display – Can’t activate 1280 * 720 scaling on my 2K external monitor but 1280 * 800 works

I’m using a Lenovo 1440p display on my MBP through a DP to TB3 cable. The UI looks way too small on the native resolution so I’d like to achieve a 2x scaling to 1280 * 720. However, it seems I just can’t enable 1280 * 720 for some reason, but 1280 * 800 works (although with the black bars on the side because it’s 16:10 on a 16:9 monitor.)enter image description here

In SwitchResX, I can see the 1280*720 HiDPi option but notice that the “scaled” checkbox is unchecked while it should be checked, and selecting it doesn’t do anything.

Can anyone spot the problem here?

keyboard – 2020 MacBook not waking with LG Ultrawide monitor and MX keys and mouse

I have an issue which I been researching with no luck. I have an ultrawide LG monitor set up to 3 laptops with the MX keys and mouse 3. (1)2020 MacBook Pro via Apple usc-c adapter with HDMI cable to the screen, the other laptops one via HDMI the other via display port. When switching between screens via monitor, all work perfect with the exception of my MacBook. The MacBook will not wake by moving the mouse, touching the key board etc. I physically have to open the lid for the MacBook to wake. Once that is done all accessories work fine, the moment I switch to another source the issue returns. I have I have tried several recommendations found on Apple forums and online with no luck. Anyone else have experience similar issues with MacBook waking with external monitor and keyboard & mouse? Appreciate your feedback.

audio – Monitor playback device – Windows switches between playback devices when monitor is switched on

I have headphones (Razer Kraken X with virtual 7.1 surround sound) plugged in to my desktop, I also have a monitor (MSI Optix) connected via HDMI. I have regular stereo speakers plugged into my monitor.

The issue is that when the monitor wakes up or is turned on, Windows switches between the playback devices for about 5 mins before settling on one – usually the headphones.

I have a video of this happening: https://imgur.com/OOds7MB

Audio will play through my headphones while it’s doing this, but it’s got static on it. Once it settles, everything is fine.

Until I can figure out what the issue is, I’ve disabled the monitor device as per the answer here: How do I get rid of monitor audio devices from Windows 10. But I do use my speakers, so would like to get to the bottom of this.

Log Shipping Monitor Server Miss match

I’m receiving an LSAlert that my log ship database hasn’t been updated. During digging I found that the log_shipping_primary_secondaries references the proper name of the secondary server, while log_shipping_monitor_secondary has a secondary server name the server had prior to it getting its new production name. (Essentially we spun up the box, migrated everything over then renamed the box to take the place of our production server. the secondary server the log_shipping_monitor_secondary is referencing is this servers temporary name)

I’ve attempted changing the name on that table but it still thinks the databases haven’t been updated recently. Running the sp_refresh_log_shipping_monitor did not appear to fix the issue either.

I’ve checked the backup, copy, and restore jobs and they all appear to be running correctly. It is only the Monitor on the primary that appears to have the issue.

What do I need to do to get the monitor to recognize the new server name and the new restores.
I’d like to avoid resetting up log shipping if at all possible.

macbook pro – External Monitor Resolution Issue

I am using a Acer 27-inch (68.58 cm) Full HD – KG271 Cbmidpx (Black) monitor with my MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012). I am using it for the past 2 weeks. It was working fine till yesterday. Today morning, when I switched on the laptop and the monitor, I am facing resolution issues.

The display is kind of stretched out and resolution is dropped down. Not clear screen.

enter image description here

I am using an AmazonBasics HDMI to Mini DP cable.

I am not sure if it’s a monitor issue, cable issue or some display configuration issue. Could someone please help me with this?

macbook pro – High CPU usage for WindowServer process in Activity monitor

On my Macbook Pro 13″ 2020 model, WindowServer is constantly eating away 20% to 40% CPU.

Tried the usual recommendations, but none help. (reduce transparency, display scaling etc)
Also tried to disable True tone for example.
It happens both with a 4K display attached, or standalone on the laptop.

When I streamed the log (log stream –predicate ‘(process == “WindowServer”)’ –debug),
I see tens of messages per second showing:

WindowServer: (CoreDisplay) (com.apple.CoreDisplay:default) (DEBUG) - On display 0x78c92091, surface is not detached, CoreDisplay is detached (0x00000000), DetachCode = 0

Anyone has some ideas what this is all about?

charging – Turn off power input from a USB -Type C Monitor Mac

I’m currently using my Macbook Pro with an external Benq Monitor (4k HDR) USB-Type C
The problem is at the same time it is also charging my laptop. The problem is that the amount of power supply it is transferring is very less because of which my laptop doesn’t charger properly.
Now, what I wanted to do is that I can disable the power input from the monitor and the laptop only charges from the power cord.

audio – Android Auto fails to start on the car monitor


I have a Samsung Galaxy Android Phone which runs “Android Version 10”, “One UI Version 2.0”. It is ATT phone.

I also have a Subaru Crosstrek.

The phone connected to the car thru the Bluetooth and it does react to phone call and text without any issues through the Android Auto.
All other applications works find.

However, when I tried to connect the phone with the USB wire, the Android Auto application is not available on the car dash board.

I tried to connect a different phone – works correctly.
I tried to put the SIM card from my phone to some other phone – works correctly.
I also tried to re-install Android Auto and re pair the phone with the car – still USB connection doesn’t work.

I also consulted with Subaru. They exchanged the radio. It helped for a while and then it stooped working again.
When the phone does not connected through the USB, just Bluetooth – Android Auto does start on the phone and establishes connection to the car. Then everything works fine.

Basically, I am connecting the phone with the USB and the button o the dashboard does not become enabled.

Any idea how to fix it?

macos – In Tiger’s Activity Monitor, what is “% Nice” CPU?

I installed OS X Tiger in an emulator, to learn more about how OS X’s UI has evolved over the years.

I noticed that Activity Monitor measures the percentage of CPU that is “Nice”, in addition to the percentages which come from system processes, come from user processes, and are idle.

Tiger Activity Montior

What does “Nice” CPU usage represent? Are these system processes or user processes, and is there an equivalent in more modern OS X?