Create bootable windows 7 usb drive on Macosx Mojave 10.14.6

I am trying to create a bootable usb drive on Mac to re-install Win 7 iso on my pc. However, I think my pc does not recognize Exfat or other formats other than NTFS.

I tried using Unetbootin but couldn’t boot it from my pc because the format Unetbooting was using was Exfat. I think my pc needs an UEFI boot.

Alternatively, I tried using terminal with this command:

But it converted the usb to UDF- universal disk format which does not get recognized by any system.

My bootcamp only shows the Win10 option.

Can you help please?


Mac OS Mojave -Persistent Latency >1 sec with core audio Overrun Message

For the last few days, I have suffered really strange behaviour (CoreAudio) on a late 2013 iMac running Mojave. Regardless of the Digital Audio Workstation software I am using, (including Reaper, Akai MPC 2.8 DAW) ALL audio sources/channels play back with an unacceptable delay of 1 second or more, which renders it completely unusable for music and video production and editing, which is my bread and butter.

I have attempted several “solutions” including (1) a full reinstallation of the Mac OS Mojave, (2) disabling “Spotlight” on the main drive, (3) uninstalling all unnecessary software, and even (4) running Techtool Pro to try and pin down the problems, with little success.

In terms of trying to locate the problem thought Mac OS’ Console utility, I get the following recurring errors which I am unable to interpret due to my limited knowledge in programming –

1...  (CoreAudio : HALS_IOA1Engine.cpp:365:EndWriting:  HALS_IOA1Engine::EndWriting: got an error from the kernel trap, Error: 0xE00002EE)

2...  ( Task <23F45298-4D92-4932-A556-C481F2724AFE>.<3523> finished with error - code: -999

3...  ( nw_proxy_resolver_create_parsed_array PAC evaluation error: NSURLErrorDomain: -1003)...

The above errors occur at least 1,000 times per hour. In addition, and perhaps more closely related to the issue the systemlog (in the Console utility) consistently generates the following messages, literally every second or less! –

...2257808376700: UNDERRUN serving 256 frames, the system needs 732824 frames pos 75276168 writePos 2024233184 rtsFramePosOut 2024966252 cycle 293955 (293955)

Jun 26 23:17:33 iMac coreaudiod(216): DoIO Out 42257813734615: UNDERRUN serving 256 frames, the system needs 732760 frames pos 75276424 writePos 2024233440 rtsFramePosOut 2024966444 cycle 293956 (293956)

Jun 26 23:17:33 iMac coreaudiod(216): DoIO Out 42257819125849: UNDERRUN serving 256 frames, the system needs 732792 frames pos 75276680 writePos 2024233696 rtsFramePosOut 2024966732 cycle 293957 (293957)

Based on the above, I fear that there is something strange going on with the audio’s internal routing, and possibly that my audio is being “hijacked” or routed to an external server before it returns to my audio output devices.. But this is just my speculation..

Does anyone out there have a similar problem – and, more important, a solution ?

Link Displays Between Two iMacs (Late-2015 Retina running Sierra and 2017 running Mojave) Using Thunderbolt-to-Thunderbolt

I’m hoping someone can help me (and that this is possible, considering I just spent an arm and a leg to facilitate this setup).

I have a late-2015 iMac (27″ Retina 5K display, running Sierra) and a 2017 iMac (21.5″, running Mojave) and am hoping that I can connect them for dual display. I have them connected via Thunderbolt-to-Thunderbolt with the TB2 to TB3 adapter. For whatever reason, I’m not able to use Target Display mode on my 2015 iMac, and I’m suspecting it’s because the model doesn’t support it. ETA: The other mac doesn’t show up in either System Preferences > Displays menu

I’m hoping someone can offer advice as to what I’m doing wrong or a possible workaround for this issue, as I have no use for both iMacs separately but would greatly benefit from using one as an additional display – even if the answer is simply that I can’t do it, it will at least allow me to stop spinning my wheels and give up on this pipe dream.

Any suggestions are welcome!

mojave – How do I set the finder view to only list files and folder by name and not group by date modified?

I’m using Mojave.

I like to have all folders displayed in list view and sorted by name.

I set the finder view options to sort by name, unchecked “Use relative dates” and clicked “Use as Defaults”.

But if I go to upload a file, the finder groups files and folders by date modifed (today, yesterday, May, April…).

Is there an easy way to change this so that I can only see it listed by name when I go to upload?

screen capture – Mojave Screenshots save location set to Ram drive doesn’t work

I have just updated to Mojave 10.14.6 and found that the shift-command-5 allows user to set a save file location. I always use Ram Drive to work for temporary file since SSD have a limitation in read/write life. (I have encountered a malfunction SSD before. When that SSD is “broken”, it did not allow to write and become read only. So any sensitive data inside it cannot be erased.)

For instance, I set the saving location for the screenshots to Ram Drive. However, the screenshot does not save other than to local drive.(I haven’t tried in USB though)

If I set it to a Ram Drive, nothing is saved. If I switch back to a local drive. It works again.
Things tried:

  • Add system access rights to the ram drive and the specific folder (not work)
  • Add utilities/ to Accessibility in preference (not work)
  • saving location confirmed by defaults read location, it is set in /Volumes/Ram/uploads but just don’t work

Does any one have such an experience and successful in doing so?
Many thanks.

mojave – Is it a MacOS normal behavior to switch between desktops slower while in Mission Control mode?

I’m having an issue regard MacOS (Mojave 10.14.6) for some time now:

If I’m not in Mission Control mode I can instantly change between the desktops using the keyboard (ctrl+direction, left or right).

However if I’m in Mission Control mode and try to change desktops with the same approach I have a delay of like 1 or 2 seconds.

Someone else having the same issue? There’s some type of fix for that?

macos – It seems to take far too long to unlock the “Users & Groups” setting on Mojave than was the case for High Sierra

This has bugged me from the time I did the first upgrade to Mojave (revision 3) under advice not to upgrade from High Sierra when Mojave was first released. I have tried several resets and even a clean install (I’m now on 10.14.6). Compared to High Sierra, it seems to take as long as 3 – 4 minutes to unlock but (without actually having measured it) HS might have only been a minute or so. Even the login at boot time it seems to take longer and I have to type more slowly type in my login than I used too!
I would appreciate please if anyone can provide any suggestion that might help. I have tried already quite a few discussion groups for answers but many refer to other OS’s and other situations not related to mine specifically. I can provide more info if needed.

backup – How to remove local snapshots on mojave

Asking for a friend…

He’s having issues with local snapshots being taken by Time Machine. He doesn’t want to disable Time Machine entirely, but due to disk space issues causing performance issues, he wants to have local snapshots disabled – he connects to the network regularly enough that the networked time machine does backups frequently enough.

On previous versions of MacOS, he could run the command

sudo tmutil disablelocal

to only have the remote backups enabled.

This command aparrently does not work any more. What can be done to configure the system in the same way?

Is there any way to make a window transparent macOS Mojave?

I liked the feature in Linux where you could simply turn a window transparent. I also had an app for Windows that did it, called Peek Through that did it. I finally came back to macOS and now I want a similar feature. I don’t know the Swift/C langs, but I know the command line pretty well (kinda rusty, my short stint with windows didn’t help any). I have seen the “Deskovery” app but I don’t want to pay money for it. I have seen the old app “afloat” but I am pretty sure that doesn’t work on newer computers. I am on a MacBook Pro 8,1 running macOS Mojave. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot!