magento2 – Theme (Zemez Template Monster) does not support Multi-Select Layered Navigation Extension in magento 2.3.3

I was looking for free and open source multiple select layered navigation.
i found that
Extension that works 100% and meets my requirements for Blank Magento or Magento Luma

Enter image description here

As you can see, I also select multiple categories and attributes and the results are shown with no Ajax loading.

But the problem is that I installed Zemez & # 39; s theme from Template Monster.
Theme doesn't support this extension and I get the results as
Enter image description here

As you can see in the picture after the selection of the brand attribute, the brand and the filtering disappear with the simple selection and also the loading of the page without Ajax.
I have several changes in app / design / provider / theme / Magento_LayeredNavigation / templates / level /
state.phtml, layer.phtml, view.phtml but I get unexpected results.
Please help remove the overwritten methods of the topic and successfully complete the extension.

How do I create a player vs. monster setup in Python?

I'm doing an RPG, but I'm a beginner and have no idea how to implement a player against a monster in my code.

                if question == '1':
                    print("You try and break the ropes and find out that they are not tied very well. You are able to burst out  of the ropes. Now it is time to fight...")

Then it would go into the player versus monster fight.

Thanks a lot!

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pathfinder 1e – How do I create a class-defined monster?

I want to create a few small groups of goblins that my players can grapple with. The idea is to have some "standard" goblins copied directly from Bestiary 1, but also some "special" goblins with class levels for fighters or magicians (and also "intermediate" goblins with experienced or higher warrior levels).

I found the "Monster Advancement" page, but this is a description to add class levels (trolls, giants, etc.) to monsters that otherwise have only racial hits.

Does it work exactly like creating a player character? How do I determine ability scores? The Kobold Warrior 1 listed in Bestiary 1 appears to have had Str 13, Dex 11, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 9, Cha 8 before racial adjustments (A 3-point purchase if I calculated it correctly )

How do I determine the CR for a goblin with additional grade levels? According to the Monster Advancement page, adding a class level adds +1 CR if the class is "key", otherwise only 1/2, even 1/2 if it is an NPC class. Shouldn't Bestiarium I Kobold Warrior 1 have a CR of 1/2 (because the warrior is an NPC class) instead of 1/4?

History – Was there ever a monster deleting files in a JRPG (or any other kind of game)?

Note: Some fraudulent moderators have blocked my question for the video game StackSite as "off-topic," even though it could not be more topical. So I'm asking it here on the "next most relevant" StackSite.

I used to have this fantasy of imagining that when I was running around in a secret cave in a Japanese RPG, I would suddenly come upon a very rare, extremely evil monster with the most evil imaginable spell / superpower:

The ability to actually delete the currently used memory file and then reset the game!

Can you imagine spending countless hours in this adventure just to have a little slime somewhere that uses this power unexpectedly, sets the game back with a nasty laugh, and then sees your saved file just gone? They would have to start from scratch. You would be so angry. They would curse the developers. You would want to hurt someone.

And it would be fun to tell the story … later.

Now one could immediately think that this would be stupid only for the business. However, I have thought about it. If this were included in the game, I would assume that it:

  1. It is extremely rare, and only when you've done something that the game clearly says is dangerous or not recommended, to the point where it could be considered a rare Easter egg or something similar.
  2. Be warned in any way, even if not explicitly. For example, city dwellers in the surrounding villages say vague things like, "It is extremely important that you never visit the sealed cave near the magic forest from here, it is rumored that there is a monster that has the ability to do so Destroy the universe! This is no joke, be ready to lose everything If you ever take the risk to go there! Please do not We will all be deleted! "
  3. Outside the cave there is an additional sign warning you again that the cave must not be entered and that it is difficult to locate / enter in any way.

In other words, it would be the "own fault" of the player if his score was deleted because he did not take the game seriously. I realize it's still not a "nice" venture, but my point is that it does not happen by accident if you just play the game normally. This cave (or whatever area) would not be critical to ending the game, and there would be nothing to "lure" into, like the promise of a powerful / rare item.

Did they ever do that in a game of the "golden era"? Or anyway? If so, what's the name of the game? It seems that something very good could have been done … I mean, Earthbound / Mother 3 had all sorts of "bad" tricks on store for people they found to have pirated the game. Why not?

Note, however, that I do not necessarily speak of a measure against piracy. I imagine that it would happen even with real copies of the game, as the fourth, pervasive "funny thing". As angry as I would have been, if it had happened to me, me would find it extremely interesting and it would be a story I would have to tell for the rest of my life: "At that time, you really had to be careful, otherwise the game would erase your stored files! And we could not easily make backups in those days … Yes, sir-eee, those were the days … "

dnd 5e – Can you kill a gigantic monster from within?

You can definitely hurt a gigantic monster from the inside; It's actually the only way to get out of Tarrasque once you've swallowed it. So, if you apply the same rules (your character is blinded, reticent, has complete cover and suffers Acid damage each turn), it should be possible to adapt it to other monsters.

However, the fact that your character has complete coverage can cause problems, depending on how you want to use magic. Protection against attacks is also protection from help.

For more swallowing rules, I've actually come up with a D & D Basic guide that contains some useful rules that you can use. Big frogs and big toads are smaller than Gargantuan, but have rules for swallows. The Tarrasque is larger than Gargantuan, but has similar rules for Swallow. It is therefore logical that a gigantic creature has similar rules in this direction.

Spell – Can a monster smell you?

Hey, I have a game where we had the hut, but a monster ram went around the hut and said it could smell us?
The monster has really good senses, its smell is very high, so the monster will find us again? Can monsters see you? Do you smell through the hut?
I know the monster can hear us, but it's kind of like a high-level monster, so we can not smell it?

Monster – What has been published about the spirit of the legendary Tarasque? Can the Tarrasque feel love?

I want answers to published Dungeons and Dragons materials from each edition as well as licensed novels.

For the one-time Estrasque fight I'm playing, my players are looking for hackneyed options and talking about how to throw tongues at them. The entry in the 5e Monster Handbook leaves a mystery, but if they choose to speak to him, I'd like to have some idea of ​​how his personality was portrayed before, since only through memes do I know about the Tarrasque.

One of the players asked if Tarrasque could feel love, bonus points, if you can find that.

DAY NOTE: I marked this as Dungeons-and-Dragons because I want answers from each edition (even if they conflict), even though this is for a Dnd-5e game.