I should show multilevel breadcrumbs, but I do not

I have the Yoast SEO plugin and try to use multilevel breadcrumbs. It does not work yet.

Https://cjshayward.com/doxology/ posted a break by courtesy of Yoast. The category "Poetry and Hymns" is a sub category of the category "Orthodox theology", a subordinate category of the "top level library". ,

My indicated bread crumb is, however, "C.J.S. Hayward" Doxology ".

What should I do differently?

Probability – multi-level random variable

First we try out of a probability space $ Omega $ and watch the value of $ X $, then we try $ Y $ from a probability space $ Omega_X $,

What is in terms of dimensional theory $ Y $?

To let $ X: Omega to I $ be a random variable. For every value $ x $ from $ X $is there a random variable $ Y_x: Omega_x to mathbb {R} $, $ Y $ is the value of $ Y_x $,

In my opinion $ Y $ is a random variable, so a measurable function $ Y: S to mathbb {R} $ from a probability space $ S $, But what is $ S $?

One of the possibilities of $ S $ is the set $ Omega times bigcup_ {x in I} Omega_x $ but is this a probability space?

My mind about the multi-level 3D rasterization in Unity

I'm trying to find a way to search on multiple levels. See image:

View post on imgur.com

The orange walls would be considered as a ladder connecting you to the upper levels.

At first, I thought of looking at it as if it were 2d from top to bottom, but I also need to be able to go under it sometime. Does anyone have suggestions on where to start? If there is an asset that can do it right away?

Any advice would be welcome 🙂

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Microsoft Word – Multilevel Lists – differently formatted numbers for the same layer

Sorry if this is a question that is asked every third day.

I work in Word 2016 and have a technical document with the following sections:

1st headline
1.1 paragraph
on) ...
I. ...
ii. ...

And others go:

2nd headline
2.1 Subheading
2.1.1 paragraph
on) ...
I. ... (X)
ii. ...

And maybe I have paragraphs or headings with number

So sometimes my level 2 is a headline, sometimes a paragraph. Level 3 may be a paragraph, a subheading or a lettered element.

How is that done?

Another thing I need is that a cross-reference (for example) to the list element marked (X) as "see 2.1.1 (a) (i)" and not as "see i." Is issued. Is this possible at all?

Game Design – Aim of multi-level levels?

Like in the latest mobile games Cut grass, 3D fireballs, Twist Hit! or Snowdrift! I see the same level structure in which you have to finish 3-4 mini levels / levels to really finish the level,

For example in Cut grass average time to graduation a full level it's made of 4 mini levels / levels are 4 minutes, This is a very long game session regarding the phone. What is the purpose of these stages? Why can not you just make these phases into a fully functional level? Color bite 3D?

dnd 5e – How would balance the gameplay on the table so that a multi-level wizard / sorcerer can learn and prepare magic spells for which spell slots are available?

I'm playing an Eladrin wizard in a friend's homebrew game. After reaching level 6, I'm thinking about making Multiclassing into the Wizard because it fits thematically. I am a random traveler from the Feywild and through adventure and learning I am slowly learning more about my origins as I come into more contact with my "instinctive" side of understanding the weave.

Party composition at level 5 (currently): Dwarf Barbarian, Half Elf Assassin / Fighter, Wood Elf Ranger, High Elven Arcane Archer.

Other potentially relevant details about my assistant:

  • I'm a summoner focused on controlling the benefits and control of explosive power.
  • I have +5 intelligence and +3 charisma.
  • Think of multiclassing in Draconic Bloodline or Favored Soul.

Can a multi-class wizard copy all spell spells it finds into its spellbook? According to the rules for the multiple classification of spells:

You decide which sayings you know and can prepare individually for each class, as if you were a single member of this class.


If you have more than one spell class, you may see or be able to see spells that are higher in level than the spells you know. You can use these slots, but only to cast lower-level spells.

(Highlighting my)

So from RAW a magician 12 / magician 8 would But have a spell slot of the 9th stage Not Learn and prepare spells of this level.

How would the table play at a disequilibrium when allowing a multi-level wizard 12 / sorcerer 8 to learn and prepare spells spells that have spell slots? Please include the player and DM perspective in your response and support them with first-hand experience. I am not looking for "only" opinions.

I'm mainly interested in how it would lead to an imbalance my Table. For other tables, it is good to indicate how this Wizard 12 / Wizard 8 example is compared to a Wizard 20 or Wizard 20.

The DM is considering whether to allow it or not, so I help with getting information. I ask about the sorcerer and magician's Multiclass, especially because their spell options seem pretty similar, which does not mean a breaking game for us. Please support your answer as always with (similar) experience at your table.

Address check and multi-level modal dialog

We design an interface that allows the user to navigate to a page that displays a grid of existing business profile data (such as company name, address, website, and so on).

When the user wants to add a new business, he clicks an icon and a modal dialog form is displayed. After completing the business profile and clicking on "Save" we would like to perform the address check (i.e., call a service to return a possibly more accurate address than the address entered by the user). The user would then have three options:

  1. Keep the address you entered.
  2. Select the address returned by the address verification service.
  3. Enter a new address.

According to this article, which appeared in a similar thread, multi-step modal dialogues should be avoided.

Our restrictions:

  • To add the business profile, a modal dialog must be used.
  • The predictive search for addresses is not an option. The user must fill in and send a conventional address field.

Our proposed solution (ignoring the article's recommendation) is to implement a two-step modal dialog. After completing the first step, the user is taken to the second step where only the address verification is displayed.

Are there any "better" design alternatives in this situation?

Many Thanks.

oracle 11g r2 – Export multiple, multi-level BOMs using binding variables

I am trying to create a master export of all active BOMs. What I hope someone can help with is how to combine these two queries to make it work. through every line in my first select statement, with all my lines being exported for each multi-level BOM with the second select statement.

I've started creating a select statement in PL / SQL Developer to query the 3 required fields or the three bind variables P1, P2, and P3 (each row with a unique set of variables).

From Prod_Structure

The first 5 rows look something like this:

                P1 P2 P3
1 STRD 00-159MC-8AQ 1
2 SMISC 090911-10BS 2
3 SSST 107-52 1
4 SSST 107-85 1
5 S66P 1127-A1 1

Then, in PL / SQL Developer, I created a select statement with static bind variables to query and display the export for a multi-level BOM. This query is great for a single instance of bind variables. Note: This export can be 1 to 1, depending on the number of levels.

Select "& P1" "PRODUCT_FAMILY".
, & # 39; & P2 & # 39; "PARENT_PART"
START WITH PART_NO = & # 39; & P2 & # 39;
and ENG_CHG_LEVEL = & # 39; & P3 & # 39;

What I hope someone can help us with is how to combine these two queries to make it work. through every line in my first select statement, with all my lines being exported for each multi-level BOM with the second select statement.