Device Recommendation – Does upgrading my camera body improve my live music photography?

Currently I have used an EOS M100 with the standard 15-45mm, f3.5-6.3 lens.
I recently purchased a Sigma 17-50, f2.8 lens and an adapter to match the lens to the mirrorless M100.

How rewarding would you see people taking on a new body. How much would I spend on it to find comparable better picture quality, better photos in low light conditions, and faster focus (or will this be a major feature of the lens). I realize that the lens is not an ideal Lowlight lens.

Right now I'm concentrating on live music events, so I thought that would serve those purposes.

Please share your thoughts, I know very little about photography at a professional level, but I am passionate and aggressive in its pursuit.
Thank you for your input, I really appreciate it.

Create a bubble UI layout as used in the Apple Music app

I've been thinking about experimenting with a layout as used in the Apple Music app for iOS.

The UI is the "bubble" interface that lets you choose your settings, etc.

Enter image description here

But I do not really know where to start. Is there a name for the general idea of ​​creating such semi-physics based layouts?

Would like to know what to look for to see how they work.

I would write it on iOS in Swift, but more looking for the name of this type of interface so I can learn the principles behind creating it.

Many thanks

Rest – How do I create a music streaming app for Android with a Django server?

My goal is to create a music streaming Android application with Django backend.

I have little more than a beginner experience in Django and no experience in REST API.

What I know so far:
I need to create the REST API.

My specific doubts:
If REST API communication is about JSON / XML, how are media files being streamed?

Using PostgreSQL for storage.

So my biggest doubt is how REST API, media / file streaming and database access work together.

Also suggest possible future problems.
Thanks for the instructions.

9.0 pie – Samsung Galaxy S9 + stops music randomly when the screen is off

Android Version: Pie (last update)

Phone age: approx. 1 year (warranty expired in June 2019)

Since the update a month ago, my phone has randomly paused Spotify and other apps when the screen is off, regardless of the battery level or power save settings. I checked it and the apps are allowed to run as background processes. It only seems to affect apps that play sounds.

It's so annoying because I do not see any patterns. I noticed that this is prevented by a restart of the phone, and I have set it so that it is restarted every morning. This worked for a while, but now the problem came back.

Right after this update, something else happened. I turned off my phone and the next morning refused to turn on. Booting to recovery mode took a while to activate.

Do you have any idea what to do about it? Ideally, I do not want to reset my phone.

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