ggplot super slow for plotting sf objects in RStudio on macOS Mojave

I'm running the following command in RStudio on a Mac:

texas <- tracts(state='TX', class="sf")

ggplot(texas) + geom_sf()

plot(texas %>% st_geometry)

The execution of ggplot took 134 seconds, while the execution of plot () took 2.6 seconds. My colleague has run the same code on his PC, ggplot was much faster at 10 seconds.

Does anyone know why ggplot is so slow to print simple functions on a Mac?

mojave – The system memory continues to increase

I am using macOS Mojave 10.14.6 (Appendix 2).

I have not noticed any unusual system memory issues, as with some other posts on the site, that say the system memory is more than 150 GB. From time to time, however, I check the memory usage of my system and the number is constantly increasing. According to my memory, the memory usage was 30 gigabytes a month ago. Two days ago, the storage management stated 40 GB. Today, about 42.5 GB are occupied on the system memory. I do not understand what happens, and since I have a small SSD on my MacBook, this memory expansion effect is very annoying.

What should be the ideal use of the system memory under macOS Mojave? How can I fix this problem to recover my lost memory? Does upgrading to macOS Catalina increase the memory usage of the system?

I've installed DaisyDisk as recommended by similar questions, but I can not fix it from DaisyDisk. (I am in the trial version)

There is 4 GB of space in "other volumes," but I have not partitioned my SSD yet. Is this memory used by the operating system as a swap?

Here is a screenshot:

Enter image description here

Note: It would be great if solutions do not require the installation of third-party apps unless this is required. Thanks!

mojave – How can I change the scroll direction of the mouse independently of the trackpad?

in the System Preferences > Trackpad > Scroll & Zoomthere is a check box called Scroll Direction: Normalwith which we can change the scroll direction of the trackpad, but also the scroll direction of the mouse. Is there a way to change the scroll direction of the mouse without changing the scroll direction of the trackpad?

I have a Razer: Deathadder Elite mouse, but I want the solution to work for other and less demanding mice.

Why does my MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 log me out when I start a Python file on Pycharm?

I'm on MacBook Air, early 2013 version, which runs 10.14.6 (18G95) with 8GB of RAM and 1.6GHz i5 processor. I recently installed Pycharm and try to run a Python file. Every time I press "Run", I am logged out of the system.

The python code is just to see if the tkinter module works.

The code simply consists of four lines and is written as follows:

from tkinter import *

window = Tk ()

window.title ("TKInter Tutorial")

window.mainloop ()


Pycharm Version 11.0.3 + 12 Professional Edition is licensed using the university's e-mail ID.

Please advice, what can I do?

Let me know if additional information is needed.

App Mac – macOS Mojave 10.14.6 (18G103) Multilanguage | NulledTeam UnderGround

x64 | File size: 5.6 GB

Using a Mac has always led to great work.

Now, macOS Mojave brings new features that have been inspired by the most powerful users but are meant for everyone. Focus on your work in darker mode. Organize files automatically using stacks. Take more species with less effort. Try three handy new built-in apps and discover great new apps in the redesigned Mac App Store. Now you can get more out of each one

click. Dark mode

* Experience a dramatic new look for your Mac that puts your content at the center of attention as the controls fade into the background.

* Enjoy new app designs that save your eyesight in dark environments.


* Use Dynamic Desktop to display a constantly changing desktop image.

* Automatically organize your desktop files by type, date, or day using stacks.

* Capture still images and videos of your screen with the new screenshot utility.


* Find your files visually with great previews in the gallery view.

* Full metadata for all file types can be found in the preview window.

* Rotate an image, create a PDF, and more – right in the Finder with quick action.

* Mark and sign PDFs, crop images, and cut audio and video files with Quick View.

Through camera

* Take a picture or scan a document nearby with your iPhone. It will automatically appear on your Mac.

Mac App Store

* Browse hand-picked apps on the new Discover, Create, Work, and Play tabs.

* Discover the perfect app and make the most of your stories, curated collections and videos.


* Search with texts to find a song with a few of the words you remember.

* Start a personalized station with music of all artists on the extended artist pages.

* Enjoy the new Friends Mix, a playlist of songs that your friends hear.


* Block tracking of buttons, comment widgets, and embedded content without your permission with advanced intelligent tracking prevention.

* Prevent websites from tracking your Mac using a simplified system profile that makes you anonymous online.

Apple News

* Read the top stories selected by Apple News editors, readers' favorite trending stories, and a feed created specifically for them.

* Keep your favorite topics, channels, and stored stories up-to-date on your Mac and iOS device.


* Create a custom watchlist and view interactive charts that sync on both your Mac and iOS devices.

* Browse the economic news that dominate the markets curated by Apple News editors.

voice notes

* Make audio recordings, listen to them while working with other apps, or use them in a podcast, song, or video.

* Access audio clips from your iPhone on your Mac with iCloud.

At home

* Organize and control all your HomeKit accessories from your desktop.

* Receive real-time alerts from your home devices while you work.

Languages: English, Arabic, Catalan, Chinese (Hong Kong), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish,

French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay,

Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Spanish,

Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

List of supported models:

-MacBook (early 2015 or later)

-MacBook Air (mid-2012 or later)

-MacBook Pro (mid-2012 or later)

-Mac mini (late 2012 or later)

-iMac (late 2012 or later)

-iMac Pro (2017)

-Mac Pro (late 2013, mid-2010, mid-2012, graphics processor supporting Metal API is recommended)


macos – How to change the send / receive sound in iMessage in Mac OS Mojave

Hopefully someone can help me to answer my annoying question. I try to change the sound of iMessage when sending an iMessage while removing one. I have worked on a few similar questions that can be found online at this site.

Here is one that I wanted to invest with, but even that does not answer my question.

Where are the warning sound audio files in OS X?

Can someone tell me where on the hard drive is the location where I can make such changes. I know that the reception tone is note.m4r. But I also want to change the Aussendeton. you know the "wooooo"

Someone please help!