Authentication – Disadvantages of Allowing Multiple Emails per User?

There is a lot of information about using email for multiple accounts, but how about the other way around? I am building a service and am considering allowing users to log in with one of their registered emails, using the same password for everyone. Instead of the setting "My account is my email" I go to the setting "My account contains emails with which I can access my account".

In addition to increasing the recognizable entry routes for an attacker, are there also security disadvantages?

dnd 5e – What do multiple Arcane Lock castings do on a door?

If you throw Arcane Castle Would the second spell work twice on a door after the first was suppressed?

I recognize that Effects don't stack up However, if two spells are active on a creature / object and one is suppressed, the other is still active.

I see it this way when a door has two Arcane Castle Spell cast it would take two Beat Spell to suppress it for 1 minute.

If a creature tried to open a lock, it would increase the difficulty by +10 (not +20). But would she have to roll the die twice to open the lock?

As an alternative spell if a creature had Bless When cast, the benefits would not stack, but both spells are active. If a caster loses focus, it affects Bless would still be active.

You can use other magic examples / scenarios in your answer if necessary. I look forward to answers from published materials as well as from Unearthed Arcana.

Many thanks for your help.

Java – better way to structure multiple different API calls with rollbacks?

I am currently working on creating something with the following general structure. I want to call 4 different APIs in sequential order (the results from one are needed for the next). If an exception is thrown, undo the efforts of the previous APIs with the sister delete APIs.

Currently my structure / control flow looks like this:

boolean A = false;
boolean B = false;
boolean C = false;
boolean D = false;
string response = StringUtils.EMPTY

try {
   A = true;
catch (A's Exceptions {
    A = false;

if (A == false){
    response == "failed"

try {
   B = true;
catch (B's Exceptions {
    B = false;

if (B == false){
   return response;

Basically, this was repeated 2 times and if all 4 were successful, my answer would say success. I was wondering if there is a cleaner way to do this.

I think I'll use Optional for every API call, but I was wondering if I need to write 4 different rollback functions.

Database – data structure for storing user data and sorting by multiple fields

What would be the best data structure if I wanted to save user data for a large project? For example, if I want to save student data, I have a Java object model for each student with multiple fields such as name, age, grade_avg, address. What data structure would I use to store these student objects and also be able to sort and retrieve elements such as getStudentsSortedByGrade () or another field? It would be the best choice to store each object in an array and then perform a merge sort (or quick sort) each time for the array that also contains a field, i.e. H. StudentData.mergeSort ("grade"), or is there a better alternative. Is the use of AVL trees suitable? Or hash tables? I know that you have to choose between access time and insertion time for data structures. In this case, I think that access time is more important. Thank you very much

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Google Sheets – Split multiple line cells from different columns and duplicate the surrounding lines

May I know if there is a way to split multiline cells from different columns in Google Sheet and then duplicate the surrounding rows? I'm new to this kind of environment, so I'm really confused.

I have 29 columns, 7 of which have cells with multiple comma-separated data. I tried app scripting but it only works for 1 column.

I want to publish the code and an SS of the file, but unfortunately I'm not in office right now.

I hope someone could help me. Thank you very much.

magento2 – Implement multiple forms on multiple pages

Implement multiple forms on multiple pages.

For example,

Create 3 pages: –

1] Services
2] career
3] Apply

All forms should be managed separately, along with the settings for email notifications in the backend. Note: For all forms with different fields, the administrator can define a separate e-mail template for all page forms with a user-defined subject from the backend.

Does anyone have an idea or can they explain to me how to do it?

Download multiple files without zip?

I want to download several files from a SharePoint folder to my hard drive. When I select multiple files to download, they are automatically compressed, but our IT department doesn't allow compressed files, so nothing happens. The same thing happens when I download a folder. I can easily download each file individually.

How can I download many files at once without zip?

postgresql – How do I avoid multiple SELECTs from a property table? 

I have a table of key-value pairs for managing user settings. This approach is referred to as a "pouch with properties". One of its advantages is that you don't need schema changes when a new property is required. Instead, you simply add a record to the properties table.

Now I need to get several properties within a function (or stored procedure). However, since the results are returned as multiple rows, I cannot take simple steps with this approach:

SELECT prop1, prop2 FROM settings;

The query returns multiple rows, so the results cannot be saved in local variables with the SELECT col INTO var Statement either. Yes, I can do two or more consecutive SELECTs, but this doesn't seem to be a particularly efficient and elegant solution:

SELECT value FROM settings WHERE key = ‘prop1’;
SELECT value FROM settings WHERE key = ‘prop2’;

A few ideas I've been thinking about:

FOR..IN loop

The function has OUT Parameters, in this case called prop1 (VARCHAR) and prop2 (BOOLEAN):

  settings_row RECORD;
  FOR settings_row IN
    SELECT key, value FROM settings
      WHEN settings_row.key = 'prop1' THEN
        prop1 := settings_row.value::VARCHAR;
      WHEN settings_row.key = 'prop2' THEN
        prop2 := settings_row.value::BOOLEAN;
      -- more cases handled here in case you needed other properties


Cross join

Link the settings table to itself and force the two properties to end up in columns. You might be able to live with it if you only need two properties, but for any other value that requires another cross connection, this doesn't seem to be a particularly scalable solution.

  s1.value AS prop1, s2.value AS prop2
FROM settings s1
CROSS JOIN settings s2
  s1.key = 'prop1' and s2.key = 'prop2';