mojave – Is there any way to grant AnyDesk unattended access when the user is not logged in?

I'm trying to use AnyDesk for remote access to my Mac mini, but I can not get it to work without physically logging in first. Shortly after I log in for the first time, it starts to work. When I sign out, I can not connect anymore. This also makes it virtually useless for remote access as the sessions are blocked after some time and the connection is no longer available … Does anyone have an idea?

time machine – Mojave does not display the disk in Disk Utility

I bought a new hard drive to use as a Time Machine backup.

diskutil list shows it as: –

/dev/disk4 (external, physical):
#:                       TYPE NAME                    SIZE       IDENTIFIER
0:     FDisk_partition_scheme                        *2.0 TB     disk4
1:               Windows_NTFS                         2.0 TB     disk4s1

However, does not appear in the Disk Utility or Finder.

How should I format it?

The last time I did something similar, I was asked if I wanted to use it as a Time Machine

I have a desktop Mac OS Mojave 5k in late 2015, 32GB, 4GHz Core i7, SSD [on hold]

You want to enter old mini-DV and Hi-8 tapes and other analog content for editing.
I do not want to guess what type the plug-in has to get it. What is also the possibility to use my fire cable from a Sony PDX 10 (still works great)? And finally … the better video editing and photo programs that need to be installed
Hobby work, thank you

mojave – Samsung X5 not recognized

I'm having trouble getting Mojave to recognize an external Samsung X5 hard drive. When I plug in the drive, it lights up, but the operating system does not seem to see it. I connected the drive to a Windows PC with Thunderbolt 3 connector and Windows has seen the drive in order, so it is not a hardware issue. Samsung has pre-installed encryption software on the drive. I've disabled these over Windows, hoping that the Mac can see the drive, but no dice. I have the latest version of the Samsung software installed, but that does not seem to work. I am at a loss, any thoughts would be appreciated.

mojave – macOS alternative to Meld

The Mojave upgrade from 10.14.5 to 10.14.6 stalled my old VLC installation (which was already fixed by upgrading the VLC installation), and I think it also has my Homebrew-provided build for Meld 3.19. 2.osx6 damaged.

I can not find a newer build than mine.

What is the other way to merge in macOS? (What is the alternative program?)

What's the surest way to run my MacBook around the clock with macOS Mojave?

Before I used sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 25 To try hibernating my MacBook instead of hibernating it pulls the power out of the RAM (s), etc., and puts the laptop into a proper sleep state. Before a few important updates (maybe El Capitan), pmset ... 25 I did not work anymore to put my MacBook to sleep. I am using a MacBook 13 "from 2017. Is hibernation no longer supported on this model?

After hearing about the defect in the 15-inch MacBooks from 2017, I have to admit that I'm afraid that they will also find a problem with 13-inch MacBooks, and I want to be as safe as possible.

I use many applications whose development and testing status must be maintained over many days. Therefore, daily shutdown of my computer is neither efficient nor a viable option.

How can I fix the bad Java performance caused by Mojave Update 10.14.6?

Yesterday I installed the MacOS update 10.14.6 and now the performance of Java is very bad. This is particularly noticeable when Maven is used to build Java applications. There are projects that I often build to really load the CPU, but now they barely use the CPU and it takes a lot longer to create them. The Activity Monitor shows that the CPU, memory, hard disk, and network are idle most of the time during creation.

I've installed a newer Java SDK and upgraded Maven to see if that would improve performance, but it made no difference.

Bootcamp Mojave and Windows 10 will no longer work for all Mac OS startup keys

I did not install Bootcamp on an iMac 27 "until the end of 2013. Before running Bootcamp Assistant I ran a fully updated Mojave operating system Installed Windows 10 image from Microsoft Download After installing Windows, everything worked fine and all updates I can not start the boot manager or recovery mode, it will go straight to Windows If I use the Bootcamp Windows Control Panel, only Windows will appear in the list If I choose Advanced Boot Options in Windows I choose a USB flash drive or a USB drive, but it's just starting up again in Windows 10.

I've tried every shortcut on this page (on a USB keyboard)

Even the shortcuts to reset the PRAM do not work. Is it the UEFI? How do I reset this?

Any ideas?

macbook – Why is my MacOS Mojave installer not responding?

I do not know why that is so, but 4 days ago I completely cleaned up my MacOS Mojave, which installed Macbook Air Mid 2013 due to a memory issue, and after the cleanup came MacOS Mountain Lion:

MacOS version

My data:

Technical specifications

Now I want to upgrade it to MacOS Mojave again, so I downloaded Mojave Installer:

App Store Mojave Installer

MacOS Mojave installer in Launchpad

but in the end it does not work the way it was supposed to
After opening, it shows Does not react the whole time:

Not answering img

Not answering img 2

Everyone else in this beautiful world has to deal with such problems or has a solution / suggestion, then please be a nice person and help.