macos – Music app on Catalina hangs

I have a strange problem with the music app on Catalina. When I want to play a playlist, sometimes only one track is played and then stopped. There are other titles in the "Up Next" list, but the app doesn't play anything, and even if I press "Play" nothing will play. It somehow gets stuck. Sometimes when I play with the repeat button it is temporarily fixed, but after a while it comes back. This is a new edition that I have after upgrading to Catalina. Any ideas?

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catalina – How is it that the macOS Music app freezes on media files stored on NAS?

I saved my music music library (formerly iTunes) files to the local drive, but the media files stored on a Drobo 5N NAS device have been moved.

In macOS Catalina, the music app freezes when trying to change the metadata of certain files. I have to force it to end. Sometimes the music app doesn't start and I have to restart the computer.

This seems to affect the following types of files:

M4A files work well. (I haven't fully tested the file types supported by Music. Maybe there are others that freeze.)

A freeze also occurs when I try to add one of these file types, my media folder is on the NAS and the "Copy files to music media folder" setting is enabled.

The file size or the metadata content don't seem to matter. Files stored on the local hard disk have no problems. The playback of the files works perfectly.

When testing multiple fresh music libraries across multiple users on the same computer (a 2017 iMac), the same result was achieved. Tested on another computer (a 2017 MacBook) and had no problem (!).

I remember having similar problems before Catalina, but on the other hand, at some point I was able to make changes to the metadata without any problems.

Here is the frozen stack:

  41  start + 1 (libdyld.dylib + 108541) (0x7fff6aed67fd)
  41  ??? (Music + 3235896) (0x10f43d038)
  41  -(NSApplication run) + 707 (AppKit + 201695) (0x7fff30a323df)
  41  ??? (Music + 15804463) (0x11003982f)
  41  -(NSApplication(NSEvent) sendEvent:) + 1072 (AppKit + 1988908) (0x7fff30be692c)
  41  routeKeyEquivalent + 521 (AppKit + 8149915) (0x7fff311c6b9b)
  41  -(NSMenu performKeyEquivalent:) + 348 (AppKit + 3742832) (0x7fff30d92c70)
  41  -(NSCarbonMenuImpl performActionWithHighlightingForItemAtIndex:) + 106 (AppKit + 3747022) (0x7fff30d93cce)
  41  -(NSMenuItem _corePerformAction) + 312 (AppKit + 3747666) (0x7fff30d93f52)
  41  -(NSApplication(NSResponder) sendAction:to:from:) + 299 (AppKit + 2641944) (0x7fff30c86018)
  41  ??? (Music + 15805693) (0x110039cfd)
  41  ??? (Music + 11478256) (0x10fc194f0)
  41  ??? (Music + 9948278) (0x10faa3c76)
  41  ??? (Music + 17065457) (0x11016d5f1)
  41  ??? (Music + 10192576) (0x10fadf6c0)
  41  ??? (Music + 14998996) (0x10ff74dd4)
  41  ??? (Music + 15005773) (0x10ff7684d)
  41  ??? (Music + 19437052) (0x1103b05fc)
  41  ??? (Music + 19298751) (0x11038e9bf)
  41  ??? (Music + 19297109) (0x11038e355)
  41  ??? (Music + 20463913) (0x1104ab129)
  41  ??? (Music + 6345239) (0x10f734217)
  41  ??? (Music + 5255339) (0x10f62a0ab)
  41  ??? (Music + 5257381) (0x10f62a8a5)
  41  ??? (Music + 7491303) (0x10f84bee7)
  41  ??? (Music + 11434264) (0x10fc0e918)
  41  ??? (Music + 11435170) (0x10fc0eca2)
  41  ??? (Music + 11430705) (0x10fc0db31)
  41  ??? (Music + 6485926) (0x10f7567a6)
  41  ??? (Music + 20222962) (0x1104703f2)
  41  ??? (Music + 14311715) (0x10fecd123)
  41  ??? (Music + 15740833) (0x110029fa1)
  41  ??? (Music + 15734858) (0x11002884a)
  41  ??? (Music + 2609221) (0x10f3a4045)
  41  ??? (Music + 2598046) (0x10f3a149e)
  41  ??? (Music + 2599072) (0x10f3a18a0)
  41  ftruncate + 10 (libsystem_kernel.dylib + 15494) (0x7fff6b019c86)
 *41  hndl_unix_scall64 + 22 (kernel + 930310) (0xffffff80002e3206)
 *41  unix_syscall64 + 650 (kernel + 7974074) (0xffffff800099acba)
 *41  ftruncate + 440 (kernel + 3859880) (0xffffff80005ae5a8)
 *41  mac_vnode_notify_truncate + 115 (kernel + 9159075) (0xffffff8000abc1a3)
 *41  qtn_taint_vnode_if_needed + 198 (Quarantine + 22592) (0xffffff7f81447840)
 *41  quarantine_getinfo + 167 (Quarantine + 23066) (0xffffff7f81447a1a)
 *41  mac_vnop_getxattr + 244 (kernel + 9196420) (0xffffff8000ac5384)
 *41  vn_getxattr + 1097 (kernel + 3926409) (0xffffff80005be989)
 *41  afpfs_vnop_getxattr + 586 (afpfs + 164844) (0xffffff7f8503f3ec)
 *41  GetExtendedAttributes + 407 (afpfs + 72539) (0xffffff7f85028b5b)
 *41  UserCommand + 45 (afpfs + 50303) (0xffffff7f8502347f)
 *41  DoUserCommand + 1987 (afpfs + 49058) (0xffffff7f85022fa2)
 *41  UserReply + 148 (afpfs + 46860) (0xffffff7f8502270c)
 *41  ??? (kernel + 7072322) (0xffffff80008bea42)
 *41  asp_tcp_usr_control + 2758 (asp_tcp + 8980) (0xffffff7f84ffb314)
 *41  Reply + 391 (asp_tcp + 23301) (0xffffff7f84ffeb05)
 *41  msleep + 98 (kernel + 6936066) (0xffffff800089d602)
 *41  ??? (kernel + 6934620) (0xffffff800089d05c)
 *41  lck_mtx_sleep_deadline + 115 (kernel + 1363251) (0xffffff800034cd33)
 *41  thread_block_reason + 175 (kernel + 1425135) (0xffffff800035beef)
 *41  ??? (kernel + 1431281) (0xffffff800035d6f1)
 *41  machine_switch_context + 200 (kernel + 2490504) (0xffffff8000460088)

