Background image removal + photo retouching + editing as needed for eBay offer for $ 1

Background removal of images + photo retouching + editing as needed for eBay listings

Hello everybody!
I am a dropshipper, image editor and student of software engineering. Removing and editing background images is part of my everyday life. That makes me fit for the job!

Offered services:

  • Removing the background (please send me the pictures before you place the order).
  • Retouch the image if necessary.
  • Add text as needed.
  • Complete listing of eBay items.

Best service at the best price!

Retouching, text added for free!

(5 photos per order).

These services are provided at the request of the buyer. I will be very happy to contact you and offer you the best possible result!

Please note that I don't just remove background images from articles. You can send me any picture. After I have approved the order, you can proceed with the order.

Please do not hesitate to send me questions about this service.
Thank you for checking out!
Have a good day!

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Contest – $ 15 / img – 4 image designs needed for the website

Yes, it can be redesigned if someone wants to do something about it. I think we'll give $ 30 for picture 3. I just realized that it is probably the most difficult.
Image 1: $ 15
Image 2: $ 15
Image 3: $ 30
Image 4: $ 15

Here are some more instructions:
Image 1: This image can be anything, should only refer to the label on the left.
Image 2: This has to be exactly the same, but with a better design.
Image 3: This can be higher def, must be a keyboard / finger / highlight keys
Image 4: This is just a placeholder like image 1, image can be anything that relates to the content on the left side

functional programming – what code is needed to host 360 videos on a website?

This is a somewhat lengthy question. Thank you for taking the time to answer them. I am a freelance teacher and hobby photographer. In 2020 I want to start my 360 video production company and am doing market research and calculating my start-up costs.


I have already used Squarespace to create personal websites for my lessons. However, I recently got in touch with them and told them that I can only host 360 4k videos if additional specific code is attached to my website or the videos are hosted on Youtube, and so tie them in the site. I don't want to use a middleman like Youtube.

I am not an encoder. I'm going to look for a back-end engineer to help me build both the website and iOS and Android applications. That jumps a bit with the gun. What do I need to ask a web developer? What words should I use when contacting them to request a quote?

What is an acceptable price for a back-end developer? Someone who can create me a site that hosts 360? Of course, I'm used to creating professional looking websites through Squarespace, and since I only need this "extra code", would that be extortionate?

Once I register the company, I hope that I can apply to a third party to do virtual tours of their venues and things like that. However, if their company’s website doesn’t contain 360 videos, they may not want to hire me.

QUESTION 2: How would that work? Would a developer simply write code that could be appended to a website's code so that it could host 360 videos? Or is it not that easy? Would you have to completely rewrite the code for the entire website? I need to know so that I can put together all of the service for you, including the price of changing your website.

Sorry for the lengthy question, I know it's the holidays. I would be very happy to receive suggestions and constructive criticism! I am here to learn 🙂

(I'm sorry if this is not the right place where I had trouble choosing a suitable tag.)

mysql – Help needed when querying to display custom jobs that are not advertised or posted


This is my scheme of jobs and applied jobs. I want to show jobs to a specific user that are not their jobs or where they are not being used.

Example: User 1 with job ID 2,3,4 and the query used in 7,8,9 should only receive jobs with the numbers 5, 6, 10

That is my current question


But shows these results for user 4, but still shows jobs 3 and 18 where user is already applied

Data in the table of applied jobs

WP multisite hosting solution needed

WP multisite hosting solution needed Web hosting talk

& # 39);
var sidebar_align = & # 39; right & # 39 ;;
var content_container_margin = parseInt (& # 39; 350px & # 39;);
var sidebar_width = parseInt (& # 39; 330px & # 39;);
// ->

  1. WP multisite hosting solution needed

    We are looking for a WordPress plugin with which users can either log in via a subdomain or at least via their path and create their blog. You should be able to choose from a few templates. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

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Help needed with ICC, Photoshop and Monitor

I need your help.
I'm an amateur photographer and my hobby is editing photos.
So far, I've been working on my laptop, but for a better color rendition, I've bought a cheap photo monitor that is factory calibrated.

And now: I have connected via HDMI with my laptop and set the color profile of sRGB IEC61966-2.1 on the monitor profile (viewsonic 6500k …).

In Camera Raw when curves are selected. The picture turns green, sometimes also when working with contrast and temperature. When the whole image is shut down or up, like when it goes crazy and turns green (only RAW files and only in Photoshop and LR, Incapture One is fine).

When editing and retouching in PS and Lightroom, the monitor shows strange gamma and colors (dull). Black – when black items appear (eg pants) turns gray. Colors – when they come into their own – look like old photographs. according to the manufacturer, the monitor should be calibrated. I know that is very simple and cheap monitor (6 bit + frc), but the same class Eizo looks much better with the color reproduction.
When I switch from srgb mode to custom mode, the colors are sharper, the monitors behave ok, but the colors are too saturated and the white is compressed.
The overall picture on my laptop screen is sharper and razor sharp.
Any ideas, what's going on?

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