navigation – Navigate to next page / previous page based on entity reference field instead of Book module

I am trying to create next/previous page links like the Book module.

I have two content types, Chapter and Page.

The Chapter content type contains an entity reference field (unlimited) for pages.

So, each chapter contains an arbitrary number of pages in the entity reference field Pages in Chapter, and these are re-ordered to determine the order of the pages.

Now, on each Page, I want to make links to the previous and next pages based on the values of the parent Chapter‘s entity reference field Pages in Chapter.

Specifically, using a view or block or similar on the Page, I need to get the Chapter that references the current Page, iterate through the values of the entity reference field Pages in Chapter, find the Page that is immediately before and the Page that is immediately after the current Page, and then output this as a simple unordered list.

I can code a little but I’m not very good so I’m having trouble finding an approach to implement this.

What I tried

I tried to build this in Views. The problem I encountered was that it is very difficult to iterate through the subdivision entity reference field and filter out the previous and next links.

This is a similar question for Drupal 7 but since Drupal 8 includes so much more in core (Views and Entity References, for example), I think it’s fair to ask the question again.

Why not just use the Book module?

I only need the next/previous page functionality, and ideally it would be based on my entity reference field Pages in Chapter. The book module navigation in Drupal 8 doesn’t follow the same patterns as the rest of core (it’s not a block, and it’s not a menu). I spent a couple hours this afternoon going through the Book issue queue and cleaning up old issues, and it seemed there is very little effort to “modernize” the module, so I thought it would be better to try to implement this feature on my own.

sharepoint online – users cannot navigate from the perspective of the document library

Users should be able to add / view documents.

Users should not be able to navigate away from the SharePoint document list. As in, you shouldn't be able to navigate to other areas of SharePoint.

One option I was thinking of was removing / disabling the links highlighted by the red box in the image below. Any ideas on how to do that?

Enter the image description here

Thanks a lot

Why is Angular routerLink (without leading slash) broken when you navigate back to the empty path?

Let's take this basic navigation tree:

Check out my stack flash project.

My routes are

const routes: Routes = (
    path: "",
    component: PageParentComponent,
    children: (
        path: "",
        component: PageChildPrimaryComponent
        path: "secondary",
        component: PageChildSecondaryComponent
        path: "secondary/deep",
        component: PageDeepComponent

Use of I can successfully navigate up one level
and with
two levels.
However, if I use double dots to return from a deeper side to the "primary" side,
any routerLink that doesn't start with a slash is messed up;
the root part of the URL ( or localhost:4200/if executed locally) is replaced by %28, When i use
(Slash instead of colons), everything is fine.

Why does that happen?

2013 – Navigate to the list from the calendar event in the calendar

I have a list form and a calendar that adds the list event details. However, the process is that every time someone clicks on the calendar event, it goes into it and shows some details. However, I want someone who clicks the calendar event to forward it to the list item and not to the event details in a calendar. I am using SharePoint Designer 2013.

Thank you very much.

Navigate deep links

I am working on a mobile data flow that allows a user to unlink separate jobs within the same app via toast messages and / or notifications from a notification center.

I am having trouble returning to the original starting point.

Example (see graphic):

  1. The user drills down to job 1 and lands on the homepage at Stuff 1.1
  2. Gets a toast notification of events in Stuff 2.1 in Job 2.
  3. Tap Toast and go to Stuff 2.1
  4. Note: The user leaves job 1 and now changes to job 2
  5. The user is now in Flow Job 2> Stuff 2
  6. How does the user get back to the origin of Stuff 1.1?



When transitioning from 1.1 to 2.1. If I press the back arrow on stuff 2.1, I should be directed to job 2. From an IA flow point of view, this seems to be correct since I have now put my user in one side of the process.

I am at a loss as to how to restore the original screen from another part of the app after choosing to display this data.

The 2 options I've been thinking about are:

  • Hijack the Stuff 2.1 back button and leave that back to Stuff 1.1 and not the Job 2 page.
  • Design a floating back button to return to the original location so that the user can view job 2 pages and does not interfere with normal page flow