Video – Can the monitor output be queried from an HDMI device?

Suppose I have a monitor that is connected to devices via VGA and HDMI.

Is there a way that if my source origin is the VGA the HDMI device will query the current buffer sent by VGA (in other words, query current video)?

I think many factors that this is impossible with an HDMI input device (in addition to the lack of features available – I've done some research and found that HDMI queries stop at HDMI CEC, which only contains packages for query monitor information). and the question sounds really stupid to me and most likely to you too, but I have no experience with video interfaces and have become somewhat paranoid about it.

Display – The recommended resolution requires a restart when the monitor cable is connected to the laptop

I have a Macbook Pro (mid 2015) with Bootcamp and a LG 4k monitor. Whenever I connect the monitor to the laptop with the HDMI cable and the laptop is switched on, I do not get the recommended resolution, but Full HD. The recommended resolution is not available in Windows 10 display settings. Therefore, the computer has to be restarted every time to get the 4k resolution. Any idea?

Privacy Policy – Can my employer monitor me when I use Remote Desktop?

No, they cannot "monitor" you unless they also use the connection and connect to your computer. This is unlikely, and you would notice it if you don't keep the connection open and someone has hijacked your RDP session.

In the "Local Resources" and "More …" sections of the RDP connection settings, you can specify what you want to share from your local computer.

hdmi – expand the display WITHOUT plugging in the monitor

With the current pandemic, I'm WFH, but haven't managed to get my monitor back from work. So far, I've connected my MacBook to the TV to expand the display, and then used screen sharing on my personal Macbook to display the second display. This is a bit painful because the HDMI cable has to run through the room since I don't actually use a display.

So can I basically simulate an external display so that it works exactly as it is without having to connect it to the TV?


http – For what reason, Firefox combines several requests in the network monitor

I have a problem that the Firefox network monitor doesn't seem to work for the last few pages. I give an example to make my statements clear:
Enter the image description here

You see 3 (!) Selected inquiries. I can't just choose one of them. If I click on either one, all three are selected. In addition, only the first has a status code symbol (200 in this case), the others do not appear to be of size or type.

I assume that this is a modern extension of the HTTP standard that allows multiple requests per connection.

However, this causes a lot of the problems when you want to debug things: the right panel is always Display the details of the first request. In the example above, I have not found a way to check the (selected) POST request with all of its data and the returned data for all three requests.

Can you please explain it to me?

  • What causes the combination of requirements?
  • How can I check the details of the various requests if possible?

Network – How do I monitor the bytes transferred in an internet connection?

When I connect to the Internet in Xubuntu 19.04, there is an item in the "Network Connections" menu in the upper right corner of the desktop called "Connection Information", but it does not indicate how many bytes have been sent or received. Is there any way to get this information? (For reference, you can click the link for your Internet connection in the Network and Sharing Center in Windows. The window that appears shows the total number of bytes sent and received that are sent and received on both sides of the small terminal pair when data is displayed Move back and forth.) My internet connection is being measured and it would be good to know how much of my allocated bandwidth I am burning while the connection is active. I can do that easily in Windows; I haven't figured out how in Xubuntu yet.

Any suggestions offered would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot,


XFX RX 570 8G card to Dell P 2210 monitor via display connection cable

I have a Dell Studio XPS 7100 under Windows 10 and equipped with the graphics card mentioned. I have 1 monitor via the HDMI connection and a second via the DVI connection. There are 3 more display port ports open and I want to operate two more Dell P 2210 monitors, each connecting DP to DP. The card does not recognize you. How do I get this going?

"Unknown display" for a previously known monitor after installing HydraPaper [16.04]

Previously, my two external monitors (connected to DVI) worked fine – my computer recognized the correct resolution and kept my display arrangement every time I freshly connected it. I recently tried installing HydraPaper to set up multiple wallpapers. Since then (i) my display layout has been lost and (ii) one of my two monitors is shown as an "unknown display", and the correct resolution is not available.

Uninstalling HydraPaper, restarting and removing monitors does not help. I'm not sure if HydraPaper caused the problem at all, but it's the only change I can think of. I have a Dell laptop with a recently updated BIOS, so it shouldn't be a firmware issue.

I would prefer a solution that is not based on it xrandr --addmode manually as follows and instead make my system automatically recognize the ad as it used to be.