Is the aggregator pattern valid with multiple clients in the microservice architecture?

Suppose two micro services provide information for a product, one for general information (A) and one for product images (B). Similar to the architecture described in the gateway aggregation pattern, I would like to create an aggregation gateway between these services A and B.

If several applications now access this aggregation gateway as in the following picture, would this contradict the microservice architecture?

Multi-client aggregator gateway

dnd 5e – Will Part 3 of Shield Master continue to work against multiple effects from the same source?

If you use the 3rd part of the Shield Master Feat;

If you are subject to an effect that allows you to make a skill-saving throw to take only half the damage, you can use your reaction to take no damage if you successfully complete the save by placing your shield between lay down and the source of the effect.

If another fireball is dropped in the same round, but later in the initiative, does the shield still help you? Or when a truck full of explosives starts, the DM wants it to work only for one bomb in the box, not for everyone. Many reactions continue to work for the rest of the round after they are activated. Does the shield still offer the same protection because it is still in the same protection location and the source is still the same?

Let me be very clear again. Same round. Same locations for character, shield and source of the effect. Does Shield Master continue to work?

If you have multiple Windows 10 desktops, some programs will appear on another desktop's taskbar

I have 3 monitors. Each desktop has its own task bar.

Enter the image description here

Number 2 is the main desktop. I have moved the program window to the 1st or 3rd display, but in the task bar the 2nd display is shown.

Some programs behave normally – they are moved to another desktop and displayed in this desktop taskbar.

What could be the reason and is it possible to fix it?

Design principles for applying configurations to multiple targets

Are there solid design principles for a scenario where there is a dashboard to apply configurations to multiple different locations?

Example: Suppose you have a dasboard to monitor and configure 10 different weather sensors. Each sensor can be either

  • "OUT"
  • "ON"
  • "1 hour a day ON"

i.e. 10 sensors each have 3 different modes in which they can be set up.

The question is how to design a dashboard to switch configurations across the sensor array. It would appear that applying individual configurations to a large number of sensors (e.g. 100) becomes a great pain.

postgresql – Design a multi-tenant database for a scenario with multiple user types

I am developing a SaaS recruitment application that has multiple user types, such as: Client, Recruiter, Panellist and Owner etc. There is also the possibility that the user types increase.

The Owner has a Organization and that will be my tenant. Here I consider the organization of each owner as a tenant. I am using Django to develop this application and will use the schema function provided in PostgreSQL, so there will be one Scheme for every tenant.

What I plan to do is that there will be a global one User Table that is kept in the Publicity Scheme and stores general user information such as first name, last name, email, password etc. The User The table is used to log on to the site. There are also additional tables for each of the respective user types, each with its own set of columns. These additional tables are client / organization specific.

Once the user logs in to the site, they can switch to their desired client / organization, similar to how workspaces work in Slack. Within the tenant / organization, the user can assume the role of the above-mentioned user types that have been assigned by the Owner to the user. So the user can be a Recruiter in a tenant and he can also be one Panellist in another tenant.

There will be one UserOrganization Intersection table that tracks the fact that a User can belong to several Organization.

Here is a schematic diagram of what I think:

Schematic diagram

NOTE: I did not create the schema connection for the tables in the second client because it was getting messy, but I assume that they are there.

My questions are:

Java – How are financial transactions processed across multiple pods of a service provided on Kubernetes?

So the question I have is how companies process transactions from users with poor connectivity. The scenario in my head is.

A user X (with $ 150 in his account) tries to transfer $ 100 from his account to another user's account through an app on the phone. But they happen to have a bad internet connection. The user clicks the transfer button after selecting the recipient and the amount of money to transfer. After the user clicks the transmit button, the user loses connectivity, but the request is sent to the server and the transaction is started. In a few seconds, the user reconnects and lands on the same page, and randomly clicks the retransmit button. As we know, the request will be processed as soon as the request is sent, regardless of whether the user has opened the app or not after clicking the submit button.

Imagine the app has a microservice architecture deployed on Kubernetes and the service handling the transfer transactions has multiple pods. When user X clicks the submit button for the first time, the request is sent to Pod1, and the next time the request is sent to another Pod. How is it dealt with? I imagine that reentrant locks would not work in this scenario.

sql – MYSQL SELECT …. WHERE (multiple values ​​and null values)

Hello, I have a database in MYSQL and I am trying to make a selection. Multiple values ​​are used, but it will not work if one of these values ​​is null or empty. For example:


SELECT * FROM Persona WHERE dni='12345678' AND APELLIDO_1='xxxxx' AND APELLIDO_2 = 'yyyyy';

Case # 2 (doesn't work)

SELECT * FROM Persona WHERE dni='' AND APELLIDO_1='xxxxx' AND APELLIDO_2 = 'yyyyy';

There are 3 entries in the form and I have to search DNI or SURNAME_1 or LAST_2 or 2 inputs at the same time or the 3 inputs at the same time. Thanks for your support.

Add multiple conditional formulas to a single custom list

Conditional formulas? Have a formula that you can use to compare two elements to determine if one is not bigger than the other. However, I need to add multiple reviews to a single custom list. How do I do that?

= (Item01) <= (Item02)

= (Item03) <= (Item04)

= (Item05) <= (Item06)

= (Item07) <= (Item08)

These work one after the other, but there are always errors when compiling. (SharePoint 2013 on site)

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