SharePoint PnP PowerShell Provision World Clock Web Part on the Modern page

I'm working on providing modern team website sites using PNP Powershell. We try to add the World Clock Web Part on the page, but we do not get the World Time Watch Web Part's internal name to add it to the page. Where do we get the internal name of the World Clock or the entire internal name of the OOTB Web Parts?
Thanks for your help!

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Web Part – Use of HTML code in the modern user interface

@theChrisKent is right.
For many SharePoint administrators and developers, this is a big disadvantage when considering whether to use modern pages in SharePoint or not.
I just completed an on-premigration online migration and it was the very first thing I had to decide on. We opted for a migration as opposed to an "upgrade" while remaining in the classic user interface.

The disadvantage is that you get a responsive layout, a "future proof" layout (as Microsoft puts it: migrate- script-editor-web-part-customizations) and easy to integrate into PowerBI and other o365 apps. The downside is a steep learning curve, as @theChrisKent puts.

My answer to your question is that you need to create a "modern" web part with JS Framework, gulp, npm, node.js and yeoman.

The tools that are required for what you want to do and how you use it require that many SharePoint administrators become developers if Microsoft rejects the "classic" UI because all of these custom Web Parts have additional knowledge of the above Tools required are a necessity for a version control system.

It was not easy for me to make the transition (some sites in my migration project wanted the new UI), but it can be done.

spfx Web Parts – SP 2010 Site Collection Migration to SP 2013 On-Prem to SP 2016 On-Prem to SP 2019 On-Prem | Transition from classical to modern pages

I'm new to an organization that is moving from SP 2010 to SP 2013 to SP 2016 to SP 2019. These are all on-premise versions. The site collection includes nearly 3,500 websites. There are many customizations – Web Parts, which contain more content editors that reference both jquery and html files.

For testing, a team has upgraded from SP 2010 to SP 2013. It has not broken anything yet. I'm worried if they are migrating to SP 2016 and the modern pages are enabled – the content editor web part does not exist on modern pages – SPFx rules. What happens on the pages where Content Editor Web Parts were used to reference files? Is there a best practices document?

sharepoint online – How do I create an editable modern web part?

I'm trying to create a web part that displays custom data tiles.

I'm trying to emulate the behavior of the Page Banner Web Part, which lets you manipulate each tile directly in the Web Part, with each tile having an edit button (when the page is in Edit mode).

How does it work? I have seen a lot of documentation on the property space, but always the global web part (not individual parts).

sharepoint online – Can you edit modern pages with the graphic API?

I can create and publish new modern pages in SharePoint Online using the graphics API

However, I can not figure out how existing pages are edited. Is something really obvious missing or is the functionality missing?

I tried to write another post about the build endpoint, and it says that a page with that name already exists.

Remove "Link" from the new menu of the modern SharePoint view

I have a problem with the modern SharePoint site in the new menu. When I click on the menu, the options "Word", "PPT" etc. and "Link" appear in the drop-down list. I know that this can be possible with PnP deployment, but the client does not need to use OOTB. Is there a way to edit or remove "link" in the new menu?

Thanks for your time!!!