Rubberized mud pump price

Our history
The prequel
● The first story
In the 1980s, Shijiazhuang pumping plant introduced the advanced mud pump technology, which was the basis of the mud pump research and development institute.
● market development
In the 1990s, the new technology for slurry pumps spread throughout the country in key sectors such as mining, metallurgy, chemicals, power plants and dredging.
● New pump design for power plant
In 1996, the pump series EZ was developed and manufactured, which was used for the slightly abrasive medium in power station and backlog traffic.
● New pump design for mining
In 1997, the pump series EZG was developed and produced for the conveyance of abrasive slurries in the high pressure area.
● Service item
In 1998, we established a Domestic Application Services Branch, which helps our clients get the fast and professional instructions and maintenance services they need.
● Service in China
In September 2004, we set up 7 service centers for 5 mining areas in China.
International steps
● The first step
In April 2005, we started our first order in Hungary from Europe to enter the international market.
● Team building
In August 2006, we formed the first international team for the international market.
● Confirmation of the market strategy
In May 2007, we received more and more trust and support from market feedback. This has also helped us build the basic international market strategy.
Team development
In March 2008, on March 10, we opened an office in Beijing for international business. Here we have brought together the talented team worker and a new concept for the overseas market.
● Market feedback
In June 2008, we were invited to visit our customers in Europe to learn more about the market requirement, and we offered on-site service. The Excellence service has been recognized by local users.
● Trade marketing tactics
In November 2008, we participated in the China International Mining Exhibition in Beijing to introduce our products and services.
● World market
Until December 2008, we had offered our products and services in the US, Canada, Chile, Tunis, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Italy, Greece, Israel, Indonesia and the Philippines.
● New materials research
In October 2009, we invested in China Oil University and Kunming Science and Technology University to study abrasion of the non-metallic material and to determine the extreme distribution of the polymer-silicon carbon mixture from numerous tests.
● Service localization
In 2009, we had established business relationships with clients from 15 countries through local customer service requests.
● New structure design
In January 2010 we received the first request for the new pump design based on the specified technical parameters in the overseas market.
● Research and study
In June 2010, we signed a contract with Tsinghua University for joint exploration and exploration of the new generation of sludge pumps.
● International project
In November 2010, we received the Sungun Molybedinum Plant project for the processing of Cu-Mo minerals.
● Technology innovation
In May 2011, we completed the first draft of the new hydraulic model and pump structure.
● International cooperation
In December 2011, we had established cooperation with representatives from 37 countries on 6 continents.
● Technological progress
In March 2012, we reached an agreement with the University of Jiangsu to improve the design and structure of the pump hydraulics.
● Business internationalization
In 2012, we participated in 8 mining events, completed 17 international projects and visited 31 main users in 9 countries.
New journey
● market position
In April 2013, we confirmed that Excellence serves customers who need professional solutions for the mud pump applications.
● cooperation and mutual benefit
In July 2013, we collaborated with the mining company at home and abroad for EPC and EPCM projects.
sequel follows
Our factory
Professional mud pump solutions for you!
Excellent technicians would receive the exact pump selection specifications according to the original parameters of the equipment, pipes and manure characteristics.
Excellence offers various pump models and materials for wet parts for different operating conditions. Our engineer would choose the most suitable pump in terms of efficiency, lifetime, installation, maintenance, etc.
Excellence has established an organization that provides package services for slurry transportation projects such as mining, metallurgy, petrochemical, coal washing, power plants, dredging, building materials, and more.
Excellency would direct the installation on site and train the workers for maintenance. With 37 distributors and representatives in more than 60 countries around the world, our local representative can help you for the first time, if something is urgent.
product application
Mining, metallurgy, petrochemical, coal washing, power plant, dredging
Our certificate
production market
● Coal washing project
Application: Follow-up pump
Pump configuration: EVHM-4RV, EGM-6S
Time: 2010
● Project description
With approximately 57.5 billion tonnes of coal reserves (39.7 billion tonnes of industrial reserves), Australia's coal production and exports are in sixth place in the world after the United States, Russia, China, India and South Africa. And its coal is of high quality with high calorific value, low sulfur, nitrogen content and low ash.
1. Vertical pump
Flow: 100 l / s Head: 55 m
2. Horizontal pump
Flow: 150 l / s Head: 75 m
The excellence engineer has provided the various pump models that are best suited for use in accordance with local working conditions.
Pumps Model:
Vertical pump: EVHM-4RV (the packing seal was added and the immersion length was 1.2 m.)
Horizontal pump: EGM-6S
After service
The customer is very satisfied with the solution and gives us positive feedback. You have sent us the site image for reference. The pumps have been running for about 3 years.
Coal washing project
Application: Wash coal
Pump Configuration: The entire project
Time: 2012
Q: 450 m³ / hH: 30 m
Q: 216³ / hH: 40 m
Q: 108 m³ / hH: 40 m
Excellence has delivered three different pump models according to customer requirements.
Pump model: EHM-6R, EHM-4D, EHM-3C
Pre sales:
Our management team and our engineers were onsite for on-site training and maintenance in the coal washer.
After sale:
The engineer of excellence visited the coal washing plant to eliminate the problem of water leakage. After careful examination, he successfully concluded that the seawater pressure was insufficient. The leakage is remedied by increasing the barrier water pressure and the amount of blocked water.
Copper concentration project
Application: The whole project
Pump configuration: EHM-4X, 65EZL-30,80EZL-36,50EZ-A33, EHR-4X,
Time: 2012
Copper is mainly distributed in Central Africa, especially in Zambia. Zambia is referred to as the "kingdom of copper" and accounts for around 6% of the world's copper deposits. The copper ores in Zambia are rich in reserves and of high content. They are the fourth largest producer of copper and copper mining has boosted the local economy for a long time. In addition to Zambia, the Congo is also rich in copper deposits. The copper reserves in Congo and Zambia amount to 22 million tonnes and account for 83% of the total copper reserves in Africa.
We are responsible for the mud pump solution of the newly invested copper concentration project of a customer. With many years of experience, our customer is in the leading position in mining. The solution has successfully met the expected daily output of 1000 tons. So far we have delivered 35 pumps and spare parts for one year.
Q = 240.73 m³ / hH = 36 mSG = 1.54
Q = 40 m³ / hH = 13 mSG = 1.53
Q = 125 m3 / hH = 13.5 mSG = 1.18
Q = 20.22 m3 / hH = 18 mSG = 1.31
Q = 117 m³ / hH = 14 mSG = 1.28
Excellence engineers have found the optimum solution in terms of parameters, efficiency and maintenance.
After service
In view of the upcoming start of the project, we preferred our delivery date to give the customer enough time to agree on the production schedule. In addition, the Excellence Engineer traveled to Africa to lead the installation under contract.
Details can be found on the website. Lined Slurry Pump Price

