Results web part. The results are filtered based on my search query from before.

The problem is it loads the page initially and then reloads the page 2-4 more times. If use the Search Box on the custom search page and do a search, it doesn’t reload the page like from the homepage. Seems like the only difference I see is that from the homepage, I send to a custom page whereas from the custom search page, I stay on the page.

sharepoint online – Modern Site “Highlighted Content” web Part links not working properly

This seems to be a known issue on Microsoft’s website. When a new link is created and a filter is added to the highlighted content web part to pull that link it seems to pull the link in a card layout.

enter image description here

But upon clicking the link it tries to download the URL file, and not go directly to the link you entered on the link. Very strange.

enter image description here
enter image description here
If I go to site pages and click the URL there it goes to the link.
But I must have a card layout for highlighted content. The cards don’t have IDs so I can do any CSS to them. Is there any way to get a link to work like a link is supposed to work?

Fetching modern sharepoint page comments and likes count using search api

I can’t seem to find the correct managed property for both modern Comments Count & Likes Count at all as all managed property within schema returned 0 counts.
enter image description here

enter image description here

I would like to avoid additional query again just to get each items likes/comments count when querying news posts using search api.

boot – Create an El Capitan rescue USB using a Modern M1 Mac

I am trying to rescue my dad’s 2008 iMac. It is running Snow Leopard but the most recent OS it supports is El Capitan. It won’t boot past a spinning progress bar on a grey screen, and will not boot into Recovery Mode or Safe Mode.

It seems to me next step is to try a bootable USB stick. I am running into walls trying to make the stick from my own computer, which is an M1 MacBook Air running Big Sur.

An El Capitan .DMG is downloadable directly from the Apple Support page, which provides instructions on how to make a bootable volume, with a major caveat On a Mac that is compatible with El Capitan, open the disk image and run the installer within, named InstallMacOSX.pkg

I used a utility to extract the Install OS X El file from the .dmg and then ran the terminal command from that support page:

sudo /Applications/Install OS X El --volume /Volumes/MyUSBVolume --applicationpath /Applications/Install OS X El

But this yields /Applications/Install OS X El does not appear to be a valid OS installer application.
When I google this error some results indicate it is due to an expired file, but changing my system date to 2016 does not fix it. I assume the real problem is a system incompatibility.

Surely there is just an ISO I can get and write without all these hoops?s

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sharepoint online – My Create & Edit list forms are rendering using the modern UI although we have customize them using Script Editor web part

We have migrated 3 custom lists from SP 2013 to classic team site inside SP online, now the 3 lists have the following main settings:-

  1. we have customized the list forms (Create & Edit) using Script Editor web parts, as follow:-

enter image description here

  1. for the list settings >> we define to render based on the site settings (which is to use modern UI):-

enter image description here

so now the expected behaviour is that the list views will render using the modern UI + But when we create/edit the list items the Create & Edit forms will render using the classic experience. Now this is working as expected for 2 lists. but is failing for the third list.. where on the third list the Create & Edit forms will render using the modern UI, although they have customized the forms using script editor web parts.. any advice on this?