log messages – User Import module’s “Send email” option is not reported in system log

When importing batches of users as .csv files, the module’s option “send email” appears to be working inconsistently. Some users receive the email, others don’t and can’t find it in Spam. Repeating the import doesn’t always solve the problem.

In addition to the mystery of this inconsistency, the email send-out by the module does not show up in the system log, whether successful or not. Therefore there is no way to verify if it was sent, except to depend on the user’s report of receiving or not receiving it. (Other kinds of email sends are recorded in the log; for example one that we set up in Rules.) Is there a solution for addressing this?

updates – How can an Android user know which Project Mainline modules their device supports?

Project Mainline (officially “Modular System Components” – https://source.android.com/devices/architecture/modular-system) introduced a set of OS components that Google can update via Google Play system updates.

Some of these modules are mandatory for OEMs to support depending on the version of Android that the phone ships with, but some of these modules are optional. OEMs can choose to add support for more modules when updating to a new version of Android, as well.

As the title states, how can an Android user determine which of these modular system components their phone actually supports?

reference request – $mathcal{D}_lambda$ modules $mathcal{D}_{0}$ modules equivalence

Fix $G$ a finite dimensional reductive group and $lambda$ a weight. Apparently the category of $mathcal{D}_lambda$ modules on $G/B$ is equivalent to $mathcal{D}_0$ modules on $G’/B’$ for a different group $G’$, whose Weyl algebra $W’$ are the elements $win W$ with $wlambda-lambda$ integral. Apparently this is due to Lustzig, where it is covered in the language of monodromic sheaves.

Question: is there a modern reference for this?

8 – Are there modules that change exposed numeric filter widget?

I’m experimenting with the range module and the exposed views filter for the field doesn’t have any reasonable settings, doesn’t take into account defined limits. I’ve tried searching for modules that expand settings or change the numeric input widget but can’t find any. Am I missing them for some reason or will I have to implement the changes myself?

I need to at least set min and max attributes. Also, ability to use jQuery UI Slider would’ve been nice.

I have Better Exposed Filters installed already, does range need to implement support for it explicitly?

Best way to document a bunch of Python modules on GitHub automatically?

I recently took control of a repository for work and have some decisions I have to make regarding managing it. The repository has a long list of different Python modules each of which does something different and is entirely standalone. Outside of the ones I’ve written, none of them follow docstring format, but I’m willing to go through and add to everything.

The current problem I’m facing is that there is no documentation for the repository and I’ve been asked to come up with a solution. I could do it manually, but I was wondering if there is a best practice way to automatically generate documentation in an md format or something for display on GitHub? I’m still getting a feel for whether or not something like Sphinx could accomplish this.

Any help appreciated!

reference request – Finitely presented modules admitting projective covers

A ring $R$ is called semi-perfect if every finitely generated $R$-module has a projective cover, and it can be proved that this is equivalent to say that the category consisting of the finitely generated projective $R$-modules is Krull-Schmidt. I was wondering, and what about the rings $R$ such that every finitely presented $R$-module has a projective cover? Do these rings have a special name, and are there characterizations of these rings, just like there are for semi-perfect rings?

reference request – Simple modules for universal enveloping algebras and Weyl algebras

Let $A$ be the universal enveloping algebra of a fintie dimensional Lie algebra (simple if needed) or the Weyl algebra.

Question: Are there recent survey articles about the (possibly infinite dimensional) simple modules of those algebras?

For what Lie algebras is a complete list of all simple modules known?