Any ideas on how to do that?

ios – How can I play background music and videos from other apps on iPhone at the same time?

Is it possible to play background music and video app in iPhone at the same time?
For example, I played background music with the AVAudioPlayer framework. This also works before other video or music apps are running. However, as soon as another video or music app is running, this background music will stop.
I want to play background music and other videos or music apps together on iPhone. How can I play them together?

applications – I want to create a music player that extracts the music stored on the SD card

I charge the music through this method
public void getSongList () {
ContentResolver musicResolver = getContentResolver ();
Uri musicUri = android.provider.MediaStore.Audio.Media.EXTERNAL_CONTENT_URI;
Cursor musicCursor = musicResolver.query (musicUri, null, null, null, null);
if (musicCursor! = null && musicCursor.moveToFirst ()) {
int titlecolumn = musicCursor.getColumnIndex (MediaStore.Audio.Media.TITLE);
int idcolumn = musicCursor.getColumnIndex (MediaStore.Audio.Media._ID);
int artiscolumn = musicCursor.getColumnIndex (MediaStore.Audio.Media.ARTIST);

        do {
            long thisid = musicCursor.getLong(idcolumn);
            String thistitle = musicCursor.getString(titlecolumn);
            String thisartis = musicCursor.getString(artiscolumn);
            listaarray.add(new Musicas(thisid, thistitle, thisartis));

        while (musicCursor.moveToNext());

then this method that returns the loaded list and I adapt it to this adapter

final adapter adapter = new adapter (this, listaarray);
listamusica.setAdapter (adapter);

// and then call SetOnItemClickListener and play the selected music, but it doesn't work for me.

listamusica.setOnItemClickListener (new AdapterView.OnItemClickListener () {
public void onItemClick (AdapterView adapterView, view view, int position, long pos) {
MediaPlayer mediaPlayer = new MediaPlayer ();
Toast to = Toast.makeText (Main2Activity.this, "You pressed the position:" + position, Toast.LENGTH_LONG); ();

            Uri contentUri = ContentUris.withAppendedId(android.provider.MediaStore.Audio.Media.EXTERNAL_CONTENT_URI,pos);

            try {
                mediaPlayer.setDataSource(getApplicationContext(), contentUri);

            } catch (IOException e) {


Please help someone I want to learn to program in Android Studio
I am a student of programming sorry any mistake.
-Robinson. I am working with a 6.0.1 device

react.js – reactivated music app

I just finished my minimalist music app

If someone could take a quick look at the repo and tell me how bad / good my code is, they would be very grateful. So I can improve it. Thank you very much 🙂 !

