Mismatch of Western Union names

Hey guys, I went to Western Union to pick up my first Adsense payment. They said my name on their system did not match my middle name and did not match my ID card. So I've returned to my Adsense account and edited it, what happens How can I apply for a new transfer from AdSense to Western Union?
What have I done wrong?
Clearly on the pay side of adsense I filled out the Western Union details only with my first and last name. Because I could not see a space for entering my middle name. that I…

Mismatch of Western Union names

Names: MCGRADY instead of McGrady and ROLFO instead of Rolfö

This question applies wherever surnames are displayed, especially if no first names are displayed.

(Some examples: news or sports broadcasts or video games)

When is it appropriate to use uppercase letters (ALL CAPS) and when to remove special accents for characters such as ö or é?

(My naïve assumption would be that uppercase and lowercase and accents should always be appreciated, but since this seems rare, I'm curious.)

php – SQL query sums data from one column to another. Distinctions stored in one table as integers with names in another table. How do I give a real name?

According to the title, I execute the following SQL query:

$ sql = "SELECT` Policy Area`, SUM (` Sum approved`) as` Sum approved`
FROM Contracts GROUP BY "Policy Area";
$ result = $ conn-> query ($ sql);

if ($ result-> num_rows> 0) {
while ($ row = $ result-> fetch_assoc ()) {
Echo "Policy area:". $ row["Policy Area"], " Total: ". $ row["Sum Approved"], "
"; } } else { Echo "0 results"; }

Simple enough, and I will encrypt it to essentially create a Balkenchat that shows the percentage of spend by policy area. However, the policy area is stored in the contract table as an ID that refers to another table that specifies the actual name.

Of course I'd rather have the full name than the ID, but how does that work?

Is it simply a matter of integrating the required additional SQL queries for the Policy Area table into the while loop?

postgresql – Why can not I put quotes in Postgres built-in type names?

Why can not I put the primary integrated type names in Postgres in double quotes, even though I can put their aliases in double quotes? For example, these work well

SELECT CAST (1 as Bool);
SELECT CAST (1 as "bool");
SELECT CAST (1 as Boolean value);
SELECT CAST (1 as int8);
SELECT CAST (1 as "int8");
SELECT CAST (1 as Bigint);

but these fail

SELECT CAST (1 as "Boolean");
SELECT CAST (1 as "bigint");

(See http://www.sqlfiddle.com/#!17/a6ad3/13)

DNS – How do I find a list of "shorter and better" unregistered domain names associated with a particular TLD?

Does a tool or service provide the ability to search for available domains? equal Top-level domain (TLD) sorted in a "shorter and better" order? (Granted, this order would be very subjective.)


Most domain name engine searches seem to work by matching with a .TLD (to like .com or .org or one from a growing list of new TLDs) to a base / project name or derivative. I want to do exactly the opposite: start with a specific TLD and see which "base" domain names (to the left of the .TLD) are available.

eg: if I wanted to find the "shorter and better" names that end with that .org TLD, how would I do that?

I would like to do this for younger TLDs (much younger than .org), specific TLDs that are attractive to particular projects. Yes, it is TLD This is more interesting than the name to the left of .TLD — Make sense?

We have extensive system programming resources that we can use to build our own tool and query the WHOIS database directly. However, we want to avoid this. But if we have to, we would prefer to run such a tool on Ubuntu Linux or macOS in a combination of Bash, Python and / or JavaScript.

Scroll through column names in SQLite and execute a command for each column name

I'm trying to execute the following command

UPDATE attachments SET colname = TRIM (colname);

for each column name in a SQLite table.

I have found the following approach to get a list of column names in
an answer to "How do I get a list of column names on sqlite3 / iPhone?", namely

SELECT name FROM PRAGMA_TABLE_INFO (& # 39; your_table & # 39;);

That seems to be a nice, clean and easy way. However, this method is specific to SQLite according to PRAGMA statements.

In any case, I would like to have a solution that runs completely in SQLite. I call SQLite from Lua with LuaSQL. So I could run the loop in Lua if necessary. But doing it in SQLite just seems to be cleaner.

It would be even better if it were a general method that works for every RDBMS. But that may not be possible, and if so, it would probably be more complicated

Redundancy in table names / table name convictions

I create some templates in my database that help users set up some of their data.

For example,

I have the following tables (of course simplified):

Business (ID, business name)
Product (ID, product name)

product_template (id, template_name)
product_template_product (FK: item_template_id, FK: store_id)

store_product (FK: store_id, FK: product_id)

Ultimately, I want a business to be able to select different products as inventory for its business product Table. These would be connected to the store in the store_product Table.

Instead of inserting the individual items individually into the shop, I also create a template with which they can do this. For example, you can select the "dairy" template to add all the dairy products to your store.

In this scenario, "dairy" would be the template name in the product_template Table. Then each product associated with this template is inserted in the table product_template_product, So when a user selects that particular template, all the products in that template are added store_product Table.

My question concerns the naming of the product_template_product Table. It connects the product_template Table with the product Table. The table name sounds redundant.

Am I just too cumbersome, or is there a more preferred way to name such table structures? There are a few other tables in my database that have similar names because templates are also used in these locations.

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