networking – How to enable Nautilus in Ubuntu 18.04 to share a folder?

To share a folder in Nautilus, I have first installed samba via

sudo apt install samba

Next, I had also used synaptic to install nautilus-share (a Nautilus extension to share folder using Samba).

Thereafter, I have used the mouse to right-clicked on the folder that I had wanted to share. aHowever, I could not see the Local Network Share option there. Neither do I see a Local Network Share tab after clicking on Properties.

How do I enable nautilus to share a folder?

nautilus – How to change Ubuntu 20.04 file manager?

I’ve installed Thunar File Manager normally with using apt and I’d like to use it instead of Nautilus since Nautilus doesn’t support entering file paths.

I’ve searched for ways to change the default file manager and followed tutorials and previous answers (like this tutorial), tried the command

xdg-mime default thunar.desktop inode/directory application/x-gnome-saved-search

and testing with xdg-open $HOME worked, but any program that uses a file manager to select a file/folder like VS Code, Google Chrome, Discord still uses Nautilus.

What am I doing wrong? Or does Thunar doesn’t support this feature?

20.04 – Why do I see different result using files vs sudo nautilus?

When you run nautilus as a normal user, it shows the user’s Home directory that is /home/$USER.

When you run it with sudo is shows the home directory of root user that is /root.

Never run nautilus with sudo. It creates temporary files owned by root that can cause some trouble in the future.

You can use terminal commands to do file operations that require sudo, or install Midnight Commander mc for that purpose that can be run with sudo.

nautilus – Severe lag when opening “Files”, xdg-open: “timeout was reached”

After a recent update “Files” either times out, or takes a significantly long time to open a file manager window.

When attempting to open window via ‘xdg-open .’, I encounter “gio: file:///home/userName: Timeout was reached”

How do I fix this issue?
Where do I look to fix this issue?

linux – Nautilus does ‘t open in Debian 10

The command nautilus does’t show any window and does’t return.
There is no error message.

I tried apt purge nautilus && apt install nautilus and reboot without any success.

I am using Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster) and Gnome 3.30.2.

My more general question is how to track this kind of issue? Is there any log file where gnome prints warnings and errors?

nautilus – How many files do I have?

If I as root in Nautilus at the top directory open the properties I get:

Name: /

Type: Folder (inode/directory)

Contents: 1 560 503 items, totalling 414,8 GB

Trying root@nilx:/# locate * | wc I get

2997356 3450407 217324980

and root@nilx:/# tree -i gives me

213641 directories, 2423985 files


So how many files do I have?


filemanager – Caja to perform instant search like Nautilus?

Between these 2 file managers, I like Caja more. But the only thing I like about Nautilus is the search feature.

Nautilus does instant search once we type anything.

enter image description here

It does not need Find button to search, as it instantly search as we type.

It’s almost similar to incremental search we know in Google Web Search as suggestions appear instantly once we type.

Is it possible to make Caja to perform instant search just like Nautilus?

Is there any other file manager that has similar feature like this?

nautilus – Ubuntu 20.04 freezing randomly on laptop?

Hey I installed ubuntu 20.04LTS in my nvme ssd. I also have an auto-mounting hard drive for personal data and games. My kernel is the latest available on ubuntu (5.4 low latency).
The system works fine but once in a while it crashes, and it does not respond at all (no mouse, no keyboard, the display freezes totally, so the only way to make it respond is hard reset). Also I think it could be a nautilus error since I looked on the internet. My system log shows the following message just before the system freezes, but i’m not shure if a single app can freeze the whole computer to the point to make it freeze:

“alled “net usershare info” but it failed: Falló al ejecutar el proceso hijo «net» (No such file or directory)” (my language is spanish)

This happened in the last 2 crashes, the first one when actually using nautilus and the second one watching youtube on firefox (the video just stopped, no image nor audio). I don’t know what could be causing this problem.

Also I did have ubuntu installed on my hard drive before installing this ssd, the problem begun with this installation, the hard drive was wiped and formatted (ext4) and now the system is booting from the nvme ssd. Before this installation the computer was running flawlessly on the hard drive.

My specs:
Laptop model: Lenovo Ideapad S340 14API
AMD Ryzen 5 3500U with Radeon Vega 8 graphics (MESA latest drivers)
SSD nvme 250GB
8GB RAM single channel

Please help