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Where did my downloaded music on sd card go?

I downloaded all of my amazon music to my SD card to switch to a new device. So I take the SD card with all of the downloaded music put it in my new phone then sign into my Amazon music account and it says I have no fricken music downloaded. I seriously need a solution to this problem before I go ballistic because after waiting for all my stupid music to download just for it to not show up on the new phone I am frickin livid. Keep in mind it shows up in offline music on my sd card on the old device. I NEED TO KNOW

ffmpeg – Identify music files with glitches / corruption

A decade ago, I had built up a huge music library that was predominantly lossless (FLAC). Unfortunately, life happened and capitalized on some stupid decisions, and a considerable portion of this collection got silently corrupted by a failed hard drive before I realized the drive was having issues. Because fixing it was something I could not do back then (merely listening to everything exactly once will take over a week!), I put it off to the side where it has been collecting dust for a long time now.

But I want to finally start looking at fixing the collection, but to do so, I need to first identify the files that are known to have corrupted audio. Different players or repeat-playings could make the the same glitchy spot sound differently IIRC, so I am hopeful this can be recognised through some kind of automation for technical correctness.

Assuming there are 0 to 5 glitches per album, accurately identifying the troubled tracks alone would still save me weeks of effort.

Are there any tools that check for:

  • file/stream format correctness? (FFmpeg, perhaps?)
  • traces of audio corruption, be it in sound or format? (FFmpeg, perhaps?)
  • traces of file corruption? (for example, patterns of 0s in the raw file)

I expect that combining checks of all three methods of checking will allow me to identify 99% of the affected tracks. I wouldn’t care for false positives, because it still cuts out a huge amount of tracks. And false negatives hopefully get caught by having three methods to begin with.

The specific example of the last one is something I could code manually, but I imagine there are more ways for data to be scrambled that I don’t know of. And for the former two, I am out of my depth.

How do I go about this?

What tools, and if they are as complicated like FFmpeg is, what sort of incantations do I throw at them?

untagged – Samsung Galaxy S6 – Want to talk on phone and listen to music at the same time – is this possible?

I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Smart Phone.

I want to talk on phone and listen to music at the same time – is this possible ? Is their a native app on the phone or another app that can allow this ? I find it cuts the audio and video when I go away from the app producing audio and video typically, or when a phone call comes in.

What can I do ?

dnd 3.5e – Ventriloquism and Bardic Music

Suppose a bard is trying to remain invisible while still inspiring companions. If the bard starts singing, they make themselves a target. If the bard uses Ventriloquism, they can potentially make noise without drawing attention to their actual location. However, this means their allies will be listening to a figment, not the actual bard, so bardic music fails.

What happens if the party makes the save vs ventriloquism? Now, they know the spell voice is fake. Does that mean they hear the real voice? Would they be able to hear the bard singing for real? Or does the ventriloquism spell still block the bard’s actual voice?

From the Ventriloquism spell in the SRD:

With respect to such voices and sounds, anyone who hears the sound and rolls a successful save recognizes it as illusory (but still hears it).

This does not state the original voice could not be heard. Nor does it state that it could. Typically, with spell descriptions, it does not grant anything it does not say it grants, but nowhere does it say the original voice is gone…

From the description of “Saving throws and Illusions (Disbelief)” in the SRD:

A successful saving throw against an illusion reveals it to be false, but a figment or phantasm remains as a translucent outline.

This only discusses visual illusions. It does not mention whether or not the original image is visible when an illusion is defeated.

So, back to my original question: would a party member who made the save against ventriloquism receive the benefit from the Inspire Courage?

Note: I recognize an easier method is using the Message spell, but my group is trying to determine the limits of Ventriloquism and how it interacts with other magic.

Who still buys music? | Forum Promotion

Do any of you still like to buy music? I’ve always been a fan of buying music. These days I buy MP3s of the bands I really like on iTunes. I use Spotify to check out the artist/songs first to see if I really like them or not and if I do then I am happy to support them. It’s really hard for musicians to make money these days.


api – Is there a way to differentiate speech and music?

I’m making an application that could really benefit from having a way to differentiate speech and music.

So far I went looking into voice recognition, but I don’t really see anything that differentiates music from speech, but just is able to identify the words. And while I could use this technically to detect whether or not it’s not music, and it is speech, due to the fact that if there are words it isn’t music unless it’s a song. But given how much of music is song, I don’t think it would be an effective method unless it’s coupled with something. Besides, I couldn’t really find an open source “api” for voice recognition.

Next thing I considered is pitch accuracy and duration, if I take the current frequencies and run them against the musical note frequencies with a buffer of course, I could? ineffectively? say that, if it’s consistently aligned with note frequencies value. That it’s music. The problem with that is, besides the looming faults, that, how can I say when it stops being music and starts being speech, because I’m recognizing patterns.

If you have any ideas please let me know, also if there’s already a way to do this with like a plugin, framework, api, imports, forgive my lack of syntactical know how.

what would be the best language to program this in?

OH!. I also saw an article on Speech/Music Discrimination and then found this on github, if anyone knows more about this, please explain it to me

Google Music Dupe Killer – Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

I’m using a Mac (10.12) with Python 2.7.10

I’ve done all the steps from Is there any way to find/remove duplicate tracks from Google Play Music?

When I run either the or I get:
File “/Users/deh/Desktop/Fix Google Play Music/google-music-dupe-killer-master/”, line 4, in
from gmusicapi import Mobileclient
File “/Users/deh/Library/Python/2.7/lib/python/site-packages/gmusicapi/”, line 2, in
from gmusicapi.clients import Webclient, Musicmanager, Mobileclient
File “/Users/deh/Library/Python/2.7/lib/python/site-packages/gmusicapi/clients/”, line 1, in
from gmusicapi.clients.webclient import Webclient
File “/Users/deh/Library/Python/2.7/lib/python/site-packages/gmusicapi/clients/”, line 2, in
from urllib.parse import parse_qsl, urlparse
ImportError: No module named parse

Would anyone be willing to help me solve what I need to do?