The code:

This is a sample code:

const loadMore = async (params) => {
    if (hasMore) {
      try {
        const res = await myApiAxiosInstance.get(endpoint, {
          params: {
            lastVisible: offset,
        if ( == 'end') setHasMore(false);
      } catch (error) {

google play music – Get all MP3s on Android and listen to them

I am an enthusiastic music lover and have collected many rare CDs in my long life. I created MP3s of these CDs and listened to them on my iPhone using iTunes.

This week I switched to Android (Samsung Galaxy s10e). With the Chrome extension, I meticulously uploaded my entire music folder from my Windows 10 PC to Google Play Music.

Only 3/4 of my MP3s were successfully uploaded. No errors are mentioned in Google Play Music> Settings> Music from work.

After a quick glance, it appears that the rarer shots were the skipped elements. These recordings are not in the Google Play Music library. I am therefore afraid that I can only upload MP3s that are in the Google database.


  1. Can anyone confirm this theory?
  2. What can I do to load all my MP3s as they are on this Android phone and organize and listen to them in playlists?

Problems playing music with a Discord bot in Javascript

I have a problem with my offers, it sopused a song after the command! To play game connected but i keep the same mistake, could someone please help me


const {Client, Attachment} = require('discord.js');
const bot = new Client();

const ytdl = require("ytdl-core");

const token = 'awhdbaiwdiawd';

const PREFIX ='!';

var servers = {};

bot.on('ready', () =>{
    console.log('Bot online');

bot.on('message', msg=>{

    let args = msg.content.substring(PREFIX.length).split(" ");

        case 'play':

            function play(connection, msg){
                var server = servers(;

                server.dispatcher = connection.playStream(ytdl(server.queue(0), {filter: "audio"}));


                server.dispatcher.on("end", function(){
                        play(connection, msg);
                    }else {
            if (!args(1)){
      'you have to link a song');

            if (!msg.member.voiceChannel){
      'you have to be in a voice channel');

            if(!servers( servers( = {
                queue: ()

            var server = servers(;


            if(!msg.guild.voiceConnection) msg.member.voiceChannel.join().then(function(connection) {
                play(connection, msg);


error message

Typeerror (ERR_INVALID_ARG_TYPE): The "file" argument must be of type string. Obtain type of object
Typeerror (ERR_INVALID_ARG_TYPE): The "file" argument must be of type string. Obtain type of object

C: Users João Nolasco Desktop DiscordBot node_modules opusscript build opusscript_native_wasm.js: 8
var module = typeof module == "undefined" module 😕 {}; var moduleOverrides = {}; var key; for (key in module) {if (Module.hasOwnProperty (key)) {moduleOverrides (key) = ModuostRun “) = (); var ENVIRONMENT_IS_WEB = false; var ENVIRONMENT_IS_WORKER = false; var ENVIRONMENT_IS_NODE = false; var ENVIRONMENT_IS_SHELL = false; var ENVIRONMENT_IS_WEB = false; "; ENVIRONMENT_HAS_NODE = typeof process ===" object "&& typeof process.versions ===" object "&& typeof process.versions.node ===" string "; ENVIRONMENT_IS_NODE = ENVIRONMENT_HAS_NODE && ENVIRONMENT_IS_WEB && ENVIRONELL_IS_ ENVIRONELLISIS! && ENVIRONMENT_IS_NODE &&! ENVIRONMENT_IS_WORKER; var scriptDirectory = ""; Function Locate (path) {i
Abort (Typeerror (ERR_INVALID_ARG_TYPE): The "file" argument must be of type String. Received type object.). Create ASSERTIONS = 1 with -s for more information.

Thanks for your help

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