mojave – 16 GB RAM Macbook Pro never uses more than 8 GB

I have a MacBook Pro in early 2015 that I bought with 16GB of RAM. However, the computer never uses more than 8 GB. This is a screenshot of htop with the computer under heavy load (large Postgres GIST index creation):htop screenshot

Mac system parameters look good:
Enter image description here

I would be glad if someone has an idea what's going on.

PS: MacOS Mojave is running, but the problem has been since I bought the computer.

mojave – preview does not display chart in PDF

I've previewed a PDF file that will display a chart on a page, but this is not the case. The same applies to the program "PDF Reader Pro Lite" and probably also for other PDF readers. But when I open the PDF in Google Chrome or "Adobe Acrobat Reader DC," the chart is visible. Does anyone know why it does not work for certain applications?

I use macOS Mojave 10.14.5 and all applications are up to date.

mojave – macOS: Navigate between desktops using keyboard shortcuts

Go to System Preferences App → Keyboard → Shortcuts, and you can assign keyboard shortcuts to switch between areas (desktops).

Enter image description here

You can also do that F3 (Mission Control) key on your Mac's keyboard to view all areas (desktops in Mac language) from a bird's eye view and quickly and directly switch to the desired one. However, this also includes the use of the mouse / trackpad.

If you're looking for a third-party tool that lets you customize keyboard shortcuts with a lot of fine-tuning, then Carbine is a popular app for macOS users.

mojave – Java JDK was installed via HomeBrew, but one application has the error that it can not load the JRE. Do I have to stop something?

Title says it all. Installed (successful, no errors) Java via HomeBrew on a fresh installation of Mojave. From the terminal I get the expected answers when I do things like which Java and Java version (12.0.1 if that's important), but a desktop application I've installed tells me that it can not load the runtime environment.

Another computer I own has the same application and operating system version, but I have Java with the Oracle Downloader installed, with no errors and no problems. So I'm assuming that I need to set an environment variable or something else, but I'm not sure what.

macos – Mojave Window Manager Slower than older OSX versions?

I recently bought a new Macbook Air Retina and with it the new version of OSX. Previously, I used a Macbook Pro retina from the 2012 era on which (I think) High Sierra was running.

While this new laptop feels faster in most cases, it definitely seems to be slowing down when opening new windows and tabs in applications where this is managed by the native window manager.

For example, Finder, Terminal, and Safari all have slow-opening tabs and windows, and their performance seems to be worsening in proportion to the number of open windows / tabs around the world.

In contrast, Chrome and VS Code both seem to implement their own window / tab management and always open new tabs / windows very quickly.

It makes me crazy. I am sure that this is not due to apps or configuration settings that are specific to my setup.

Any suggestions before dropping OSX for Ubuntu?

MacBook Air 2013 with slash while trying to install Mojave

I have always been a Linux and Windows user, but bought this used MacBook Air to deal with it. I thought reinstalling would be best, so I deleted the primary drive in the Disk Utility and got a known Mojave installer from work to reinstall Mojave. However, I get about 2/3 of the way to the loading screen before it comes to a slash. I reset SMC, PRAM 3-4 times and also reformatted the SSD without success. always depends on the same step. Does anyone know why that is?

time machine – This allows you to completely reset or remove and restore Safari in Mojave

The first thing I would do is delete history in the Safari menu. Then stop Safari and start it again while holding down the button shift Key. This will start Safari in safe mode and disable any third-party extensions.

If Safari behaves after that, disable your extensions and turn them back on one at a time.

If this fails, more extreme measures are appropriate. I would start with a clean preference. Stop Safari and then hold the Finder possibility and select the Go menu and then "Library" from this menu.

Once the library folder is open, search for a folder or folders with Safari in the name, and move the contents of each folder to folders on your desktop. Then find a "Preferences" folder in the Library folder and open it. Search for files / folders with Safari in the name and move them to the desktop. Once the library folder is free of Safari-related files, try Safari and see how things work.

If things are still not working properly, I would download and install the combo update for the current version of your macOS. Look for "combo update mac os 10.14.5" (or whatever your current version is). It will lead you to a big file on Download and run it. It updates your operating system and usually fixes problems like this.

If The do not fix the problems please let us know.

Dual Boot from macOS Catalina 10:15 and macOS Mojave 10:14

I want to use my fully functional MacBook Pro with 10.14, but I want to install 10.15 Beta on a different drive so I can choose which operating system to use at a given time.

I have the profile of installed.

Now I can update in the section "Software Update" under "Settings" on macOS Catalina 10.15. But before I finish a 6 GB download, can I then install 10.15 Beta on a separate partition or blindly update my existing 10.14 installation?

mojave – Mac software update frozen during installation

I'm trying to update my Mac to a newer version of Mojave. The update was downloaded well, but when it came to the installation, the update froze about halfway through. I tried to shut down the computer and restart the update, but instead of the normal logon screen, I was taken straight back to the update screen and the installation was restarted and stopped in the same place.

I tried to boot in safe mode, but nothing happened, and command L does nothing. I decided to leave it for about 20 hours and still make no progress. After that, I restarted and reset the NVRAM, and the installation was restarted as before. This time, however, it was stopped at the bottom of the progress bar rather than in the middle.

I left that overnight, but it was not finished yet. It's been updated for 2 days now and I have no way to access my Mac. I wonder if there is any way to finish the installation. Many Thanks!

Edit: I also did not have a very reliable internet connection, but thought that this is not necessary, as it is more of an installation than a download. If this is a problem, I do not know how to fix it because I can not connect to a WiFi network exactly by hand.