Configuration divided into multilingual sites and sites with multiple domains

I want to run 30 Drupal 8 websites, each website runs on a different domain.

The locations are similar with small differences.

The websites are multilingual.

Some of them have 2 languages, others more.

I want (must) that all be managed with a unique code base (using GIT, Composer and Docker).

I use the config_split module to split the changes between the different locations.

Can I split languages? Which variables must be excluded / ignored so that the other sites are not overwritten after each new deployment?

8 – D8: Why does a multilingual site sometimes say "Save (this translation)" and sometimes "Save (all translations)"?

We have a multilingual Drupal 8 site that supports 17 different languages ​​and many more localized versions of these languages.

I noticed that when I edit a node, sometimes "Save (this translation)" and then another time "Save (all translations)" appears.

What causes it to act differently at times? Did we configure something wrong with our translations / multilingual settings?

I think with what we do we want them to save independently.

8 – How do I deal with taxonomy term parameters in multilingual websites?

I have a custom controller that takes the tid parameter:


The message is updated with the taxonomy term, so I have the following in my controller method:

public function index(TaxonomyTerm $tid)

In this function I can get the taxonomy unit.

But to call my controller, he is not SEO friendly … for example I have: / myroute / 43.

Therefore, I will not pass on the term name because you can have a special caracter and it is not a good practice for a multilingual site.

So for me it is best to work with pathauto and generate the path for the term taxonomy so I can have the following:

/ (term_category) / (term_name)

Now my question is how do I pass this on to my controller.

I have to call up my controller like this:

So I'm not sure how to get the overview with the friendly URL for SEO.

Any experience about it?

android sdk – How can you support a multilingual app without creating strings.xml files for each language?

I am trying to support multilingual Android application. The problem here is to avoid creating the strings.xml file for every language of the users particular language selection.
For example, if we have a word like "Father" in english , how to translate this word automatically into some other language like Hindi(पिता)(On User

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