dnd 5e – Is this homebrew Eldritch Invocation balanced? (Eyes of the mud)

I've tried to invent an Eldritch Invocation that gives the sorcerer blindfold, but I'm not sure how far that blindfold will last. Initially, I thought it would compare to the pre-existing invocation of Devil's Sight, which grants 120 feet of dark vision through magical and non-magical darkness, but blindness is (obviously) far superior to dark, so I've left that comparison.

Here is the current form of this Eldritch Invocation:

Eyes of the mud

No requirements

You gain blindfold, which reaches up to 15 feet.

Is this Eldritch invocation balanced?

Customized mud thickener | Money Maker discussion

Coolant thickeners for wastewater treatment are mainly used in small sewage treatment plants, sewage treatment plants in industrial companies and in large and medium-sized sewage treatment plants.
Technical specifications
product detail
Original: Jiangsu, China
Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001.
The price is negotiable
Material: SUS304 / Q235
Voltage: 380 V 50 Hz, the voltage can be set as local demand
Term of payment: TT, LC
Delivery date: negotiable
Packaging: export standard
Market: Middle East / Africa / Asia / South America / Europe / North America
1 year warranty
MOQ: 1 set
Characteristics of the mud thickener
The sludge is added to a certain depth of the central part of the mud concentration pool, and the sludge flows slowly into the environment, and the solid particles of the sludge in the scrubbing are settled by its own weight or flocculation. Initially, due to the low concentration, the particles essentially settled freely, the settling speed was higher, then dropped into the concentrated zone and slowly decreased. Finally, it is deposited in the lower part of the sedimentation zone, which is also a high-concentration compression area, and the water is continuously separated from the gap between the settling particles. When the rake is rotated continuously, the raking teeth move step by step along the conical surface of the pelvic floor to the center of the pelvic floor. As the rake conveys the sediment this is also a scraper compression process on the sediment, which greatly enhances the enhancement of the water evolution effect, so that the sediment discharged from the outlet port is a concentrated slurry. The upper part of the tank is the clarifier, and the clarified water is removed from the overflow weir on the side of the basin, thus forming the entire process of the mud thickening pond. The sludge thickening pond is equipped with a sludge thickener for wastewater treatment

The sludge thickeners for wastewater treatment are mainly used in small sewage treatment plants or in sewage treatment plants of industrial companies. The sludge thickeners for wastewater treatment are also used for large and medium sewage treatment plants.
The sludge thickeners for sewage treatment consist of a bridge frame, a transfer mechanism, a vertical grid bar, a scraper blade and a sludge thickening container body.
1. Transmission mechanism
The transmission mechanism is a system that rotates the calculation frame. It mainly consists of engine and transmission. To ensure that the lifting rake must be raised during operation, the reduction gear is directly connected to the machine room, whereby the rake frame and the rod are rotated, and the sludge wiping operation is completed.
2nd goal bar
The main purpose of the vertical grid bar is to turn the thickener to stir the muddy water, as the degree of mixing is slow and can play a slow stirring effect. As the slider passes through the mud layer, it can provide the water exiting the mud to provide the effect of mud concentration.
3. Schleimrechen
The sludge from the sludge thickening tank is collected by scrapers from the periphery to the center and then enters the sludge storage tank. The sludge concentration tank is removed from the sludge pipe. The wiper and wiper arm on the wiper arm are 45 "and the two parts overlap & # 39; 15 & # 39 ;.
Customized mud thickener